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Throne of Glass Extra Reads by Sarah J Maas

Here are some extra reads that were store exclusives for the Throne of Glass series. Enjoy!

The Captain and the Prince

-A short story, detailing a conversation between Chaol and Dorian, about the upcoming competition, and a certain assassin who would make a good champion. Read it here

The Assassin and the Princess

-A short scene between Celaena and Nehemia, taking place between Throne of Glass and Crown of Midnight. Read it here

Empire of Storms Exclusive Scene (Barnes & Noble)

-A short scene with Celaena and court meeting a little girl with magic in Terrasen, taking place at the beginning of Empire of Storms. Read it here

Empire of Storms Exclusive Scene (Target)

-A short, deleted scene from Heir of Fire, with Celaena meeting an ex of Rowan's

Read it here

Empire of Storms Exclusive Scene (WHSmith)

-A short story detailing Chaol and Nesryn's journey across the sea to the southern continent. Read it here

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The Empire of Storms bonus chapter is incomplete, here's the full chapter:

The Assassin and the Princess link doesn't work at all, here's the full chapter:


Kennedy Trower
Kennedy Trower
06 sep. 2023

Assassin and the princess link is broken

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