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Kingdom in Erilea

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Leader:               Unnamed King & Queen of Eyllwe

Loyalty:               Eyllwe

Language:          Own Language

Key Locations:   Benjali (capitol)

                            Calaculla (prison camp)

Key Characters:  Princess Nhemia Ytger

Eyllwe Politic's

    Before the events of the books, Adarlan conquered Eyllwe.  Despite the royal family swearing fealty to Adarlan, it's just a ruse to buy them time to fight back.  About two years before The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, Adarlan started ramping up the capture of people and selling them as slaves.  Often, the slaves come from Eyllwe, because their people still fight Adarlan, despite the royal family "pledging" themselves to Adarlan.

    It is not known why the King of Adarlan let the royal family to keep their titles, and stay in Eyllwe as figureheads for him.  In Throne of Glass, the King of Eyllwe sends his daughter - Princess Nehemia Ytger - to the Glass Castle under the pretense of learning that common tongue and learning the Adarlan culture, but she is really there to spy on the King and find out his plans, and intervene for the sake of the people.

    When Nehemia finds out that the king plans to enlarge the slave camps to hold more people and increase production, Nehemia tries to prevent it.  When she is banned from attending the meeting discussing this plan, she asks Dorian to oppose it, which he does.

    When 500 Eyllwe rebels are captured and sent to Calaculla, after they try fighting back, the king orders all 500, including the children, executed.  When Nehemia pleads with Celaena to help her free Eyllwe, and Celaena refuses because of the risks to Nehemia and Chaol, and the amount of casualties.  This leads to Nehemia orchestrating her own death, becoming a martyr.  Celaena vows to free Eyllwe after her death.

    In Queen of Shadows, when Aelin is acting regent, she frees the slaves, mostly Eyllwe citizens.  On the day of Dorian's coronation, as the new King of Adarlan, he signs a decree declaring Eyllwe a separate kingdom once again.  Nehemia's parents continue to rule Eyllwe.

Eyllwe Facts

  • The capitol city is Benjali

  • Do to it's size, resources, and ports, Eyllwe has a very rich economy

  • The Eyllwe people worship The Goddess

  • In Tower of Dawn, there is a rumor that Aelin was sailing around Eyllwe and burning ports to the ground, but it was actually Maeve.


    Benjali is the capitol region of Eyllwe.  It is considered one of the two most prosperous cities in Erilea.


    Calaculla is one of two slave labor prison camps in Erilea.  It is located in a "scorching desert" close to the center of the kingdom.  Adarlan rebels, mostly being Eyllwe citizens, were often sent to either Calaculla or Endovier for treason, and sentenced to hard labor for the rest of their lives.  The mines there contain iron.

    Calaculla is described as imprisoning thousands of people, and is well over it's compacity.  It is said that Calaculla is even harsher than Endovier, and no one lives past a few months.

    Princess Nehemia wanted to have Calaculla shut down, but the King of Adarlan wanted to expand it to hold more slaves, and increase production of iron.  After Nehemia's death in Crown of Midnight, the prisoners of Calaculla start an uprising.  As punishment, the King of Adarlan ordered that every prisoner in Calaculla and Endovier - in case they got any ideas of an uprising as well - to be killed.

    Calaculla is officially closed during the events of Queen of Shadows, when Aelin, as acting regent, declared all slaves free and shut the slave camps down.

Aelin's Connection

  • Aelin first thinks of Eyllwe in The Assassin and the Pirate Lord when she notices that a lot of the slaves are from Eyllwe, as their kingdom still actively rebels against the King of Adarlan.

  • In Throne of Glass, she befriends the princess of Eyllwe, Nehemia.  

  • In Crown of Midnight, when Nehemia is distraught over the capture and imprisonment of 500 Eyllwe rebels, she begs Celaena to help her free Eyllwe.  Celaena, who fears the amount of casualties they will suffer, with little chance of winning, and the threat the King of Adarlan put on Nehemia and Chaol is she stepped out of line, refuses.  Because of this, Nehemia orchestrates her own death, and it does just what she intended; Celaena vowed to free Eyllwe.

  • In Queen of Shadows, when Aelin is acting as temporary regent, she declares all slaves - mostly Eyllwe people - now free, and officially shuts down Calaculla and Endovier.  After Dorian is coronated as the new King of Adarlan, she watches as he signs a decree freeing all of the conquered kingdoms, making Eyllwe once again free.

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