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Archer |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Rebels? |  20's | Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Archer is a popular courtesan in Rifthold.  He is considered incredibly handsome.  He is a skilled fighter, due to Clarisse sending him to the Assassin's Guild for a few months to train.  Celaena admits to being infatuated with Archer during this time.

Benzo Doneval |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Melisande | Unknown | Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Benzo Doneval was an immensely powerful businessman from Melisande.
           He was previously married to Leighfer Bardingale, but they later divorced.  When they travel together in a convoy from Melisande, they each have their own agenda's.  Leighfer hires Arobynn to kill Doneval.  Arobynn tells Celaena that Doneval wants to enter the slave trade with an unknown partner in Rifthold.  He also has a list of people in Melisande that are willing to fight against the trade, and smuggle slaves to safety, and is planning to blackmail those people into not only changing their stance, but investing in the slave trade in Melisande.  If they don't, he was to pass the list to the King of Adarlan.  Celaena has no issues killing him after hearing this, and does so. 
    This is later found out to be a lie, and Doneval and his unknown partner were trying to keep the slave trade out of Melisande.  The list were people who were helping him in this cause.  Leighfer was actually the one who wanted to invest in the slave trade, and profit off the slaves being transported on the new road.  She wanted the list to blackmail the people herself. 
    Celaena is not only upset that she killed an innocent man, but one that was doing good in the world, and that her actions led to a big win for those in the slave trade.

Captain Blackgold  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Skull's Bay |  Unknown Age | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Celaena describes Captain Blackgold as hulking and one-eyed.  He is the captain of the ship Loveless, that Sam infiltrates.  It is assumed he also would have been forced to direct the slaves to safety by Sam threatening his life, and the last known information on him was him directing the ship out of Skull's Bay.

Captain Fairview  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Skull's Bay |  Unknown Age | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Celaena describes Captain Fairview as short and bald, and with fraying and faded clothes.  He is captain of the ship called Golden Wolf.  Celaena ties him up and threatens his life if he doesn't follow her directions, after she infiltrates his ship to free the slaves.  Last known information on him is he was directing the slaves to safety under Celaena's  threats.

Clarisse  |  Human  |  Female  | Loyal to Adarlan |  Unknown Age | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Clarisse is the madam of the finest courtesans in Rifthold.

    She was once gifted a handkerchief by a very wealthy client made from spidersilk.

Dia | Human | Male | Loyal to Eyllwe | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in the Assassin's Blade

    Dia appears in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.  He is the only slave who comes forward when Celaena asks Rolfe if any of the slaves can speak the common tongue.  He physically recoils when he see's Celaena's mask and cloak, but answers her questions on his fluency.  He tells her his mother was from Bellhaven, and his father a merchant from Benjali, so he was fluent in both languages.  Celaena is surprised that he was captured among the slaves, considering he has probably not worked a day in his life from coming from a wealthy family.  Celaena can't help but notice how thin and frail he is.  

    Dia was essential to Celaena and Sam's effort to free the slaves, as he was able to translate their plans and instructions to the other slaves on both ships.  While we know that their plans worked, and the slaves escaped to freedom, we never find out what happened to them.

Falkan Ennar |  Shapeshifter  |  Male  | Loyal to ? |  27/47 | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Falkan Ennar is Lysandra's uncle, and is also a shapeshifter.  He is described as tall and lean, looks middle aged, and has short brown hair and midnight blue eyes that look haunted.  While he looks like he is in his forties, he is actually 25 when first encountered in The Assassin's Blade.  He exchanged 20 years of his life to the Stygian Spiders in exchange for 100 yards of silk.  

    Falkan asks Celaena if she would like to consider the job to hunt and kill the Stygian Spider that he made the bargain with - the only way to get those 20 years of his life back - and she considers it, and tells him to find her in Rifthold.  He gives her a small square of spidersilk, as a reminder that everything has a price.

Jacqueline | Human | Female | Loyal to the Dead Islands | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Jacqueline is mentioned only once.  In The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, when Celaena starts going through Rolfe's things out of boredom, she finds a love letter from a woman named Jacqueline.

Jessa | Human | Female | Loyal to Melisande | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Jessa is a barmaid at the White Pig Inn, in Innish, Melisande.  Despite her not doing barmaid duties, she is Nolan's favorite employee.  It is suspected that she is a prostitute.  

Josefin Towers | Human | Female | Magic: Healer | Loyal to Silba | Unknown Age |   Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Josefin Towers was Yrene Towers (now Westfall's) mother.  She was a very accomplished healer, and descended from a long line of talented healers.  She bedded a travelling Eyllwe man, and soon after learned she was pregnant.  She raised Yrene by herself, in a small cabin located in a tiny village in Fenharrow.  She trained Yrene as a healer. 

    Josefin was very compassionate, and didn't believe in charging people for her healing service, as she considered their magic and ability to heal a blessing from the goddess of healing, Silba.  No matter how poor, how rich, no matter who anyone was, she would heal anyone   

    After magic disappeared from Erilea, Josefin believed that the gods had abandoned them.  Despite magic disappearing from the continent, the King of Adarlan ordered his men to hunt down all magic wielders and kill them.  When they arrive to take both Josefin and Yrene, Josefin does something she has never done before - she kills one of the men, distracting them so that Yrene can escape.  Yrene watches from a hiding spot in Oakwald forest as her mother is burned alive at the stake.   

    Along with magic, and a love of healing, Yrene believes that that she got her "iron stomach" from her mother.

Leighfer Bardingale | Human | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Leighfer Bardingale is a good and trusted friend of the former Queen of Melisande, and is the former wife of Benzo Doneval, a powerful Melisande businessman.  She is sent to Rifthold to plead a case to the King of Adarlan to build a road connected the two kingdoms.  She contacts Arobynn to organize a hit on Doneval because his business interferes with her own personal interests.  She colludes with Arobynn to trick Celaena to take out her ex-husband, letting her believe that Doneval wanted to start selling and transporting slaves on the new road to Adarlan, and that he was going to blackmail citizens in Melisande to change their stance on the slave trade, or be outted to the King of Adarlan as a traitor.  In reality, she wanted Doneval out of the way because he was against the slave trade, and was working with others to keep it out of Melisande.  She wanted to profit off the slave trade, and she had the plot to blackmail those who opposed her.   

Lord Berick | Human | Male | Loyal to Xandria | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Lord Berick is the ruler of Xandria, but he also claims the part of the Red Desert that the fortress of the Silent Assassin's is located.  When he didn't send troops to Eyllwe when the King of Adarlan wanted him to help squash the rebellion there, the King of Adarlan set an embargo on Xandria.  Lord Berick had it in his head that if he were to deliver the Mute Master's head to the King of Adarlan, he would get on his good side again, so over the years, Lord Berick had tried killing the Mute Master and the other assassin's in several different ways.  Ansel explains that he is brutal and cruel, and tires of his playthings quickly.
    Eventually, he strikes a deal with Ansel.  If she gives him the Mute Master's head, he will give her men to take back Braiarcliff.  She accepts the deal.  The mission ultimately failed, and he lost all the soldiers he sent to the fortress.  The silent assassins bring their bodies back to Xandria as a warning.
    His colors are red and black.

Lord Loch | Human | Male | Loyal to Western Wastes | Unknown Age |  Dead
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    The self-titled "High King of the Wastes".  He took over the Western Wastes, including Ansel's home Briarcliff Hall after murdering her family.

Maddy | Human | Female | Loyal to Briarcliff | 12 |  Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Maddy was Ansel's sister's best friend.  She snuck out of Briarcliff Hall with Ansel and her sister, to check out an arch at a lone watchtower that was said to show into another world on the night of summer solstice.  When Ansel's sister and her go through the archway, an ironteeth witch comes out of a hidden spot and grabs Maddy.  Ansel's sister runs away screaming, grabbing Ansel and leaving.  When the Lord of Briarcliff and his men headed out to save Maddy, the witch was gone, and all that was left was Maddy's picked clean bones.

Nolan | Human | Male | Loyal to Melisande | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Nolan was the owner of the White Pig Inn, a tavern in the small village of Innish in Melisande.  He often tipped off mercenaries to patrons who had a lot of coin on them in exchange for a cut of the profits.  His favorite employee was Jessa, a barmaid, but not because of the work she did for him. 

Sam's Mother | Human | Female | Loyal to Adarlan | 28 |  Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Sam's mother is known as one of the most successful courtesan's in Rifthold.  Despite her popularity, she didn't have enough money to free herself from the brothel.  She was considered very beautiful, and was favored by Arobynn Hamel.  She was sold to a brothel when she was 8 years old.  When she was 22, she gave birth to Sam, her son.  When she was 28, she was murdered by a jealous client.  Arobynn learned after her death that she wanted Arobynn, one of her favorite clients, to take Sam in and train him as an assassin, and he did.

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