Top 10 Most Romantic Reads of 2021

Once upon a time, there was a thirty-something year old woman who claimed she hated romance ... until one day she decided to give it a try (after her best friend pestered her for years to do so). The day she picked up her first romance, her heart grew three sizes, and she quickly became obsessed. The end? Never!

Below are my top ten picks of my most romantic reads of the year.

10 - (Romantic) to 1 (Head over heels in love)

HEA : Happy Ever After

10. Mad World

by Hannah McBride

Trope: Enemies to lovers

Chemistry: Oh yes.

Banter: Awesome.

Sexy: Oh hell yes.

Why it made it to the list: Putting aside the fact that the plot for this book is spectacular, and just concentrating on romance aspect, Maddie and Ryan might not seem deserving of being on this list. After that ending especially. But I argue this: these two fall head over heels in love with one another despite ALL THE SHIT that happens in this book. And while the next books title promises there will be hell to pay for Ryan, I do think these two can overcome everything and end up with a HEA. Needless to say, this book left me emotionally hungover, and I can't wait to get more Maddie and Ryan in my life.

9. The Bridge Kingdom

by Danielle L Jensen

Trope: Enemies to lovers

Chemistry: YES

Banter: Delightful.

Sexy: The tension is sexy as hell.

Why it made it to the list: The chemistry between these two, right from the start, is intense. Both fiercely loyal to their countries, it takes a long time for them to stop circling one another and fall. Despite the heart wrenching ending, its obvious they still love each other, and the second book is just as good.

8. When He Was Wicked

by Julia Quinn