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Archer |  Human  |  Male  | Loyal to Rebels? |  20's | Deceased
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Archer is a popular courtesan in Rifthold.  He is considered incredibly handsome.  He is a skilled fighter, due to Clarisse sending him to the Assassin's Guild for a few months to train.  Celaena admits to being infatuated with Archer during this time.

Hisli |  Asterion Horse  |  Mare  | Unknown Age | Unknown Status
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Hisli is the mare asterion horse that Ansel steals from Lord Berick.  She is black as pitch with dark eyes.

Kasida | Asterion Horse | Mare | Unknown Age |  Unknown Status
Mentioned in The Assassin's Blade

    Kasida is the asterion horse that Celaena steals from Lord Berick.  Her name means "drinker of the wind"in the desert dialect.  She is slender, dapple grey with a seafoam white mane and a thundercloud coat.  Celaena describes her eyes as seeming older than the earth itself. 

    She describes her speed as moving like thunder and turned with the swiftness of lightning.  So fast that her eyes watered in the wind.  She also describes her speed as being as fast as a shooting star across the red sky.

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