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Breaking News: Midnight Sun by Stephanie Meyer RELEASE DATE

Twilight fans have been waiting for this one for a LONG time. 15 years to be exact.

I've long grown out of re-reading the Twilight series (Breaking Dawn still bugs me to this day), but a long time ago, I truly loved these books (and I like the movies ... sue me), and I was devastated when Midnight Sun (Edwards's POV) was put on hold because someone leaked the book. I honestly didn't think it would happen ... I put it in the realm of the Game of Thrones books that have YET to be finished.

This book has been highly anticipated for years by dedicated fans, so pre-order your copy today to make sure you get it on release day, which is

AUGUST 4TH, 2020

Preorder Links (Canada)

Kindle (coming soon)

Paperback (Amazon)

Paperback (Chapters/Indigo)

Google Play Books (coming soon)

Apple Books (coming soon)

**small criticism** The cover. It's kinda grossing me out.

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