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also known as: 

Female | Shapeshifter 

Loyal to Terrasen

Lives in Orynth, Terrasen 
Born in 

Homeless | Rifthold, Adarlan | Age 

Madam's House | Rifthold, Adrarlan | Age 10-19

16-20 |  Birthday | Alive
From The Assassin's Blade to Kingdom of Ash 





Love Interests

Wesley (Between Assassin's Blade - Throne of Glass)



Physical Description
Lysandra doesn't remember her physical look she was born with, as she had changed her looks to her current go-to human form before magic disappeared in Erilea, and she got stuck in it.  Her go-to human form is considered incredibly beautiful.  She has long, dark brown hair, and green eyes.  She had large breasts, until magic came back in Queen of Shadows, and she made them smaller.  


In Assassin's Blade, Lysandra comes off as bratty.  She uses the skills she has been taught in her courtesan training to her advantage.  She is flirtatious and charming.


    As a trained courtesan, she is a masterful actress.


    While having some training with weapons during her travels with Aelin and the others, she prefers to use her teeth and claws when she shapeshifts into a BLANK.

Before Book Events

    Lysandra was raised by a single mother in the slums, until she shapeshifted for the first time, and her mother threw her out of the house.  HISTORY HERE.  After Arobynn finds her, he has NAME HERE, the most famous courtesan in Rifthold, take her in.  Arobynn invests a lot of money into her "education", and Lysandra becomes one of the most anticipated upcoming courtesans in the city's history.

    Lysandra first meets Celaena/Aelin when they are both ten years old, as Arobynn and Lysandra's madam were good friends, and Arobynn was personally investing in Lysandra's "education".  In the Assassin's Blade, Celaena says she doesn't remember a time where she didn't want to beat Lysandra in the face with a brick, or throw her out a window.  Or anything else Arobynn has taught her.  They very much do not get along, constantly competing for attention from Arobynn, and later, Sam. 

    At the age of 13, Celaena and Lysandra got into a fight when Lysandra grabbed a lace fan out of Celaena's hand.  They tumbled down the stairs, and Celaena spent a night in the keep's dungeons because of the welts she left of Lysandra's face from beating her with the fan.

    Lysandra, along with her madam, are the only two courtesans aware of Celaena's identity.  Celaena doesn't know why they were trusted with the information, and why Arobynn isn't worried about them telling anyone.

The Assassin's Blade

For Book Walkthrough, click here.

    In The Assassin's Blade, we meet Lysandra in The Assassin in the Underworld.  She steps out of a drawing room in the Assassin's Keep, looking for Sam, who is out in the hallway with Celaena.  Celaena and her start bickering, as they don't like one another.  


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