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Kingdom in Erilea

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Leader:                King Dorian Havilliard II

                                 Queen of Shadows to present

                             King Dorian Havilliard I

                                 Before Book Events to Queen of Shadows

Loyalty:                Adarlan

                                 Queen of Shadows to Present

                             Erawan/The Valg

                                 Before Book Events to Queen of Shadows

Language:           Common Tongue

Key Locations:    Rifthold

                                 The Glass Castle

                                 The Assassin's Keep

                                 The Vaults




                             The Ferian Gap
                             Ruhnn Mountains

Key Characters:  Arobynn Hamel

                             Sam Cortland

Adarlan Politics

    The lands of Adarlan were gifted to the newly married Gavin Havilliard and Elena Galathynius as a wedding gift.  Gavin Havilliard had also defeated the Valg King Erawan.

    Many generations later, Adarlan went from kingdom to empire under the rule of King Dorian Havilliard I.  They conquered many kingdoms and countries, including Melisande, Eyllwe, Fenharrow and Terrasen.  In Melisande, he ordered the murders of the royal family, all but the young princess, who became Queen of Melisande as a figurehead for the King of Adarlan.  In Eyllwe, he kept the royal family alive, and they were allowed to stay as figureheads as well.  In secret they aided the rebellion to take back their country.  There is no information on how Fenharrow was conquered, just that it was.  Terrasen was conquered approximately ten years before the events of Throne of Glass.  The entire royal family was massacred, except for Aelin Ashryver Galathynius.  Adarlan also destroyed the great library in Orynth, that held many books on magic, because Adarlan declared magic illegal.  

    The King of Adarlan declared that magic was an insult to the Goddess, as it is people "playing God", and banned it's use.  Any suspected magic users - like fae, and healers - were hunted down and killed if they couldn't escape Adarlan's empire.  Despite the declaration, and massacre of magic users, magic suddenly disappeared from Erilea due to towers that the king had built with a Wyrdkey mechanism that made magic impossible on the continent.

    Approximately two years before the events of The Assassin's Blade, Adarlan created the slave trade.  The King of Adarlan opened two different slave labor camps - Calaculla, an iron mine in Eyllwe and Endovier, a salt mine in Adarlan - where many slaves ended up if not bought by the wealthy or madams.  Many of the prisoners and slaves were rebels.

    Throne of Glass

    Crown of Midnight

    Heir of Fire

    During the events of Queen of Shadows, Prince Dorian Havilliard II fights his father, the king, and the king died.  Aelin Galathynius shatters the Glass Castle, and becomes a temporary regent while Dorian heals.  In this time, she declares all slaves free, and officially closes the labor camps.  When Dorian Havilliard is coronated, and becomes the new King of Adarlan, he signs a decree that releases all conquered territories, so they become their own sovereign once again.

    During Empire of Storms, Adarlan goes through another political upheaval when Erawan - who inhabits Duke Perrington's body - orders the Ironteeth witches to pillage Rifthold, and kill Dorian.  Duke Perrington/Erawan has most of the lords and ladies of Adarlan sign a decree declaring Dorian Havilliard II an enemy of Adarlan, because of the amount of innocent civilians that died that past spring.  Perrington/Erawan, as the liberator of Adarlan, is now king of Adarlan.  He makes it known that any kingdom or territory that allies with Dorian, or Aelin (the Queen of Terrasen), that they will be crushed.

    By the end of Kingdom of Ash, after Erawan is killed, Dorian takes back his crown, and once again, is the King of Adarlan.  He vows to bring peace to Adarlan, and makes plans to work with Manon Blackbeak and the Ironteeth to create at aerial legion.

Adarlan Facts

  • The capital of Adarlan is Rifthold, and it is where the royal family resides.  Their official colors are ruby and gold.  

  • The people of Adarlan believe in The Goddess and her nine children.

  • One of the Gods they believe in is named Lumas, the Lord of the Gods.  The royal of family holds a masked ball on Yulemas as celebration for his birth.  The other children of the Goddess are also celebrated during this time.  It is held  around the winter solstice.  Another holiday they celebrate is Samhuinn, when they believe that the coming winter means the Gods and the dead are the closest to them.  They light bonfires as an offer to the gods and to spread ash on their fields to fertilize them.

  • Adarlan was founded by Elena Galathynius (Aelin's ancestor) and Gavin Havilliard (Dorian's ancestor).  They are buried beneath the Glass Castle.


    Anielle is a large, incredibly wealthy city, built almost into a large mountain, ruled by Lord Westfall - Chaol Westfall's father.  It is often called "The City on the Silver Lake".  Anielle extends through the mountains and across a large plain that goes from the southern border of the Silver Lake and the Western Falls.  It is blocked by a large dam that the Anielle people built to prevent flooding on the plain.  Due to its location, it's cold and snowy all year round.  

    Despite the beauty of Silver Lake and the incredible architecture it took to build a city on the side of a mountain, Anielle is actually very bleak looking.  Due to the warrior culture of Anielle, the people are very practical.  Their homes are simple, made from stone and wood, and only furnished with everyday use furniture.   

    As mentioned above, the people of Anielle are warriors, and it all comes down to their location.  Anielle being built on the sides of the White Fang Mountains, they are constantly battling with the Wild Men of the Fangs.  

    Lord Westfall fully supports Adarlan's King when he begins his conquest of other territories.  One of the reasons for this is because the King of Adarlan helped Anielle in their fight against the Wild Men of the Fangs.  

    In Kingdom of Ash, during Erawan's third war, 10,000 Valg soldiers invaded Anielle, and their army was too small in number to stand a chance.  They were saved by Khaganate warriors.  Unfortunately, it was discovered that the Valg forces damaged the dam.  It eventually breaks, flooding the plains of Anielle, but because of Aelin Galanthynius using her magic, she saves Anielle and it's people. 

The Silver Lake

    The Silver Lake to the north of the city is famous due to it's unusual characteristics.  It's described as being so flat, it looks like a mirror.  Because Anielle is always overcast, the lake looks silver in color..  

Westfall Keep

    The most impressive part of Anielle is Westfall Keep, due to it's size and it being built into the sides of the White Fang Mountains.  It is not just where the Westfall family lives and rules over Anielle - it is also where the people of Anielle go for protection in times of war.  The keep is one of Anielle's greatest prides, because despite staggering losses in Erawan's second war, and the strength of the Valg army, they were not able to breech the walls of the keep, keeping Anielle's people safe.  

Avery River

    Is located south of Rifthold, and runs through to the Great Sea.



    Endovier is one of two slave camps created by Adarlan to house rebels, suspected magic users, and other enemies to the King of Adarlan. 

    Endovier is little more than a few buildings surrounded by a tall wall. It only has one exit/entrance, which is closed off with iron gates.  While it has a few buildings, the best of them is for the overseers and officials.  Whereas thousands of slaves are forced in an overpopulated wooden building, the overseer's house has marble flooring, iron chandeliers, and a throne room that has red and gold glass doors.  Besides that, there are a few various sheds around Endovier used to refine the salt, and some contain the shafts to go down into the mountain.  If the slave camp wasn't miserable enough, the weather adds to it with it's constant overcast weather.  

    Prisoners are sent to Endovier to suffer hard labor mining salt, until their deaths.  The lifespan of an Endovier prisoner is notoriously short, typically only a month, and because death is so frequent, they dump the bodies in mass graves behind Endovier.  They are forced to work in the mines from before dawn, to just after the sun sets, meaning they don't see the sun.  They are led everywhere in Endovier by sword point, and chained.  If any slave gets within 3 feet of the mine shaft, they are immediately killed by the guards.

    In Heir of Fire, after an uprising in it's sister prison Calaculla, the King of Adarlan sends forces to both prisons and has all the slaves killed.  While Endovier wasn't involved in the uprising, the King wanted to have them killed before they got any ideas.

    In Queen of Shadows, after Dorian kills his father (the King of Adarlan), and is healing from the battle, Aelin is temporary regent of Adarlan.  She declares that all slaves are now free, and officially closes both Calaculla and Endovier for good.

Ferian Gap

    The Ferian Gap is a snowy mountain pass between the Ruhnn Mountains and the White Fang Mountains.  While the Ferian Gap is one of only ways to get from the Eastern Kingdoms (formerly the Adarlan empire) to the Western Wastes, it is deadly to pass through.  It is described as a snow-crusted labyrinth of caves and ravines. 

    Erawan's soldiers trained wyverns in the Ferian Gap for their aerial fleet.  Out of three covens that went into the Ferian Gap, only Manon Blackbeak and the rest of the Thirteen completed the run with their wyverns. 

    The Ferian Gap is where Erawan hid half the Ironteeth witches and their wyverns, as well as the witch mirrors that are used in the final war with Erawan.


    Meah is run by Roland Havilliard's father, considered one of the most powerful lords in Adarlan.  It brings in a lot of wealth, but due to it's small size, they do not have an army.  


    Morath is a merchant city in Adarlan that is run by a close family member of the Havilliards, Duke Perrington.  Morath is a word in the old language that translates to "Black Mountains", which fits it's sinister look.

    Underneath Morath, Erawan was imprisoned after being defeated by Elena Galathynius and Gavin Havilliard.

Mountains of Ararat


Oakwald Forest

    Oakwald Forest is on the west side of Adarlan, and spans almost the entire length of the continent.  It is also known as Brannon's Forest. Despite sustaining damage from Adarlan's conquests, it is still described as beautiful and "jewel-like".  

    It is believed that the fae lived in Oakwald Forest, but had gone instinct well before Dorian Havilliard I ruled over Adarlan.  While the fae no longer inhabit the forest, it does have the only dryad known to exist living in it - The Lord of the North.  

    In Throne of Glass, Celaena tells the guards that they shouldn't speak ill of the forest because the trees might remember.


    Rifthold is the capital city of Adarlan, and is where the royal family lives in the Glass Castle.  It is the epicenter of conflict for half of the series.  It is surrounded by white walls, and the Avery river runs through it. 

    It has a large impoverished population that live in the slums of Rifthold.  Because of how vast this area is, the whole city smells spoiled and is dirty. 

    In the wealthier district of Rifthold, there is a shopping district.

Assassin's Keep

    The Assassin's Keep is secretly located on one of the streets with the wealthiest of Rifthold.  It is run by the King of Assassin's, Arobyn Hamel, until his death in Queen of Shadows. 

    There are no women besides Celaena who have trained at the guild.  All servants and assassin's were under orders to keep her identity a secret, under the threat of pain of death.  
    The keep itself is very grand, with marble stairs and floors.  There are framed artwork throughout the keep, with teal, velvet curtains.  There are multiple drawing rooms.  

    Some things we learn of the layout of the keep is that Celaena's bedroom is directly above Arobynn's office.  

Celaena/Aelin's Apartment

    Aelin buys her apartment a few days after Arobynn beats her.  

Glass Castle

   The Glass Castle is where the Havilliard family lives.  It is made from crystal, and has multiple towers, and several wings.  It has large ballrooms, 600 rooms, separate housing for military and servants, and gardens.  

Shadow Market

        Along the Avery River, there is also the Shadow Market, which is rumored to have been there since before even Rifthold existed, and built on the bones of the God of Truth to keep merchants honest and prevent thievery.  You can buy anything you are looking for there.  

The Vaults

    The Vaults, located underground the slums area, is a pleasure hall and place where illegal dealings can take place.

Ruhnn Mountains

    The Ruhnn Mountains are located in the northwest corner of Adarlan, and is where Endovier is located.  It is divided by the White Fang Mountains by the Ferian Gap.
    Deep in the Ruhnn Mountains , everything is a labyrinth of mists and trees and shadows.  This is where the infamous Stygian Spiders live.  

White Fang Mountains

    The White Fang Mountains span across most of the western border of Adarlan.  It is inhabitated with fierce warriors that call themselves the Wild Men of the Fang.  

   In The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, if the Wild Mountain men that Celaena encounters amongst the slaves are one and the same, they are described as having orange hair.

Aelin's Connection With Adarlan

  • In The Assassin and the Pirate Lord, Celaena is in a meeting with Arobynn, Sam, and three other trusted assassins, when they are told about Ben's death

  • In the Assassin and the Healer, you find out that Celaena had been back to the Assasin's Keep in Rifthold briefly, before Arobynn sends her to the Red Desert as punishment for her betrayal.

  • In the Assassin and the Underworld, Celaena returns to the Assassin's Keep in Rifthold.

  • Aelin buys her first apartment in Rifthold



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