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Lesser Known/Mentioned Characters in

Ben  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Assasin's Guild |  Late 20's | Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Ben was Arobynn Hamel's second in command in the Assassin's Guild, until his death in The Assassin and the Pirate.  He helped train many of the younger assassins, including Celaena and Sam, and Celaena remembers him being someone she could count on to listen, and give advice when she needed it.  He also helped treat her various injuries over the years.  Ben was one of the few people who was always kind to Celaena, and she was upset by his unexpected death.  Despite Sam telling her it was too dangerous to retrieve his body, Celaena manages to bring Ben's body back to the keep.  While Arobynn claims he doesn't know why Ben involved himself with Gregori's mission, which led to his death, Sam suspects Arobynn knows more than what he is telling.

Captain Blackgold  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Skull's Bay |  Unknown Age | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Celaena describes Captain Blackgold as hulking and one-eyed.  He is the captain of the ship Loveless, that Sam infiltrates.  It is assumed he also would have been forced to direct the slaves to safety by Sam threatening his life, and the last known information on him was him directing the ship out of Skull's Bay.

Captain Fairview  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Skull's Bay |  Unknown Age | Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Celaena describes Captain Fairview as short and bald, and with fraying and faded clothes.  He is captain of the ship called Golden Wolf.  Celaena ties him up and threatens his life if he doesn't follow her directions, after she infiltrates his ship to free the slaves.  Last known information on him is he was directing the slaves to safety under Celaena's  threats.

Dia |  Male | Human | Loyal to Eyllwe | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in the Assassin's Blade

    Dia appears in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.  He is the only slave who comes forward when Celaena asks Rolfe if any of the slaves can speak the common tongue.  He physically recoils when he see's Celaena's mask and cloak, but answers her questions on his fluency.  He tells her his mother was from Bellhaven, and his father a merchant from Benjali, so he was fluent in both languages.  Celaena is surprised that he was captured among the slaves, considering he has probably not worked a day in his life from coming from a wealthy family.  Celaena can't help but notice how thin and frail he is.  

    Dia was essential to Celaena and Sam's effort to free the slaves, as he was able to translate their plans and instructions to the other slaves on both ships.  While we know that their plans worked, and the slaves escaped to freedom, we never find out what happened to them.

Gregori  |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Assassin's Guild |  Unknown Age | Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Gregori was one of the seven assassin's Arobynn Hamel trusted most in his guild.  Celaena didn't like Gregori, and he didn't much like her.  When she was ten, he threw a dagger at her after he caught her feeding his horse candy.  She threw the dagger back at him, and it sliced his cheek, leaving a scar.  During a mission, he is caught by a royal guard and is held in the dungeons.  Arobynn has him assassinated by poison, which is common practice when an assassin is caught, to protect the guild's members and location.

Jacqueline |  Female | Loyal to the Dead Islands | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Jacqueline is mentioned only once.  In The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, when Celaena starts going through Rolfe's things out of boredom, she finds a love letter from a woman named Jacqueline.

Jessa |  Female | Loyal to Melisande | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Jessa is a barmaid at the White Pig Inn, in Innish, Melisande.  Despite her not doing barmaid duties, she is Nolan's favorite employee.  It is suspected that she is a prostitute.  

Nolan | Male | Loyal to Melisande | Unknown Age |  Alive
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Nolan was the owner of the White Pig Inn, a tavern in the small village of Innish in Melisande.  He often tipped off mercenaries to patrons who had a lot of coin on them in exchange for a cut of the profits.  His favorite employee was Jessa, a barmaid, but not because of the work she did for him. 

Sam's Mother |  Female | Loyal to Adarlan | 28 |  Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Sam's mother is known as one of the most successful courtesan's in Rifthold.  Despite her popularity, she didn't have enough money to free herself from the brothel.  She was considered very beautiful, and was favored by Arobynn Hamel.  She was sold to a brothel when she was 8 years old.  When she was 22, she gave birth to Sam, her son.  When she was 28, she was murdered by a jealous client.  Arobynn learned after her death that she wanted Arobynn, one of her favorite clients, to take Sam in and train him as an assassin, and he did.

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