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Dirty Like Dylan by Jaine Diamond

Dirty Like Dylan

by Jaine Diamond


Book 4 in the Dirty Series

One woman.

Two rock stars.

A threesome that will change everything…

Photographer Amber Malone sucks at love. She’s been dumped, duped and dated more a-holes than any girl should ever have to.

Then she meets rock star Dylan Cope, drummer for the mega-successful rock band Dirty; gorgeous, charming and all-around nice guy.

For once, the stars seem to be aligning in Amber’s favor.

There’s only one problem.

Dylan’s rock star best friend, Ashley Player, is not a nice guy. He’s broken, bitter, protective of Dylan—and wants Amber gone.

It’s almost enough to send her packing.

But when Amber and her camera inadvertently catch Ashley kissing Dylan, she finds herself sucked head-over-heels into a world of secrets, lust and heartache… and a three-way relationship that will change everything she thought she knew about love.


Rockstar Romance


Dirty Like Dylan is the fourth book in Jaine Diamond's Dirty series, and centers around Dirty's drummer Dylan, his best friend Ashley, and Amber, a photographer. When Amber takes a job photographing her sisters commercial shoot, she meets the handsome, charming Dylan, and the equally handsome, but crabby Ashley. She doesn't expect to meet them again at the house that her sister sets her up in. While Ash continues to be standoffish, Dylan is friendly, and hires her to photograph his newly renovated home. Amber finds herself attracted to both Dylan and the prickly Ashley, and over a couple of days around them, they offer her something she can't refuse - both of them. A relationship that will change everything.

This had so much potential. SO MUCH POTENTIAL! Do you have any idea how excited I was for a throuple story? More importantly - do you have any idea how much I wanted a happily ever after for Ashley? Before I get into spoilers, I will say what I liked in general. I liked the characters. I enjoyed Dylan's charm. I really liked Amber's hippy, nomad vibe, and her open-mindedness. I loved Ashley's arc. The sex was hot as hell. Now for what I hated .... and I have to spoil ---------spoiler-----------> I HATED THAT DYLAN AND AMBER CUT OUT ASHLEY! Listen - I know Dylan is straight. I know he enjoyed sharing women with Ashley because his kink was being looked at, and Ashley, being bisexual and in LOVE WITH HIM, and the women they share would look at him. But I can't get past the fact that he uses Ashley. He is aware of Ashley's feelings and chooses to ignore them, and almost lead him on, because it makes him feel good. And Amber sleeps with Ashley ... leads him on, and then essentially tells him she isn't interested in him that way. She is fucking him!!! No, it's not Dylan's fault that he can't reciprocate Ash's feelings. That doesn't bother me. It's the fact the he uses Ashley, and Amber uses Ashley for sex, that bothers me. So at the end of the book, I was upset. I couldn't enjoy Dylan and Amber's happily ever after (one I didn't understand, because they didn't have the chemistry Ashley and Amber had) and I was sad for Ashley. Because its obvious he is a romantic, and his heart is always stomped on. <------------------

So yeah. I started out loving this book, and ended the hating the ending. Sigh. Fingers crossed that Jude's book perks me up.

This time, when the call went to voicemail, I said,

Amber: “Is this because of that time I told Kelly Bannerman that you were straight, and she started dating that blonde girl, and you got all sad for like the whole summer? Because I was eleven years old when I did that. If this is payback, well played. When I catch the ferry back tomorrow, we will have words. Oh yes, we will have words.” And I knew why he was waiting. Because Amber Malone was so clearly different from the other chicks we usually took to bed; the kind you fucked and forgot about. There was something about this girl, you got too close to it, it stayed with you. And good luck getting it out of your system after that. Kinda like herpes. But now here I was. Stuck. Right between the two of them. And neither one of them had touched me. Wow. I’d just achieved a new level of rejection. Ashley: “I just can’t picture you with Johnny O,”

he said, still scrutinizing her. Amber laughed a humorless laugh.

Amber: “Neither could he, apparently.”

Ashley: “No doubt. Who’d you catch him in bed with?”

She gave him a sharp look.

Amber: “That’s presumptuous. How do you know I didn’t cheat on him?”

He gave her the same look right back. She sighed again.

Amber: “And the answer is: Who didn’t I catch him in bed with?” Liz: “But be warned. If he decides he actually wants you, before you’ve offered up the pussy, he’ll be cunning about it.”

Laura: “That’s probably true,”

Liz: “Like a fucking leopard. I’ve seen the man in action when he’s actually interested. It’s gnarly, National-Geographic-level shit.”

Laura nodded right along, making Mm-hmm noises. I frowned, skeptical.

Amber: “A leopard?”

Liv: “You ever see a leopard on the hunt?”

Amber: “Maybe?”

Liz: “They stealth in, all camo’d up, just waiting for the perfect moment, then BAM!”

She slammed her fist down on the table, making me and everything on the tabletop jump.

Liz: “They strike.”

Laura tipped her blonde head back, peals of laughter pouring from her mouth. Right about now, I was really glad I’d come over. You know, so I could provide so much amusement for them. For about an hour, they’d both been doing their best to dole out sound relationship advice. However, as shitty as I was, historically, with the whole relationship thing, I wasn’t about to put a whole hell of a lot of stock in the heterosexual dating advice of two lesbians. Kinda felt like the blind leading the blind. Amber: “Just tell me one thing. Why do I make you nervous?”

Dylan: “Because, Amber,”

he said, his voice low and gentle as he shifted closer to me. So close, his heat poured over me and his body brushed mine.

Dylan: “You act like you don’t need me. And that puts me in a weird place. If I have nothing you need, why would you stick around?”

Amber: “Sorry. That’s just how it is.”

My hands went up, landing on his biceps, and squeezed. Kind of holding him off, when I really wanted to pull him closer.

Amber: “I don’t need a man, Dylan Cope.”

I didn’t. I didn’t need one at all.

Dylan: “No?”

He tipped his face down close to mine, drifting his lips over the corner of my mouth. He hesitated there as I sucked in a breath, then whispered in my ear,

Dylan: “How about two?” Amber: “Oh, look, he’s pouting.”

Dylan: “He does that a lot. You get used to it.”

Ashley: “I’m cold,”

I muttered, sitting down on the bed and sipping my hot coffee.

Amber: “Then come back to bed,” Amber: "I needed a break from it for a while, you know? See the world. Photograph the people of the world. Find myself and all that crap.”

She grinned.

Ashley: “Any luck finding yourself yet?”

Amber: “Nope. Pretty sure Amber Paige Malone is still drifting around out there somewhere, lost as fuck.” I draped my arm around Amber’s shoulders.

Dylan: “She’s staying. We’ll make the release work. And Elle can veto any pictures that make her look fat.”

Elle: “I heard that. And yes, I can.” Ashley: “What if I tell him, and it doesn’t work out?”

I turned to face him.

Amber: “What if it does? What if it’s the best thing you ever had?”

These were questions I’d been asking myself a lot lately—about Dylan and myself.

Amber: “Isn’t that what’s really got you so scared?” Jessa ordered Maggie,

Jessa: “Don’t judge me,”

then asked her to put one of Brody’s T-shirts on a pillow like a pillowcase.

Jessa: “I need to smell him right now. It’s an animal thing.”

Maggie: “Jesus,”

Maggie said, but she snuck a smile at me as she did as requested.

Maggie: “You want to crawl off into a cave somewhere and have this baby there? Maybe Brody can clean the baby off with his tongue and chew through the umbilical cord after it comes out of you.”

Jessa: “Ew,”

Jessa said, but she laughed, and the anxiety that had been weighing on her seemed to crack. Maybe she didn’t ask for forever… but if it was up to me, forever was what she was gonna get.


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