Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Crooked Kingdom

by Leigh Bardugo

Published by Orion Childrens Books

Book 2 in the Six of Crows Duology

Book 5 in the Grishaverse Series

Welcome to the world of the Grisha.

Kaz Brekker and his crew of deadly outcasts have just pulled off a heist so daring even they didn't think they'd survive. But instead of divvying up a fat reward, they're right back to fighting for their lives.

Double-crossed and badly weakened, the crew is low on resources, allies, and hope. As powerful forces from around the world descend on Ketterdam to root out the secrets of the dangerous drug known as jurda parem, old rivals and new enemies emerge to challenge Kaz's cunning and test the team's fragile loyalties.

A war will be waged on the city's dark and twisting streets - a battle for revenge and redemption that will decide the fate of the Grisha world.


Violence Young Adult Chaos

Crooked Kingdom is the second book in the Six of Crows duology, and follows Kaz, Inej, Nina, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan. It begins a few days after the first book ended, with Inej, taken as a hostage, and Kaz and crew scheming to get her back, get their money, and vengeance.

I liked Crooked Kingdom. I liked this duology. I didn't love it. And it's not because there is anything wrong with this book. Technically, its great. Original? Yes! Plot? Amazing! Characters? Chef's Kiss. Consistency? Flows wonderfully. The problem is with me. Specifically, my age. This is a middle grade young adult novel, and if I am going to truly enjoy a YA book, it needs to be upper/new adult.

I really enjoyed the characters further development in this book. The characters are seriously the best part of this book. They are ALL well-written, incredibly dimensional characters, which, with six POV's, and it being only a duology, is impressive. Kaz and Inej's storylines were heartbreaking, and beautiful. Their connection is one of romance and respect, which is SO rare in a YA these days. Then Nina and Matthias. I loved them in the first book, and I loved them even more in this one. ----------------> which makes Matthias's death that much more heartbreaking. <-----------. And Wylan and Jesper? Love, love, LOVE them!

Will I ever re-read these books? No. But again, it's not because these books are bad. They are enjoyable. They are well-written. It's just me. That being said, that Shadow and Bone trailer ... I got CHILLS seeing Kaz, Inej, and Jesper. <3