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Crescent City - The Bonus Chapters

Updated: Mar 19

Below are links to the bonus chapters for Sarah J Maas's Crescent City Series. While I normally don't like posting the full content that is considered a bonus to paying customers, there is a disadvantage to us international readers, where we don't get access to all bonus content. So here you go!

Obviously, DO NOT read these without reading the books first, as they will spoil you.

House of Earth and Blood

As far as I know, there is no bonus chapters for House of Earth and Blood, which I assume is because it's the first in the series. If I am wrong, please direct me to the content so I can make it available here.


House of Sky and Breath

Ruhn's Bonus Chaper | Barnes & Noble Exclusive

Flynn's sister Sathia visit's her brother, Ruhn and Declan at their house to question the validity of Bryce and Cormac's engagement.

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


Bryce & Hunt Bonus Chapter | Waterstones Exclusive

Cormac is forced to bring Bryce with him as his fiance to a luncheon at Flynn's family's house.

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


Tharion Bonus Chapter | Target Exclusive

Tharion thinks about his first time meeting Hypaxia.

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


House of Flame & Shadow

Ember & Randall's Bonus Chapter | Books-A-Million Exclusive

What happens after Bryce leaves her parents in Velaris?

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


Bryce & Danika's Bonus Chapter | Indie Bookstore's Exclusive

What happened the night Danika had the horn secretly

tattooed on Bryce's back?

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


Bryce, Nesta and Azriel getting to know each other, and the differences between their worlds.

Credit: @porgalicious on Wattpad


Bryce & Hunt Bonus Chapter | Barnes & Noble Exclusive

It's Bryce and Hunt's first Christmas together, and they are visiting Ember & Randall

Credit: @haelei97 on Tumblr


Ruhn and Lidia decide where they want their relationship to go

Credit: @xouru on Tumbler


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19 de jun.

Any chance you know what chapters these bonus chapter fit between?


05 de jun.

I listened to the books on audible and these weren't included at all. Didn't even know they existed until I heard a comment on YouTube for the third book during a review/reaction video. So thanks


12 de mai.
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Thanks 🤩

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