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Holiday Guide: For The Jennifer L Armentrout fan

If you are a regular reading, you know I love Jennifer L Armentrout. Her books actually got me out of a five year reading slump, and got me SO excited to talk about books again, I created this little blog. Jennifer has been a popular author for a while now, but with her Blood and Ash books, and the lovely reviewers on #booktok, her fandom has exploded. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite things, to help you find the perfect gift to give to a JLA fan in your life.

Please note, I am not getting any compensation for this. This is literally just a book nerd, wanting to share her favorite book nerd things. <3

1. Apparel

Some of these are available all the time. Others, specifically from JLA's personal shop, are not. She tends to sell out quick, and only opens her shop a few times a year. But in case you want to add it to your wish list, or by some miracle you can grab it, I have posted them here. I actually own the Miss Willa Colyns Book Club tee. One of my favorite shirts :)

2. Candles

3. Pins

4. Jewelry and Accessories

5. For the Books

Use BOOKNERD20 to get 20% off your purchase until New Years :)

6. Bookish Home Decor

7. Mugs and Tumblers

8. Gift Set

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Margherita Abitino
Margherita Abitino
Mar 03, 2022

I just happened upon this page and wanted to thank you immensely for sharing so many of the items in my shop (Fandom & Fantasy Creations, FandomnFantasy on Etsy). I know it's a holiday post and I'm delayed in saying that, but I'm just so grateful. 🤗💜 - Margherita

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