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Hooked on You by Cathryn Fox

Updated: Jan 16

Hooked on You

by Cathryn Fox

Published by Entangled: Amara

I’m a bookworm, a mathematician, not the kind of girl a hot lobster fisherman would notice.

Until he did.

I’m not in small town Nova Scotia to hook up. I’m here to settle my grandmother’s estate and sell the B&B, which I soon discover has been overrun with seasonal fisherman and operated on the honor system. The hard-core fishing folks become an instant family––the one I never had. Then there’s the blind pet cow, who has a crush on my hot fisherman, Nate. Okay, technically he’s not mine. I have no desire to get reeled in.

Until I do.

Soon, the little town grows on me, and the fisherman? It’s not long until I take the bait and we’re playing house at the B&B. Things are looking up.

Until they aren’t.

Rumors about a new plant and jobs being in jeopardy start swirling around town like a nor’easter, and all the signs point to my guy being behind the scandal. Should I give him enough line to play it out and learn his true intentions, or cut and run before I’m hooked?



Death of loved one


I would like to thank #EntangledAmara for sending my this ARC of #HookedOnYou By Cathryn Fox through #NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Hooked On You is written by New York Times, and USA Today bestselling author Cathryn Fox, and it is actually my first time reading her work, despite her having many books on the market, and literally lives in a neighboring province. I won't lie, one of the reasons I was happy to be selected to review this book was because its written by a Canadian author, and its setting is in Nova Scotia.

Do you like Hallmark movies? You know the ones I'm talking about right? The ones many women go nutty over, because of the sappy romance? Well, Hooked On You, kind of reads like a Hallmark movie. Girl meets guy. They are brought together by circumstance and coincidence, and get to know one another. In this time, they fall in love. There is a conflict, but it gets resolved quickly and easily, they kiss finally, and they get a happily ever after.

So why do I say, it's kind of like a Hallmark movie? Well, fun fact for this romance novel enthusiast ... I hate Hallmark movies. They are cheesy, and they are always the same. And I really liked Hooked On You. While following the classic romance plot line, Cathryn Fox managed to keep the story unique and fun, and unlike Hallmark movies, sexy. The only issue I really had that it's written in third person, which I am traditionally not a fan of, and sometimes I felt like the writing didn't flow as well as it could have.

The characters are great. We have two intelligent protagonists, who are ultimately kind-hearted, and lonely because of their family circumstances. Their attraction to one another makes sense, and their obvious chemistry with one another pop right out at you. Some writers have trouble conveying chemistry between their characters, but Cathryn Fox does not, and it shows in this book. The side characters were just as fun to read, and she set this book up, so if she wanted to continue with this family of friends finding love, she could (Sam and Khloe, next perhaps?) Being a maritimer herself, she did a great job writing small town characters, with the classic dose of kindness and generosity, and sense of humor. The characters reminded me of people I encounter every day, which I loved.

In the end, Hooked On You is a great novel for a light read. It's romance, but it also is a story about family, and community. It's funny. Sweet. Has the good, romantic parts of a Hallmark romance but with adult content that I like in romance novels. I loved it, I know you will love it, and I can't wait to explore some of Cathryn Fox's other works soon.



Kira: "This one time, someone told my grandmother to put the lobster in the freezer for five minutes before cooking. It was supposed to make it go to sleep before we dropped it in the pot. Hypothetically, it's a more humane way of cooking them." Nate: "It's not." Kira: "I know that now. My God, I'd never seen such a pissed off lobster in my entire life."

Nate: "Aren't you forgetting something?"

To cop a feel? Nope, nope, already did that.

Jason: "Holy shit. Were you trying to cook dinner or make a sacrificial offering to the gods?"

Sam: "We watch out for each other here. If Gram knew I'd let you out of here without a coat ..."

Sam tugs on his nuts and makes scissor actions with his other hand.

Nate: "I think she gets it, Sam. We could have done without the visual."

Nate: "Wait - you're old enough to drink, aren't you?"

Kira: "I'm twenty-seven. Old enough to do a lot of things."

As soon as the words leave her mouth, she sits up a bit straighter, and a sexy, pink flush crawls up her neck.

Nate: "Don't play poker - you have tells."

Kira: "I do not."

Nate: "Fine, then. Strip poker later."

Kira: "No, I am not playing any kind of poker with you. I'm not interested in taking your money or your clothes."

I wiggle my brow

Nate: "Ooh, braver words have never been spoken."

Kira: "Words I can back up, mind you."

Nate: "It's on."

Kira: "You were warned."

Nate: "What did you guys do together? I'm guessing it wasn't cooking. Her kitchen is still standing, after all."

Nate: "Move it. You're tired. You're starting to drift off again."

Kira: "You're kind of bossy."

Nate: "That's why they call me the boss."

Kira: "I think I may have overacted."

Jason: "You should have seen Sam the first time he saw one."

Sam: "Fuck off. It caught me by surprise is all. I'm not afraid of a fucking mouse."

Nate mouths the words "He is."

Jason: "Is that why Izzy had to remove the trap after we caught it in your room?"

Sam: "Don't make me come in there, Jason. You know full well Izzy likes hunting the mice. I was just helping her out."

Nate mouths "He wasn't."

Nate: "If we're all here, who's making the racket downstairs?"

Izzy: "That's been going on for about half an hour."

Nate: "My guess is Kira is cooking breakfast."

Izzy: "Right."

Jason: "Shit. Where's the fire extinguisher?"

Kira: "You've all been so nice to me, I thought I'd do something for you in return."

Jason: "Not burning the kitchen down is nice."

Jason: "Christ, gas just went up again. I think the pumps should come with porn clips, so you're not the only one getting fucked while filling up."

Sam: "You know I nearly lost my left nut on a sled when I was a kid."

I choke on the beer and it stings my nostrils.

Nate: "Fuck, Sam. Couldn't you have at least waited until I swallowed."

Sam: "That's what she said."

Kira: "The pilot went out."

Nate: "Must have been from the power flickering. Need some help?"

Kira: "Of course not. I enjoy being down here messing with the buttons and trying to remember how you did it. Maybe any minute now I'll even blow myself up."

Nate: "I want you."

Kira: "Nate -"

Nate: "Yesterday I pushed you away. This isn't right between us. I can't offer more than sex, and didn't want to start something with you I can't finish. I'm not the guy for you, but fuck, Kira, I've wanted you from the first time I set eyes on you."

Kira: "Same. The second I saw you in the street, I haven't been able to stop fantasizing about you. We're fighting the same battle."

Nate: "So that's where your mind's been going."

Nate: "You just haven't been with the right guy."

Kira: "Are you the right guy?"

Nate: "I want to rock your world, Kira. If you'll let me."

Kira: "Rock away, Nate."

Nate: "You were wrong."

Kira: "Wrong?"

Nate: "You are good at this."

Kira: "And you were right."

Nate: "Normally I am."

I smack him, and he laughs.

Nate: "Okay, what am I right about?"

Kira: "Since you're such a smart-ass, now I don't know if I want to tell you."

Nate: "Vee haff VAYS of making you tok!"

I laugh hard at the bad accent.

Kira: "Okay, okay. You were right. You rocked my world."

He rolls over me, takes my hands, and pins them above my head.

Nate: "Did you think I was done?"

Kira: "I was hoping you weren't."

Nate: "Last night, you rocked my world, too."

Kira: "Like what you see, Nate?"

Nate: "Yeah, I fucking do."

Kira: "You saved me, remember. Now I must serve you."

Nate: "If you really want to serve me, leave the water. We can make better use of your time."

Kira: "Board game? Cards? Video game?"

Nate: "Not even close."

Kira: "Hide and seek?"

I waggle my eyebrows

Nate: "There might be something I'm interested in hiding."

Nate: "I could be an axe murderer, and you'd be okay with it as long as I was passionate about it?"

Kira: "Are you an axe murderer?"

Nate: "No, but I could be a stalker."

Kira: "Are you a stalker?"

Nate: "Not since the restraining order."

Kira: "Then kiss me."

Nate: "I'll hold it while you slide in."

Sam: "That's what she said."

Nate: "Let's take a walk, and then we're heading to Halifax."

Kira: "What's in Halifax?"

Nate: "Ah ... everything."

Kira takes her first sip of her Starbucks coffee

She moans

Kira: "Nate. Oh my God, Nate."

Nate: "Ah, Kira, can you not moan like that?"

Kira: "Why?"

I tug on my pants before I rupture something and she chuckles.

Kira: "Oops, sorry."

Nate: "I am glad you're enjoying it, though."

Khloe: "It's nice to meet you, Sam."

Sam: "We;re out of rooms in this B&B, but since I'm such a nice guy, I'll let you share mine."

Khloe: "Oh my God, you weren't kidding."

Kira: "Ignore him."

Sam: "Jason and I are headed to the fish shack. You guys want to join us?"

Kira: "Khloe?"

Khloe: "Sure. I could use a bite."

Sam: "Wouldn't you know it. Biting is my specialty. Just let me know when and where."

Khloe: "How man women have you picked up with that line, Sam?"

Sam: "One?"

Khloe: "Try again."

Sam: "Zero?"

Khloe: "Bingo."

Sam: "Black Friday is coming up, and I'm having a sale. Clothing, one hundred percent off."

Khloe: "How long have you been waiting to use that one?"

Sam: "All fucking year."

Sam slips on the ice and falls on his back

Sam: "Motherfucker."

Khloe: "You okay down there?"

She slips and falls on top of him.

Sam: "I am now."

Nate: "It's out of your wheelhouse. I can't solve quantum problems, and you can't set up a tent. But the good thing is, you can solve quantum problems, and I can set up a tent. What a team we make."

Sam: "Fucker. That's Benny. He's up my rear end so far he'd better be wearing a goddamn condom."

Kira: "I put that load of laundry on that you left in the basket."

Sam: "Thanks, sis."

Kira: "You owe me. I had to put a clothespin on my nose just to get near your clothes."

Sam: "That;s what we call man stick. The good kind."

Kira: "There is no good man stick."

Nate: "So you're not going to bid on me, save me from taking a stranger out to dinner tonight?"

Kira: "While I'd like to be the one dining with you, I refuse to. Besides, I get to take you to my bed later."

Nate: "Confident - I like that in a woman."

Nate: "I've got you, Kira."

Kira: "You're right. You've got me, Nate. And while you might not be a lobster fisherman, you're still my lobster."

Sam: "Now you have to stay over. No drinking and driving allowed on my watch."

Khloe: "Fine, I'll take Kira's old room at the B&B."

Sam: "Motherfucker."

I whack him.

Kira: "Not in front of the kids."

Sam: "Shit, right."

Kira: "Sam!"

Sam: "Right, right. I can't say shit."

Jason, Cody, Izzy, Nate, and Kira: "Then stop saying it."


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