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Covenant Series Bonus Chapters by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: May 24

Below are links to Jennifer L Armentrout's extra content for her amazing Covenant Series!


Aiden POV of Half-Blood

Check out this bonus content on Jennifer's old Wattpad account, where Aiden gets Alex to bring her to her uncle's office.

Click here to read these on Jennifer's old Wattpad account.





Deleted Scene from Pure (Aiden and Alex)

Read these steamy deleted scene between Aiden and Alex on Jennifer's old Wattpad account.

You can read it by clicking here.



The Brew

This bonus chapter is Aiden's POV when Alex finds herself under the influence of brew.

Read this chapter on Jennifer's website by clicking here.


Alex: “Kiss me.”

My hands curled into fists.

Aiden: “It’s not going to happen, Alex.”

 Alex’s lips curled up at the corners.

Alex: “Okay. Then at least admit you want to kiss me.”

 I shot her a bland look.

Her smile spread.

Alex: “That’s all. I want to hear you say it. Then I’ll go back to be, like a good girl.”

Having some serious doubts about that, I watched her wryly.

Aiden: “I don’t believe you.”

Alex: “Believe me,”

she whispered.

Alex grinned.

Alex: “Kiss me.”

 I gripped her arms, holding her back.

Aiden: “Alex, I swear to the gods…”

Giggling, she slipped her hands down, under my shirt, over my lower stomach. My whole body jerked at her soft touch.

Alex: “Swearing is bad.”

Aiden: “You’re bad.”


Chapter 34 of Deity

This is the final chapter of Deity, but from Aiden's POV.

To read this on Jennifer's website, you can click here.


Not going to lie to myself. Hearing Apollo say Seth needed to die made me want to hug the guy. By far, it was the smartest thing the god had ever said, but… 

Aiden: “The Apollyon,”

I whispered reverently, smoothing my hands through her hair. Alex was the Apollyon, and she was beautiful, and she was mine.  


Their first time

This bonus chapter is Aiden's POV of him finally succumbing to his feelings, and Alex and him having sex for the first time.

Click here to read this on Jennifer's website.


In my chest, my heart pounded like a jackhammer. What was I doing? I knew exactly what I was doing. 

And I knew exactly what I wanted. My body did. My heart did. Part of me was already upstairs, in the bedroom with her.

There had been things I wanted to say to her before it came to this and I knew it would come to this

Maybe I always knew it would. 

Pulling away before I lost complete control, I pressed my forehead to hers.   

Aiden: “I can’t keep pretending that I don’t want this—that I don’t want you. I can’t. Not after what I happened to you. I thought… I thought I’d lost you, Alex, forever. And I would’ve lost everything. You are my everything.” 

A faint pink flush stole down her throat and over her the slope of her chest. My gaze moved lower, soaking her up. Knowing Alex, she was so unsure of the many scars, but it made her all the more beautiful to me. She was brave, strong, and she was everything to me.

Aiden: “Θα σ ‘αγαπώ για πάντα.” I will love you forever.  

And I would.  


The One and Only

Ever wonder how Deacon and Luke got together? Jennifer has that story on her old Wattpad page, after popular demand.

Click here to read it.


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