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Kingdom in Erilea

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Leader:                Lords of Fenharrow/Council of


Loyalty:                Erawan

Language:           Own, unknown language

Key Locations:     Bellhaven (capital city)

Key Characters:   Yrene Towers (Before Books)
                              Sorscha (Heir of Fire)

Fenharrow Politics

   Before the events of the books, Fenharrow was one of the conquered kingdoms and was under Adarlan's control until Queen of Shadows.  

    Not much else is known about Fenharrow's politics.  It is mentioned in Empire of Storms that Fenharrow is run by an unknown number of men that call themselves the Lords of Fenharrow (Council of Merchants?).  They apparently allowed Morath's armies to get into the perfect location to attack Eyllwe when the the orders were given.


Fenharrow Facts

  • Fenharrow is mostly flat lands that are mostly inhabited by farmlands.

  • Bellhaven is the capital city of Fenharrow, and is described as smelling like bad fish

  • We are first introduced to Manon and the Thirteen in Fenharrow, where they are stationed there to find a Crochan witch.

  • Sorscha, a love interest of Dorian's in Heir of Fire, is from Fenharrow.  There is a rebel base somewhere in Fenharrow that helped set her up in Rifthold as a spy.



    Bellhaven is the capital city of Fenharrow.  There isn't much known about the city, other than the fact that it is a city the flourishes in trade, merchants and nobles.

    Apparently it smells like bad fish.

Aelin's Connection

    Aelin has no known connection with Fenharrow.

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