Broken Fae by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Broken Fae

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


Book 4 in the Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac

Me and my kings have come as close to breaking as I ever could have feared.

Just as we were finding a way to get past our difficulties, the stars have torn us apart. Can I fight against the will of the heavens or does fate have something unforeseen in store for me now?

While we're reeling from the wheel of fate and trying to find a way to move on with our lives, our enemies are only growing more powerful.

Felix Oscura is haunting Alestria with his bloodthirsty need to steal the power of the clan he was never destined to rule over. And the illusive King is growing closer to their goal of taking control of the entire city and maybe even beyond.

With challenges around every corner and the mysteries behind my brother's death slowly starting to unravel, will I be able to piece everything together and find a way to overcome the will of the stars before it’s too late?


Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy

Reverse Harem

Broken Fae is the fourth book in Caroline Peckham's and Susanne Valenti's Ruthless Boys of the Zodiac series, and starts off immediately where the third book ended, with Leon and Elise mated, and Ryder, Dante and Gabriel heartbroken. A summer separated doesn't ease their pain, and while mated, Elise and Leon are in pain too - because Elise loves all the guys equally, and Leon wants a pride. Can Elise convince the boys that it doesn't matter what the stars say - she loves them too? And with Felix going to war with the Oscura clan, and more facts come out about Elise's brother's murder, can they all put aside their differences, and work together?

Aw. This book bummed me out, made me happy, then made me drop my jaw with that cliffhanger. Thank god this series is over, and I don't have to wait for the next book (unlike Zodiac Academy. ughhhhh). So there are several things I liked about this book, and other things I didn't. As for what I didn't like, it's the same as with the others - too much focus on sex, and not enough on plot - until the end, that is. And once again, I will repeat, I like dirty, sexy books. But I like sex with reason behind it. The first half of this book is Elise trying to convince the boys that despite mating with Leon, she loves them all equally, and wants them all. And getting in their pants. Which is great, and a lot of it was hot, but gawd, I wanted some story in there too. As for what I liked - well, I like the characters, and despite complaining about the amount of it, I like the sex. We got our first four way, and it was hotter than I thought it would be. I liked where we are heading with finding out about Gareth's death - and it seems like Elise is going to come to the conclusion that I have suspected for a long ass time now.

I have some predictions for how this will all play out. Don't read below if you don't want to be spoiled, just in case they do pan out.

  • I think the King did in fact, murder Gareth. I think he figured out "the plan" and killed him for it.

  • As for the King, I think that Professor Titan is him. Two reasons: he said he would talk to Nightshade about using her Siren abilities on Elise, and if anything, it seemed worse afterward. And two, the book he was reading about positioning himself as an authority when not a strong fae. I don't know. We'll see.

  • I think all the guys will be mated to Elise, while being allied with one another.

Broken Fae might have been a lot of sexy times, but it had some important character and relationship growth too. Gabriel and Ryder's arc's are wonderfully done, and work perfectly for their characters - including their new friendship with one another. And we can't forget Dante and Leon. Dante really steps up as leader of his clan, and protector of his family - and Leon is literally boyfriend goals. He is just the sweetest. And Elise, she has gone from throwing her life away, to finding joy again after her brothers death, and wanting to continue to live. Whatever happens in the next book - and holy shit is that thing a monster - I'm hoping this "pride" gets a happy ending.

  1. Leon's family with Elise <3

  2. Dante's complaints about his, what sounds like, well deserved detention in potions class

  3. Leon trying to befriend Ryder had be howling

  4. Leon and Elise finally talking about what they both want

  5. Elise offering herself up for a fight to try to talk to Ryder

  6. Gabriel - protector of frogs

  7. The Gabriel/Elise/Ryder sandwich

  8. Dante saving Elise from Old Sal

  9. Gabriel and Ryder saving Leon


  11. Dante and Leon using Pitball to figure out who gets what with Elise when they go back to their room

  12. Um the sex between Dante and Elise after blowing the killblaze lab up

  13. Gabriel and Ryder drunk hahaha the TATTOO

  14. Dante's aunt lol

  15. ORION

  16. Leon knowing that the best person to go with Elise to see her mother was Ryder, and setting it up

  17. How Gareth's tried saving Elise's Christmas

  18. Leon kidnapping the guys for a "retreat"

  19. Gabriel teaching Dante to cook

  20. CHRISTMAS!!! The perfect gifts and the five-some WOAH

  21. Leon drawing mustaches ad other things of Lionel's dragon/family portraits

  22. Leon rubbing Lionel's pipe all over his balls

  23. Elise squealing with how cute Ryder is in his smallest snake form, and Gabriel making a tiny top hat

  24. Ryder saving Sante's life and Dante killing Felix

Marie: “Well, no need to fret,”

Marie said happily as she bustled into the room with a tray full of pastries and Latisha on her heels with a pot of coffee.

Marie: “Leonidas spent the entire night claiming his mate. You can ask any of the servants. The two of them were here all night long causing quite the ruckus.”

Latisha: “Yes, he really does have a lot of stamina,”

Latisha cooed proudly and I about died of embarrassment. Sure, sex was natural and all but hearing your man’s mothers praising his performance was definitely not something I wanted to listen to.

Leon: “By the stars, Moms, stop with the TMI,”

Reginald: “There’s nothing to be ashamed of, son. Everyone knows a true Lion can satisfy his woman like that.”

Safira: “All of his women,”

Safira added with a lusty smile aimed her husband’s way as she started laying out cups.

Leon: “Please stop, I’m going to puke,”

Safira: “On that note, have you done your monthly contraception spells?”

Safira asked, looking at me with a smile that said she wouldn’t mind if we hadn’t even though I was still currently being interviewed by the cops. Reginald chuckled.

Reginald: “Well if they haven’t then I’m willing to bet we’ll have a cub on the way after all of that-”

Leon: “This is fast going from one of the best days of my life to the worst." Reginald: “Watch out boys. I think we’ve just let a Lion into the pride instead of a Lioness and if we’re not careful, she’ll be crowning herself king before we know it.” Bill: “Just come out with me for a drink. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a girl to take your mind off Elise. We could go to the Pink Star, I’ll buy you a lap dance?” I released a note of what almost could have been laughter.

Gabriel: “And get my dick infested with Manticrabs in the process?”

Bill: “Hey, your dick needs some kind of action or it’ll fall off. And I’ll have you know that the Pink Star got a four point five star rating in Zodiass Weekly this year.”

Gabriel: “You’re not selling it to me, Bill.” My memory hadn't done her any justice. She shone like the most beautiful star in the zodiac; if I had been her mate, I'd never need to look up at the sky again. Elise: “I love you, Ryder,”

Ryder: “You don’t even know me. And if you did, you’d know there’s nothing here to love.” With a snarl, Leon blinked hard and managed to force the hypnosis off, barking a laugh as he did so even though the look in his eyes said that whatever he’d just been gifted a vision of was all kinds of fucked up.

Leon: “If you’re going to send visions of you cutting my dick off at least be accurate with the size of it!”

Leon called as Ryder turned and stalked away.

Leon: “It would have made it a lot easier for you to choke me with it if you’d had the size right!” Ryder kept walking and Leon sighed dramatically, flopping back down onto the grass.

Elise: “That’s a pretty fucked up vision to send you,”

I muttered, looking down at my Lion with an apology in my eyes which he waved off.

Leon: “It’s how he shows he cares. One of these days I know he’ll gift me a vision of him tossing me from a cliff Mufasa and Scar style and then I know we'll be bros for life." Elise: “I love you, Leo,”

Leon: “That’s the first time you’ve said that to me, little monster,”

Elise: “No it isn’t,”

Leon: “Yeah it is. You’re not good with words. All the other times you thought it, it was just implied.” I rolled my silver-ringed eyes at him and teased my fingers deeper into his hair, the purr emanating from his chest growing louder as he arched his back like a cat, all feline in that moment.

Leon: “Fuck, that feels as good as your lips on my cock,”

he groaned as I slowly massaged his scalp, and he pulled a laugh from my lips.

Leon: “And I love you too, little monster. Just in case I imply it too often as well.”

Elise: “You’re only saying that because I’m playing with your hair,”

I teased and he smiled up at me, catching my wrist in his grip and slowly tugging my hand back out of his hair until it was laying on his bare chest instead.

Leon: "I love you, Elise Callisto."

he growled, holding my eye and making sure I felt the depths of those words all the way down to my soul. I bit my lip to stop myself from grinning like an idiot and he smiled mischievously as he used his grip on my wrist to slide my hand all the way down until my palm was pressed to his junk.

Leon: "Now play with my balls and let's see if you can get me to propose."

Titan: “But you kept in touch?”

Elise: “Oh yeah, we texted a bunch, and she sent me photos of all the things she was reading. She even found this thousand year old carving of a Fae queen who had six husbands and each of them had perfectly engraved coc - actually, that story may not be teacher appropriate. But you get the idea, we stayed in touch.” As I tucked my Atlas away, my heart pulled in several directions and I had a sense I finally knew what was up with me lately. Elise's hand was locked in mine and I tugged her closer as my gaze found Dante in the class, then moved to Gabriel, then Ryder. I growled low in my throat as I was drawn to the three of them. So maybe I’d gotten attached to Elise’s other guys. Maybe I missed hanging out with them all. And maybe it was time I reunited us Avengers style. It was kinda exciting. Tummy flutters and all. He might have pissed me off, but I wasn't done befriending him yet. One day soon we were going to be having sleepovers and pillow fights and he'd giggle like a school girl at my jokes. If it wasn't written in the stars already, I was going to get my Sharpie and scrawl it up there to make it so. Leon: "I miss you."

Ryder: "Ex-fucking-scuse me?"

Leon: "Just being honest."

Ryder: "You miss me? I was never your friend, we're barely acquaintances. In fact, you’re just a cat who comes scratching at my window sometimes who I need to chase away."

Leon: "Nah, I'm more than that to you. We fought alongside each other, we're bound by that. By Elise. By everything we'd do for her. We're the same in that way. And remember when I totally died and you totally left that bloody handprint on me because you were all sad and stuff?”

I took out my Atlas and brought up the photo I’d taken of it on my chest. I’d even added the caption BFFs forever, because obviously that was where this was heading. I’d known that then.

Leon: “I'm your little pal.”

I waved the photo at him and he glowered darkly.

Ryder: "You're not my 'little pal',"

he air quoted the words, smacking the Atlas away from his face.

Ryder: "I don't have pals. I don't need pals."

Leon: "Everyone needs a little pal,"

Ryder: "Stop talking,"

Leon: "I can't. I'm a talkative person. And we've got twenty four hours to kill so that's a looooot of time I need to kill. I'll most likely do it talking. And snoozing. There will be some snoozing. But when that ends, the talking will start again."

Ryder: "Just. Stop,"

he half pleaded, walking back towards me as he looked at the box.

Leon: "It can all stop if you just put your power in me, Rydikins. Just put it in. Just the tip."

He snorted a laugh before he could stop himself then tried to cover it with a furious hiss. But I had him pegged. He found me funny. Deep down, beneath all the emotionless bullshit he showed the world was a beating heart that needed love as much as the next guy’s did. And I had a lot of love to give. Endless amounts really. So I was happy to care about him until he let me in. But I always followed my instincts, always trusted myself, and currently they were leading me to Ryder and begging me to wrap him up in cotton wool and cuddle him like a cub.

Ryder: "Why are you looking at me like that?"

Ryder growled as I stepped closer to him. Just a little squeeze...he won't mind a little one. I released his hand and pounced, wrapping him in my arms and dragging him in for a fierce hug. He struggled hard so I clutched him tighter, fighting to keep him there. Then he got his palms between us and shoved me away, his teeth bared. Ryder: "What the fuck, Mufasa?"

Leon: "You liked it.”

I smirked. He totally did.

Ryder: "If you try to hug me again, I will grow a vine so far up your ass that it'll get lodged in your throat and suffocate you to death,"

I laughed, holding out my hand again.

Leon: "Alright, alright, we'll put a pin in the hugging idea."

Ryder: "No, there's no pin. It's a hard limit."

Leon: "Jeez, just power share with me already and we can figure it out later."

Ryder: "There will be no hugging. Ever. I don't hug people."

Leon: "If you were just honest with me, you might find you like getting a little vulnerable, then your magic barriers will come down and I'll slip right inside you."

Ryder: "Can you stop talking about it like you're about to fuck me in the ass, because it's making this impossible. Let me do the pushing, I’m not a taker in any sense." Elise: “What?”

Eugene: “Leon set the Mindys on you. He said that the first Mindy to deliver you back to your room will be his favourite.”

Elise: “What?”

I snarled this time, snatching his Atlas to see for myself.

Leon Night: Me and @EliseCallisto are playing a game of hide and seek. The first girl to find her and bring her to our room will be my favourite forevermore. P.S. Bring snacks for bonus points ;)

Natalie Brooks: I will find her even if I have to gouge my eyes from my face and throw them into the sky to spot her!

Lauren Lockwood: I’ll smother her in chocolate so that she IS the snack.

Kaysie Ward: I saw a fishing net down by Lake Tempest that I can catch her in.

Merranda Devereaux: I will find her even if it kills me and only my rotting corpse remains to deliver her to you.

Leon: “I didn’t actually call you back here for sex, you know,”

he said and I just looked at the damn rose petals smothering the bed in response to that.

Leon: “Well, I’m always hoping for sex. But when I said it was important, I meant it.”

I huffed irritably and moved to sit next to him on the bed, using a gust of air magic to sweep the petals into a corner of the room.

Leon: “They were meant to be romantic,”

Elise: “Bits of dead flowers sticking to my ass while you fuck me? Be still my beating heart,”

Leon: “Angry Elise is kinda scary,”

Leon teased as he moved to sit up too, leaning his back against the headboard as I remained rigid with my legs crossed beneath me.

Leon: “Is this the side of you that gets Ryder all turned on? ‘Cause you’ve got that same psycho look in your eye that he gets and I’m betting the two of you angry fucking would be hot enough to start a house fire.” Leon: "I dunno why, but it turns me on to see you with them or think about you with them.”

Elise: “Because of me, or them...or both?”

I asked with a grin and he laughed.

Leon: “I’m all about the pussy - no need for any sausage in my bun, thanks. But making a sandwich out of you, or even a short stack...”

Elise: “So I’m a pancake now?”

Leon: “Nah, little monster, we’re the pancakes, you’re the syrup, all over all of us, making us nice and sticky.” Elise: “None of their Orders are polyamorous. Hell, Vampires aren’t either. This isn’t normal. I have an Elysian Mate. Surely I shouldn’t-”

Leon: “Who gives a shit about shouldn’t? If it’s what makes us happy then I say that’s what’s right. Besides, you’re half Pegasus, they have a herd, they don’t always mate with a single Fae. And Dante was born of Wolves, they’re poly at least half the time. Who the fuck knows what Basilisks do and Gabe loves you so much he’ll give in to it eventually whatever. We can always build him a nest on the roof of our mansion to go grump in when he wants alone time anyway.” Elise: “That’s your solution, a grumpy nest?”

I groaned, flopping down onto the bed and he hooked an arm around me, tugging me against his chest.

Leon: “Yeah, you can go ruffle his feathers up there whenever he’s in a vision downer or whatever and he’ll be cool again after that." Leon: “How many orgasms am I going to have to give you before you forgive me?”

Elise: “Five,”

I gasped, the damn potion making me answer even though I wanted to make him work harder at an apology than that. Leon growled hungrily, tugging at the baggy sweatpants until he’d ripped them off of me and tossing them aside with a wild look in his eyes. He moved to pull the T-shirt off too but I gripped the hem, shaking my head at him.

Elise: “You haven’t earned boobs.” Ryder: “Why won’t you just let me go?”

he asked, starting out strong but his voice breaking at the end.

Elise: “It would be easier to give up breathing than you, Ryder,” Elise: “The stars gave me a gift, but sometimes I think it was a curse too. And I know it will be if it means they stole you from me.” Gabriel: "You don't have to give me a kidney, asshole, just tell me something about yourself. Something real,"

I said, figuring he needed a nudge and he muttered curses under his breath.

Ryder: "I'd rather give you both of my kidneys and a lung to save me from this shit. Elise: “I missed you, Dante,”

I breathed and a smile touched his lips as he lay there on his back, his head turned my way so that we mirrored each other.

Dante: Non me ne sono mai andato.” I never left. Dante: “My mamma and papa were Elysian Mates. Their love burned for everyone to see with the heat and power of the sun. They never would have even considered wanting someone else. And I can’t help thinking that you won’t either in time. Maybe right now you’re still adjusting to it and the feelings you had for me before it happened still linger. But in time, I think you’ll realize that you love Leon most. That he’s the only one you need. And every moment I spend alone in your arms is only going to make me want to hold on tighter. I’m afraid that it will destroy me in the end.” Elise: "Worthy? Your opinion of me is way beyond the rest of the world's."

Dante: "No, bella. You're a queen among men and the sooner you realize that the better. Haven't you noticed how easily you make men worship you? There's magic in you more powerful than the stars themselves." Elise: "Sometimes, we'd steal props from the strippers to use for dressing up. And when we were really young, Gareth used to steal these huge green Dragon dick dildos so that we could pretend they were swords...we stopped doing that fairly sharpish when Mom caught us with them and informed us of where people usually liked to stick them though..." Dante half laughed and gave a half-strangled noise in the back of his throat all at once as he moved towards me.

Dante: "I don't know if that's the saddest or funniest story I've ever heard," Dante: "No one will ever hurt you while I draw breath, Elise. My heart is yours and my strength is too. Never doubt that, no matter what way the rest of this plays out."

My heart thudded desperately against my ribs as he leaned forward to deliver the kiss I was aching for. But he pressed it to my forehead instead of my lips and I felt like I was shattering all over again.

Dante: "A morte e ritorno, Elise."

Dante slid me over into my seat and pulled the car away from the last remnants of my old life as I tried to cling onto something solid after everything I’d just found out.