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Yrene Westfall (Towers)

Female | Human | Magic Wielder |  Healer

Loyal to King Dorian II of Adarlan (Kingdom of Ash)

                                                 King of Antica (Tower of Dawn)

                                                 Lords of Fenharrow (before book events)

Lives in Rifthold, Adarlan (assumed so, after Kingdom of Ash)

                                                 Torre Cesme in Antica

                                                 White Pig Inn, Innish, Melisande

                                                 Small village in Southern Fenharrow

Age 19-22 | Alive

                                                 From The Assassin and the Healer to Kingdom

                                                 of Ash

Family:                                  Josefin Towers (mother)

                                                 Unknown Eyllwe traveler (father)

                                                 Unborn child

Love Interests:                  Chaol Westfall (Husband)


Physical Description

    Yrene is considered to be a beautiful woman.  She has golden-brown skin and rich brown, curly hair, with streaks of dark gold.  She also has golden-brown eyes.  She is slender, but has other features that she was generously blessed with.  She is of average height. 

    Celaena describes Yrene as having swift feet, good balance, intelligent, stunning eyes.  She also knows Yrene is from Fenharrow because of her skin, hair and accent gives away her heritage.

    She always wears her family ring, a ring that has been passed down from mother to daughter generation after generation.  


    As a healer, Yrene is naturally compassionate and has a lot of empathy for those around her.  She is a hardworking individual, and strives to do her best even when she doesn't particularly love it.  She has a strong stomach, and she says she got her "iron stomach" from her mother.

    Yrene has a set of morals that she will not bend.  When Celaena suggests she steal coin to make her journey to Antica, Yrene tells her she would never do that, as she is no thief.



Before Book Events

    When Yrene was a child, she lived in a small village south of Fenharrow, in a cabin with her mother.  Being born with the same magic as all the women have on her mothers side of the family, she learned to to wield her magic to heal under her mother.  Her mother believed that their gift for healing was a blessing by Silba - the goddess of healing - so she didn't charge anyone in need of healing.  Yrene follows this as well.

    At the age of eleven, after magic disappeared from the continent, the King of Adarlan had his army hunt down magic wielders and have them killed.  Soldiers came to their cabin to capture Yrene and her mother.  Her mother killed her first - and only - person then, distracting the soldiers while telling Yrene to run.  She hid in Oakwald forest, and cried as she smelled the smoke from the fire that burned her mother alive.

    Yrene traveled to another village in Fenharrow and lived with her mother's cousin, posing as a distant relative with no affinity for magic.  She lived there for six and a half years, helping them with their struggling farm, until she left to fulfill her dream of attending the Torre Cesme, shortly before her 18th birthday.  She travelled by foot through the mountains into Melisande, through Oakwald Forest and managed to get as far as Innish before her money ran out.  She convinced Nolan, the owner of White Pig Inn, to hire her, so she could make enough coin to book passage for the Southern Continent.  She ended up staying there for a year, having trouble saving the money she needed for passage, until she meets Celaena Sardothien.

The Assassin and the Healer

    Yrene is working at the White Pig Inn in Innish, and curious about the hooded girl, sitting at the back of the room.  She knew she was wealthy, and Nolan wanted her to try to bleed as much coin from her as possible.  She noted that the girl had a lot of weapons, and didn't touch the stew that she was served.  Yrene gives her bread and water, and goes back to work.

    Later that night, when Yrene is cleaning up, she went to dump some garbage in the alley, when she is cornered by a group of men.  Just as she is about to be attacked, Celaena starts killing the men, while hiding in the shadows, though one escapes.  Yrene is terrified of her, but Celaena tells her she wouldn't have saved her if she was going to kill her. 

    Yrene offers to help bind a wound on Celaena's arm, and Celaena agrees.  While she is tending to her, they talk of how Yrene came to know so much about healing, and her mother's execution.  She admits she is working at the inn because she ran out of money of her way to the Southern Continent.  Celaena asks her what she would do after becoming a healer, and Yrene says she wants to  come back to Erilea, as the people are in need of good healers.  Celaena, surprised that she would want to come back to a place that has caused her so much pain, offers to teach Yrene some basic self-defense.  Until almost dawn, Yrene learns different moves.  

    As Yrene is about to ask Celaena how she can thank her, a group of 5 men come from the end of the alley.  Celaena tells Yrene to get inside.  When she gets in there, she feels bad for running, and opens the door to see how Celaena is fairing.  A man who sneaks up behind Yrene, and brings a knife to her throat.  He leads her out of the inn and orders Celaena to lower her weapons.  When she refuses to, Yrene is upset, and decides to take matters into her own hands.  She stomps on the man's foot, pushes the dagger away and elbows him once in the gut and then temple.  In that time, Celaena takes down the two men who are left, and then finishes off the man Yrene knocked up. 

    After Yrene vomits, she is angry that Celaena risked her life like that, and Celaena said that now she knows she can protect herself.  Celaena gathers the dead men's coin purses and leaves, and Yrene goes into the inn to wash her dress before starting work again.

    When Yrene goes to hang her dress up in her room for it to dry, she sees a letter and coin purse on her bed.  The letter says:

"For wherever you need to go - and then some. 

The world needs more healers." 

    She opens the coin purses and there is a pile of gold coins and the ruby brooch Celaena was wearing.  After an hour she leaves White Pig Inn and doesn't look back. 

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