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Mute Master

Male | Human

Loyal to the Silent Assassin's

Lives in the Silent Fortress in the Red Desert

Middle-Aged (50?) | Alive

Family : Ilias (son)

Love Interest:  Unknown

Physical Description

    The Mute Master is described as probably being very handsome in his youth.  He has hazelnut colored skin and almond-shaped, sea-green eyes.  He has dark hair cropped close to his head.  Celaena describes his hands as callused and scarred from years of working with blades, and typically wears his signet rings around his ring finger.  He wears white robes.


    The Mute Master's famous vow of silence is self-imposed.  While everyone believes he doesn't speak, he admits to Celaena that he doesn't know where the rumor originated, he just finds that most things that are said don't warrant a verbal response.  

    While he is the leader of the Silent Assassin's, he is a peaceful man.  He doesn't force the assassin's in his charge to leave the fortress or take jobs.  He doesn't abuse his disciples, and abhors those who do.  He has a lot of patience with those he teaches, and even silent, has a sense of humor.  Celaena knows that unlike Arobynn, the Mute Master would never let pride stand in the way of him protecting his disciples.

    Celaena notes that when she bows to the Mute Master, it doesn't feel like she is doing it because she has to, but because she respects him.



Before Book Events

    Not much is known about the Mute Master before the book events.  Celaena cannot place where he comes from, as his hazelnut skin reminds her of those from Eyllwe, but his almost shaped eyes seem to be predominant in the Southern Continent.  We know he has a son, but we don't know if he is the result of a love interest, or just a fling.  

    The rumor of his vow of silence predates the books.

The Assassin's Blade 

For Walkthrough, click here.

    The Mute Master is a key character in the novella The Assassin and the Desert in The Assassin's Blade.  He is the leader of the infamous Silent Assassins.  He personally trains Celaena, enhancing her skills.  After Ansel's attack on the fortress, he speaks to Celaena, and let's her know how proud he is of her for not killing Ansel, and seeing something more in her than her deception.  He tells her that Celaena is always welcome at the fortress, and that if she is ever in need of his help, he will be forever in her debt.  He also gives her three trunks of gold and jewels, that will pay off her debt to Arobynn, and free her.  He tells her to tell Arobynn that in the Red Desert, they do not abuse their disciples.  

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