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Hell Hath No Fury: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights : Part 1

Hell Hath No Fury: A Romance Anthology for Reproductive Rights

by Alexandria Bishop :: :: Karina Halle:: Amelia Wilde :: Amie Knight :: Anna B. Doe :: Anna Edwards :: Anne Malcom :: Anne Mercier :: Bella Matthews :: BT Urruela :: Cali Melle :: Carly Phillips :: Cassandra Robbins :: Claire Hastings :: Clarissa Wild :: Sandy Alvarez and Crystal Daniels :: Danielle Pearl :: Darcy Rose :: Dee Palmer :: Dove Cavanaugh King :: Eden Summers :: Ella Fields :: Evie Mitchell :: Giana Darling :: Hannah McBride :: India R Adams :: Ivy Fox :: Jack Davenport :: Jenika Snow :: Jessica Gadziala :: Kat T. Masen :: KL Donn :: LP Lovell and Stevie J Cole :: Max Henry :: Nicole Blanchard :: Nikki Belaire :: Piper Davenport :: Sade Rena :: Saffron A. Kent :: Samantha Young :: Sarah Bale :: Serena Akeroyd :: Sierra Glass :: Skye Warren :: Susanne Valanti and Caroline Peckham :: Willow Winters

Self Published

We will not be silent.

We will not stand down.

We are furious.

We are the storm.

More than forty of your favorite authors have gotten together to create an anthology where 100% of the proceeds go toward charities fighting for our reproductive rights.


A mix of several types of romance!


This was a big anthology to read, but there are a few reasons why I was glad to do it. Aside from the fact that Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti, and Hannah McBride contributed.

  1. The most important - all the proceeds are split between several charities that fight for the right for women's reproductive rights.

  2. There is a Zodiac Academy prequel and a short story featuring Skye and Remy from Hannah McBride's Blackwater Pack series

  3. I got introduced to new authors and new book series' that I now want to read.

Below are my personal ratings for each short story in the first 50%, and any thoughts I might have regarding them ... but again, key word is short, because there is a lot to unpack in this anthology. And of course, I can't help it ... there are quote.

The End Game | Kiss to Conquer | Anna B. Doe

This is the only story I didn't read in the anthology, because it was a bonus epilogue, and the author said you shouldn't read it unless you have read the series. One day, if I get around to it, I might be able to read it, but until now, no rating.


Wicked | The Daughters if Lilith MC | Anne Malcom

Uhhhh, how have I never heard of this? This was great! It ended on a cliffhanger though, and the book isn't released yet! AHHHHH! No worries though ... I added Anne Malcom's other MC books to the TBR to hold me over ...

Favorite Quotes

Bellona: “Love will conquer all? What the actual fuck?” Confusion swam through me as I regarded the card. I’d expected something like Death, the Tower, or the Nine of Swords. Not the two naked figures standing in the Garden of Eden.

Bellona: “The Lovers,”

I scoffed, meeting Nyx’s eyes.

Bellona “I think your ticker is off today, babe.” Max: “You move an inch, I’ll sever your artery,”

he grunted out, his voice marred with pain. It was still pleasing. Rumbling. Masculine. I tilted my head ever so slightly.

Bellona: “Aw, I bet you say that to all the girls.” Something in his unconscious mind had fought against my magick enough to circle my waist with his arms. He shouldn’t have been able to do that. But he did.

I shouldn’t have liked it.

But I did. Holy. Fucking. Shit.

Now, I’d never been one for any kind of dirty talk. I’d always found it corny, overrated and insincere. But consider me a convert. His face contorted.

Max: “No police,”

he grunted. I grinned.

Bellona: “A man after my own heart.” Nyx: “You’re at the cottage. The place you said, not one week ago, that you were going to burn down.”

I chewed my lip. I did say that. Among other things that could’ve been considered blasphemous.

Bellona: “We all know I was being ever so slightly dramatic on that one,” I grinned wider now, unlacing my shirt.

Bellona: “Though you are strong and powerful,”

I told him, voice thick. My shirt tumbled to the floor as I went to work on my pants.

Bellona: “But, baby, I am more powerful. You’d do well to remember that.”

I stepped quickly out of my pants and panties, a lot less in control of myself than I sounded. In fact, the wind still raged outside the room. I straddled him once again, positioning him against my entrance, placing both of my palms on his chest. My eyes locked with his.

Bellona: “This is me claiming you,”

I whispered. Then I let him in.


Unreasonable | An Office Romance | Anne Mercier

Wasn't a fan. I ended up not finishing it :/

Favorite Quotes

Audra: "Yes, so your assistant said."

He sighs and leans back in his chair.

Derrick: "Is there something you'd like to say to me?"

Audra: "So many things, but I like my job, so I'll keep them to myself."

He chuckles.

Audra: "I ordered the cake and purchased the decorations for her party next week. Please make a note in Sharpie on your forehead so you don't forget,"

Derrick: "On my forehead?"

Audra: "Mhmm. For as much as you love yourself, I’m sure you look in the mirror and admire yourself a lot, so there'd be no forgetting date, time, or place." Audra: "Apple or orange?"

He shrugs.

Alex: "Either one. I'm not fussy, though I like the one with the orange strawberry and banana. That juice is the shit."

I nod.

Audra: "I like that too."

Mark: "I don't know how the hell they get banana juice,"

Alex: "Squeeze it, dummy,"

Mark: "Maybe, but I don't know. Banana juice seems like a weird thing,"

Mark says and I snicker. All three of them look at me and I snicker some more.

Derrick: "You dirty, dirty girl,"

Derrick announces. I shrug.

Audra: "I saw the twinkle in your eyes, too. Don't even make out like it was just me." Mark: "You up for it, Audra? It won't be easy."

She snickers.

Audra: "Nothing about Derrick Pierce is easy—unless you're a one-nighter."

Alex: "Ba-da-bum-tiss,"

Alex responds, motioning like he's got drumsticks.


Hunting You | Alexandria Bishop



Caim | Anna Edwards

Pretty dark, very twisted. It's well-written, but yes - dark. I liked it. Romance happened WAY too quickly though.


Doctor Right Now | Amie Knight

Ha, I liked this one. It was like a dirty Hallmark movie. And look at that, I added more books to my TBR. Whoops.

Favorite Quotes

Anna: "You owe me, bud,"

I panted, cradling Jax against my body while he lay his head happily against my shoulder and gazed up at me.

Anna: "You owe me wine. You owe me dinner. You owe me your undying affection."

He licked the side of my face.

Anna: "That's a good start,"

I huffed.


Inheritance | Amelia Wilde

Interesting. Obviously connected to a series, and I liked this short story enough to add them to my TBR.

Favorite Quotes

She rests her head on my shoulder.

Charlotte: “We’re going to be so happy, Mason. This baby is going to be absolutely perfect.”

Mason: “The baby will take after you, then.”

My wife nuzzles my cheek.

Charlotte: “The baby will take after us. And he or she will get to know my favorite person in the world.”

I hold her in my arms.

Mason: “Who’s that?”

Charlotte: “You.”


The Muse | Bella Matthews

Intrigued. This is a spin off from a completed duology. Will have to read!


Ashes Falling | BT Urruela

Felt very out of place in this anthology. No romance. Very dark.


Laying Low | The Disciples #2.5 | Cassandra Robbins

I really enjoyed this, and holy hell was it hot. Now I've got a bunch more books added to my TBR.I just don't know if I can forgive Cassandra for referring to a woman's vagina as her "honey" and come "sweet nectar".

Favorite Quotes

Bobby stops with his “football dog”—you know, one of those dogs that does nothing but growl and bark at you, making you want to punt them like a football even though of course you won’t? Eve: “Holy sh—”

That’s all Eve manages to get out as she frantically tries to swallow all the cum that I’m emptying into her mouth.

Eve: “Are you kidding?”

She raises her head, lips red and looking like she just got collagen.

Eve: “That was a ridiculous amount of jizz I swallowed.”


Take Me Now | Carly Phillips

It was okay. Just your typical overprotective brother getting in the way of romance story.

Favorite Quotes

Matt: “You’re mine, Harper. Even when we weren’t together, you were mine.”

She braced her hands on his face and kissed him.

Harper: “And I always will be.”


The Faceoff | A Bonus Scene | Cali Melle

Well this was hot! And I'm a sucker for a sports romance. And there is a series? Oops, just added more books to my TBR.


Walking on Sunshine | Claire Hastings


Burn | A Sick Boys Prelude Short Story | Clarissa Wild

I didn't like this one. A little out of left field with the romance. Too quick. I did appreciate that she ends up getting an abortion because she wasn't ready to be a parent though.


Bella | Kings of Retribution MC Montana | Crystal Daniels and Sandy Alvarez

Favorite Quotes

They stare at each other for a beat before my brother reaches down and scratches behind his ear.

Quinn: "I forgive you, but from now on, your furry ass is banned from the bedroom when I'm Slytherin the Hufflepuff."

Beside him, Emerson's giggles turn into a hearty laugh.

Bella: "Oh, this I have got to hear…"

Bella smiles at her friend's amusement, hoping Emerson elaborates further. Hell, I've got to admit; even I'm curious. Through her fit of laughter, Emerson chokes out,

Emerson : "Loki licked his ass while we were having sex."

Several others standing near us, Jake, Reid, and Blake, bust out laughing. Quinn runs his hand through his hair.

Quinn: "I'm into a lot of shit, but that isn't one of them. The damn dog licked the entire length of my ass crack while I was drivin' it home. Total boner killer."


Love's a Beach | Summer Souls Series | Danielle Pearl

I liked this. Took a bit of a dark turn, but it has a happy ending. This is a prequel to a series that is coming. I'm hoping I remember to add them to my TBR when writes them.

Favorite Quotes

His glare widens, his nostrils flaring.

Jonah: “I’m sick of my girl disappearing all the time! And people always having to ask me where you are! I look like a fucking idiot!”

he growls so fiercely that spittle lands on my cheek. I stifle my gasp. I don’t know why I’m still so stunned by this behavior from him, by his random, inexplicable perceptions, and his utterly unacceptable reactions. Maybe it’s because of all of the impassioned apologies he so zealously swore the last time he ‘lost his temper’. All of the “last times”.

Liza: “If you look like an idiot, Jonah, it isn’t because of me,” I shoot back. Noah: “The next time I kiss you, it isn’t going to be because of a stupid dare, and it sure as fuck isn’t going to be as a rebound for your piece of shit ex.”

He stares down at me intently.

Noah: “It’s going to fucking count,”

he swears.


Live-In Bodyguard | Darcy Rose

Eh. Wasn't a fan. Honestly Dakota seems a bit dumb for not worrying even a little over Bane being a hit man.

Favorite Quotes

Bane: “It’s all right.”

Meanwhile, I’m trying to hide my hard-on so she won’t get the wrong idea.

Bane: “It was sort of nice.”

Dakota: “Nice?”

She arches an eyebrow.

Dakota: “You sat here with me drooling all over you, and it was nice?”

Bane: “You don’t know what I consider a good time.”


A Christmas Disgrace | Dee Palmer

I LOVED this! Sassy, fun and super hot! Will be reading the series!


Poison Pen | Belladonna Tattoo Book One | Dove Cavanaugh King

I loved this one too! Can't wait for the whole book!

Favorite Quotes

Javier: “Don’t know what Murray was thinking, letting a bitch work in his shop.”

Ricki: “And yet, here you are. Under my machine,” Ricki: “We can take a break before we continue,”

I suggested, not really looking for a confrontation.

Ricki: “If you need to, like, hit the john or wipe your eyes or something, go ahead. I could use ten minutes myself.”

Javier: “The fuck you say?”

Ricki: “I think I have some tissues here, somewhere,”

I said plainly, turning to the desk behind me and pretending like I was looking for real.

Ricki: “Once you’re done crying, I’d be happy to finish your ink.” Ricki: “Sure,”

I said, laughing humorlessly.

Ricki: “Of course. Because God forbid anyone tries to infiltrate your brotherhood, right? You know, for a bunch of guys who spend ninety percent of your day talking about getting laid, you sure are scared of a little pussy.”

Murray: “Fuck you, Ricki. You fuckin’ tricked me into taking you on and you know it.”

Ricki: “Tricked you? How in the hell did I trick you?”

Murray: “Sending in your application with your work, usin’ a man’s name. How the fuck was I supposed to know I was taking on a female.”

I rolled my eyes. Of course, this guy would use the word female.

Murray: “Never woulda signed you on if I’d have known,”

he continued, as though his blatant misogynistic discrimination was perfectly reasonable.

Ricki: “Well, thanks for that wonderfully enlightening look into your stellar personality, Murray,”

I said sarcastically, just because I enjoyed watching his face get all red and angry looking.

Ricki: “I continue to be surprised by the fact that none of you can keep a woman around for longer than it takes to disappoint her in bed.” Asher: “Have a great day, Betty,”

he drawled, that deep voice once again sliding over my skin in a way that I refused to admit I enjoyed. He turned back into the shop, and I just knew there was no way I could let him have the last word.

Ricki: “I will not!”

I shouted, and his dark chuckle followed me all the way to my apartment. Asher: “If I was a stalker, I’d be a pretty bad one. Besides, I already know where you live.”

He tilted his head to the door I had just exited from.

Asher: “Don’t need much more information than that, do I?”

Ricki: “It’s weird that you know so much about how stalkers work,”

I volleyed, doing my best not to smile. Sarcastic banter was my favorite hobby, and doing it with this guy was more enjoyable than I wanted it to be. He simply shrugged.

Ricki: “Not exactly a reassuring answer,”

I pressed.

Asher: “If you’ve seen one true crime documentary, you’ve seen ‘em all,”

Ricki: “As long as you’re not starring in one, I guess,” Asher: “Wait,”

he called, that low, rough voice filled with urgency.

Asher: “Come inside.”

Ricki: “Uh,”

I hesitated, looking from his outstretched hand to the door he held open. It was the door directly beside the one that led to my apartment, and at the moment, it was wide open, showing the very empty, very under construction shop space I’d watched him work in earlier.

Ricki: “I don’t know that I particularly want to do that, random stranger with an empty room full of power tools.”

His mouth opened, but he said nothing.

Ricki: “This seems like another one of those true crime situations we talked about earlier. If I go in there with you, I may never come out again.”

To emphasize my point, I pointed a finger at him.

Ricki: “I don’t even know your name, dude.” Asher: “You a hazard to my health, Betty?”

I asked softly, my eyes trained on her mouth. The blood came away easily, the lips underneath revealed to be the color of ripe berries. I wondered if they’d taste as good as they looked.

Ricki: “I’ve been told I’m poisonous,”

she whispered, her breath warm against my hand.

Asher: “Well, I happen to know that constant exposure to some poisons can actually make a person immune.”


Without Pause, or Guilt | A Hunting Her Novelette | Eden Summers

Sigh. I was weirdly into this. As if I needed more on my TBR.


Headmaster Taurin | Ella Fields

This was pure smut and I am here for it. haha

Favorite Quotes


Rose: “I think you like me,”

she’d stated on my sixteenth birthday as she swung a stick between her fingers, that shine visiting her impossibly dark eyes that always spelled trouble.

Rose: “More than a friend should like another.”

I’d raised a brow and crossed my arms, even as my stomach had dropped and bounced, and my cheeks caught fire.

Cooper: “Sure.”

I shrugged.

Cooper: “I like you as much as anyone likes a pest that never leaves them alone.”


Hurt Me | A Nameless Souls MC Prequel | Evie Mitchel

Ohhhh this is soooooo interesting! Can't wait for the full book!

Favorite Quotes

Run all you want, Jules. But here, in my club, there's nowhere to hide.


Swan Song | A Fallen Men Christmas Short Story | Giana Darling

It's okay. I'm interested in the series.

Favorite Quotes

"Yours": “You told me you were ugly,”

she said so quietly, I could barely hear her.

"Yours": “But you’re more beautiful than I know what to do with.”

I reached up to grab her hand and pressed a kiss to the back of it. Finnigan: “I would love you, if you’d let me,”

I whispered as I cupped her sweet face in my big hands.

Finnigan: “If you gave me a chance, I’d do anything to keep you safe. Your body, your beautiful mind, and your heart.”


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