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Captain Rolfe

also known as: The Pirate Lord

                          Lord of Ilium

Male | Human  

Loyal to Terrasen

Lives in Ilium, Terrasen
Formerly lived in Skulls Bay, The Dead Islands 

28-30 | Alive
28 in The Assassin's Blade
30 in Empire of Storms/Kingdom of Ash


Unknown Mother and Sister


Love Interests
Jacqueline - The Assassin's Blade


Captain Rolfe by Salome Totladze

Physical Description:

    Celaena describes Rolfe as handsome.  He has tan skin, sea green eyes, and dark, shoulder-length long hair.  He is described as lean, but broad shouldered, and tall.  His hands are covered with a magical map, that changes to show treasures, enemies and storms.  He often wears gloves to hide the map from others.


    Rolfe is morally gray at best.  His difficult childhood led him to want power, and he was willing to do anything to get it.  He makes a deal with the Sea God to get the magical map on his hands, and with the knowledge he gains from the map, he defeats enemy pirates and takes over Skull's Bay and most of the dead islands.  Rolfe wasn't truly thinking about what he valued most, thinking it was something material.  It says something to his character that what he truly valued most was his mother and sister, showing he does have feelings. He becomes active in the slave trade, which makes him very wealthy, and he doesn't seem to think it's worth helping the slaves, as saving a few won't stop the slave trade, so why not benefit from it?  He does feel guilt when it comes to the children, though, and tries to keep the children with their mothers.  


    Rolfe i


    Rolfe i

Before Book Events:

    Rolfe i

The Assassin's Blade

    Rolfe is the main antagonist of The Assassin and the Pirate Lord.  As the Lord of the Pirates, and ruler of Skull's Bay, Celaena and Sam are sent to him thinking they were collecting payment after some of his pirates killed three of their assassins.  They come to find out that instead, Arobynn wants to partner with Rolfe and start selling slaves.  During this time, Celaena and Rolfe butt heads, but while Celaena and Sam were "celebrating" with Rolfe and the other pirates, she couldn't deny that Rolfe was funny, and she was having a good time.  When Rolfe discovers that Celaena and Sam are attempting to free the slaves, he vows to kill Celaena.  She is impressed with his fighting skills.  When Celaena and Sam manage to free the slaves, and Celaena forces him to sign letters declaring that he will never, ever sell another slave, and Skull's Bay will forevermore be a safe haven to escaping slaves, he tells her that if she ever enters his territory again, he will kill her.

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