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The Darkest Star by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: Jan 16

The Darkest Star

by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Published by Tor Teen

Book #1 in The Origin Series (LUX series spin-off)

In the world of the Lux, secrets thrive, lies shatter, and love is undeniable.

#1 New York Times, USA Today, and internationally bestselling author Jennifer L. Armentrout brings her trademark drama and intrigue to a new romantic YA science fiction series with The Darkest Star. Set in the beloved world of the Lux, a girl pulled into in a world she doesn't understand finds herself confronted by long buried secrets, a betrayal that could tear her life apart...and Armentrout's most swoon-worthy book boyfriend yet.

Seventeen-year-old Evie Dasher knows firsthand the devastating consequences of humanity's war with the aliens. When she's caught up in a raid at a notorious club known as one of the few places where humans and the surviving Luxen can mingle freely, she meets Luc, an unnaturally beautiful guy she initially assumes is a Luxen...but he is in fact something much more powerful. Her growing attraction for Luc will lead her deeper and deeper into a world she'd only heard about, a world where everything she thought she knew will be turned on its head...

Welcome to the Origin series



Kidnapping, Violence, Death


Okay, there are no words for how excited I was to start reading the spin off series. The LUX series is one of my favorite book series ... maybe even THE favorite. After I finished the series, I went through a few days of sadness that it was over.

Is that normal? Maybe not. Oh well.

So, imagine my happiness when I find out there is a spin-off! I was a little worried. I loved Luc's character in the the LUX series, but I really loved Katy and Daemon's story, and their dynamic. I was worried I wouldn't like The Darkest Star because it was missing that spark. While it was different, it wasn't in a bad way. And because Jennifer Armentrout loves her fans, she threw in a little bit of Daemon and Archer in the story, and a short story of Katy and Daemon at the end. Will get to that.

Let's start with Evie. From the start, I highly suspected that she was Nadia, so it wasn't a surprise when her "mom" finally sat her down and told her. Not just because there was a lot of signs pointing to that conclusion throughout the book, but it is never confirmed that Nadia died ... just that she was gone. I had a hard time warming up to her at first. I think it was because she just didn't seem to have the fire I typically expect from a female protagonists from this author. I wished she would have stuck up for the Luxen more. It's fair to assume that the fear mongering at the time, and her lack of memories of her knowledge of the Luxen and Origin, contributed to her reluctance. On top of the missing girls from her school who ended up murdered. It would be hard. At the end of the book I started liking Evie, and I look forward to getting to know her in future books. I am even more interested to find out if Daedalus did something else to her when they cured her. Will she ever get her memories back? I suspect she will.

I loved Luc. I love that even though he is a young adult now, he still wears his hilarious t-shirts, and still fights the good fight. Some of the most heartbreak moments of the book was when he talked about his love of Nadia. I have mad respect for the fact that he knows Nadia is gone, and the girl who is front of him now is Evie. His back story is fascinating, and learning about his past in regards to rescuing Origins was cool. We are given in impression in the LUX series that Luc is incredibly powerful, so it's interesting to note that he is now considered the most powerful.

One of the sad things about The Darkest Star, was learning about the world now that they know about the Luxen. It sucks that the government held back the information that Luxen have been around for decades, living among humans peacefully. That is leads to Luxen wearing disablers (metal bands that make them powerless), and being segregated ... well, we know from world history that that never ends well. Knowing that Luc, Katy, and Daemon did so much to fight the invading Luxen, to only get a few yers of peace? Sucks. Hard.

We get a question answered that some of us have had since the LUX series ended. What happened to the Origin children Luc rescued from Daedalus? Finding out that the kids ended up not being able to assimilate into the human population suck, but not surprising. Remember in Origin, when Daemon, Katy and Archer helped the children escape? Remember how creepy ... and murderous they were? They were five years old and killed so many soldiers. I found it interesting to find out that Daemon, Katy, Archer and Dee were the ones who ended up looking after the children, and hoping to help them. My jaw dropped when Luc was telling Evie about the kids being upset that Daemon's wife wouldn't give them an extra cookie, and they threw her from a third story window. She only survived because she is a hybrid (and I suspect Daemon healing her). Once they killed a Luxen friend of their's, Luc knew there was no hope. Killing them must have been traumatizing. Micah escaping and coming back, messing with Luc the way he did ... just so Luc could kill him? I have so many questions! Is it because he knows Luc wouldn't kill him if he just asked? What is coming that has him so scared, he wants to die? What did he tell Luc about Evie? I can't wait to find out in the next book, The Darkest Shadow. Judging by what approached Evie at the party at the end of The Darkest Star, and the word Shadow ... I suspect the Arum will be featured heavily.

Before I end this, I want to bring up the short story with Daemon and Katy, that made my heart so happy, and sad at the same time. It sucks they are living in fear again. If their story had to end, I wanted them to live in peace. I hope at the end of the Origin series they finally do get that peace. Especially now that they are bring a child into the world. It bums me out that Daemon's need to help the Luxen find safety is taking him away from Katy. It's obviously hard on them both. We know that Archer and Dawson are involved in Luc's Luxen relocation missions, so its cool to know that even though they have immunity from the government, they are still fighting for good. Dee has become an unofficial spokeswomen for the Luxen in the media, which is perfect for her ... but I hope it doesn't put her in a dangerous position.

The Darkest Star was a great start to this new spin-off. I loved seeing characters from the LUX series, and getting questions answered from that series. While I find that some of the characters (the newer ones) were kind of lacking in depth, and the story slowed down in some parts, the last half of the book I couldn't put it down. It seems to be setting up for something pretty huge ... bigger than Opposition's invasion ... and Daedalus is back. I have a feeling shit is about to get bad, and while I am excited, I am also super scared something is going to happen to one of my favorite characters. I will riot. :/



Luc: "You're coming with me."

Evie: "What? I'm not going anywhere with you. Like, I wouldn't even walk from here to the dance floor with you."

Luc: "Well, that's kind of offensive, but we're about to be raided and no in the fun way."

Evie: "I'm not leaving here until I have my phone."

Luc: "Really?"

Evie: "Why are you being so difficult? Just give me my phone and you'll never have to see me again."

Luc: "But what if I want to see you again?"

Evie: "But I don't want to see your face ever again."

Luc: "Well, that's rude."

Evie: "you're - you're trying to kidnap me!"

Luc: "Hmm. I wouldn't say I'm trying to kidnap you. I would say that I'm actively offering you a place to stay for an undetermined amount of time."

Evie: "That's just a really nice way of saying you're kidnapping me!"

Evie: "Put me down!"

Luc: "I really don't feel like chasing you around, so sorry, that's not happening."

Evie: "Oh my God.Put me down, you son of a -"

Evie pounds her fist into his back,

Luc: "Ouch. Hitting is not nice."

Evie kicks her knee into his stomach

Luc: "Jesus. You do realize I could easily pitch you out of a window, right?

Luc: " I could do a lot of things. I have done a lot of things, and sometimes, I do hurt people. But I could never hurt you."

Daemon: "Luc."

Luc: "You couldn't have worse timing."

Daemon: "I like to think I have the best timing. But obviously, I'm interrupting."

Luc: 'And you're still standing there because?"

Daemon: "Because I'm nosy. And I have nothing better to do at the moment."

Evie: "He's trying to kidnap me."

Daemon: "Is that so? I didn't know you were into that kind of stuff. Freaky."

Evie: "I'm being serious. See! If I walk toward that door, he's not going to let me leave."

Daemon: "Well, Luc, you know that's illegal, right?"

Luc: "No shit."

Luc: "Well I was just messing with you then."

Evie: "Oh my God. Are you hearing this?

Daemon: "I'm just an innocent, enraptured viewer of this."

Luc: "Daemon, if you don't leave, I'm going to help you leave."

Daemon: "Damn. Someone's in a bad mood."

Evie: "You tried to kidnap me, Luc."

Luc: "Hmm. That means I like you."

Evie: "Okay. That's messed up on about a thousand different levels."

Luc: "Probably. I don't people well."

Evie: "Gee, really."

Luc: "What do you need help with, Evie? Tell me. The world is your oyster and I'm your pearl."

Evie: "I asked for his number because I needed help with something that required his ... talents."

Zoe: "My brain just took that in several different directions."

Heidi: "Mine too."

Evie: "God. No. "

Evie: "You are an alien."

Luc: "You know nothing, Evelyn Dasher."

Evie: "Did you just quote Game of Thrones?"

Luc: "Maybe."

Luc: "Let's start over. Completely. You'll pretend that the mere idea of being attracted to me doesn't freak you out, and I'll pretend that you're not thinking about how I'd feel under your fingers. Hmm? Sound like a plan?"

Luc: "I knew someone once who said modesty was for saints and loser."

Evie: "That sounds like someone who was very grounded. And likable."

Luc: "If you only knew..."

Luc: "God, you still don't listen to anything I say."

Luc: "Normally I don't like to do this, but you just tried to kill Peaches, and I find myself partial to peaches. Even the edible ones."

Luc: "You know,you could help, Gray."

Grayson: "Nah. Looks like you got it all handled."

Grayson: "A bottle? Did you just throw a bottle?"

Luc: "At least she's helping."

Grayson: "Hey. I'm here for moral support."

Luc: "She called you Peaches. I kind of like that."

Luc: "I kinda like the arm-grabbing thing. Very dominant of you. Maybe I'm the submissive type in, you know, the -"

Evie: "Shut up."

Luc: "Can I come home with you?"

Evie: "Come again?"

Luc: "Well, that came out kind of wrong, didn't it? I want to come home with you."

Evie: "I still don't think that came out right, Luc."

Luc: "It came out just the way I wanted it to."

Kent: "Obviously, you understand how important it is to keep this quiet. If not ..."

Evie: "Yeah, you'll go after everyone I know and love?

Kent: "That's my girl."

Evie: "If my Mom catches you here, she will shoot you. Like legit whip a gun out of a pillowcase and shoot you."

Luc: "She would."

Evie: "And that doesn't concern you?"

Luc: "Not really."

Luc: "Memories? I have memories. Some of them are ... actually beautiful. Those memories came after my time with Daedalus."

Evie: "Your friend? What was her name? Nadia? You miss her, don't you?"4

Luc: "With every single breath I take."

Evie: "Were you two together?"

Luc: "Like, together? I never would've been that lucky."

Evie: "Did you ... did you love her, Luc?"

Luc: "With every breath I take."

Luc: "Maybe you're an angel."

Evie: "Come again?"

Luc: "Because it's like you fell from heaven."

Evie: "Did you ... seriously just say that out loud?"

Luc: "I did. And I have more."

Evie: "Really?"

Luc: "Yep. Get ready for them. No woman or man can resist these. Life without you would be like a broken pencil. Pointless. Struck speechless. Can't blame you. How about this one? Good thing I have my library card, because I'm so checking you out."

Evie: "Oh my God. That's terrible."

Luc: "As bad as this? You know what's on the menu?"

Evie: What?"

Luc: "Me 'n' u. Did you just come out of the oven?"

Evie: "Oh god."

Luc: "Because you're hot."

Evie: "Please stop."

Luc: "Well, here I am. What are your other two wishes? I'm lost"

Evie: "Yeah, you are."

Luc: "Can you give me directions to your heart. You remind me of peaches. Sweet -"

Evie: "Don't even finish that sentence. I think it's time that you leave."

Luc: I can't."

Evie: "What do you men you can't?"

Luc: "Because you've swept me off my feet."

Evie: "You seriously need to leave before I staple your mouth shut."

Daemon: "Been a while since I played bodyguard. Not doing a great job at it."

Evie slaps Luc across the face.

Luc: "Was that for last night? Because I didn't leave before your mom got home? Or was it because you lay there and pretended to be asleep while you wished I stayed?"

Evie goes to slap Luc again.

Luc: "Hitting is not nice. Pretty sure they taught that in Kindergarten, Evie."

Evie: "If it's true, why did you leave me there - leave me with them? I was supposed to be your bestest friend in the whole world. You said you lo- Why would you leave me with them?'

Luc: "I never really left you."

Luc: "You don't remember. I know. But I remember. I remember everything every damn day of my life."

Evie: "Don't say that."

Luc: "Did you come here, hoping I'd lie to you now? I'm done lying. You want the truth? Here it is. I never stopped thinking about you. I never forgot. I never stopped looking out for you. You forgot me, and that's okay, because you had no choice, but -"

Evie: "Stop it! I know who I am. My name is Evie. That has always been my name."

Luc: "Listen to me. You are Evie now, but you've only been Evelyn Dasher for about twelve hundred and seventy-eight days and about roughly eight hours, and yeah, I could tell you the seconds if you want to get really detailed."

Luc: "You were my first kiss. Granted, we were kids, so it wasn't much of a kiss. It was my favorite kiss."

Luc: "If I had to do it all over, I would. Without a fucking doubt, I would do it again, because the only other option would be that you wouldn't be standing in front of me- pissed off, but breathing. Alive and so damn beautiful that it sometimes kills me a little each time I look at you."

Luc: "I didn't spend half of my godforsaken life trying to keep you alive for you to just throw it all away!"

Luc: "What do you want?"

Evie: "You."

Luc: "You have me. You've always had me. Always."

Luc: "I told you to run. Why didn't you run? Peaches? Talk to me."

Evie: "I thought ... I thought you were dying. I couldn't let that happen. I wanted ..."

Luc: "You wanted what?"

Evie: "I wanted to know if ... if I was part of ... your good memories."

Luc: Yes. You were all my good memories."

Evie: "I think she's starting to like you."

Luc: "How could she not? I'm irresistible."

Evie: "I wouldn't go that far."

Luc: "Oh, I bet you would. You know what else I know?"

Evie: "What?"

Luc: "I think you're starting to like me."

Daemon: "I'll stay."

Katy: "What?"

Daemon: "I don't have to go. Archer can handle it or Dawson can step in for me."

Katy: "Daemon-"

Daemon: "I don't want to go. I feel like I've already missed so much of this."

Katy: "So much of me getting so big I'm waddling everywhere?"

Daemon: "I love watching you waddle."

Daemon: "The only package I care about right now is this one."

Katy: "It feels really weird to refer to our baby as a package."

Katy: "Kiss me?"

Daemon: "You don't even have to ask."

Katy: "I miss those kisses when you're gone."

Daemon: "I know you do. And I know that's not the only thing you miss."

Katy: "You're so humble."

Daemon: "Being humble is boring, and I am not boring."

Katy: "No. You're not."

Daemon: "If Archer starts watching Happy Days again, I swear, I'm not responsible for what I do to him."

Katy: "No! I live for updates about Fonzarelli! Fonzie is my new obsession."

Daemon: "I don't even know what to say about that."

Katy: "Just let Archer live his best life."

Daemon: "His best life gives me headaches. If I have to hear 'Ayyy' one more time, I may toss Archer through a windshield."

Katy: "I'll toss you through a windshield if you do that."

Daemon laughs.

Katy: "Oh, you'll think it's real funny when you're flying face-first through glass."

Daemon: "So aggressive."

Katy: "You love it."

Daemon: "I do."

Daemon: "Everything is about to change. There's no denying that. The world ... it's going to implode again. One thing that isn't going to change, Kat? You. Me. Our family that we're building. No matter what happens, I will never let it touch you or our child. There is nothing that I wouldn't do to ensure that."

Katy: "I know. I don't doubt that whatsoever. I'd do the same. For you. For our child. For us."

Daemon: "I know. That's why I love you."

Katy: "Is that the only reason why?"

Daemon: "I think you know better than that. But I know you're more into showing than telling. So, I'm going to spend the next several hours showing you every single part of you that I love and just how much I love all those little parts."


Check out the other books in the Origin Series!

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S. Ay
S. Ay
Jun 09, 2020

Hi, thanks for the great review you posted, I always love reading reviews about my favourite books, and this is one of them. We pretty much have the same feelings about the book and its characters, and I really like how you also incorporate your favourite dialogues in the review. Loved it!

PS: I wanted to ask you (only if you don't mind) if you could perhaps post the short story of Daemon and Katy from the end of the book. I've been looking for it everywhere, there's no way for me to access it, and I'm dying to read it. It would be awesome if you could do that.

Lots of love,


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