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The Dark Elements Bonus Chapters by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: May 24

No reviews, just making you aware of the extra Roth and Zayne POV's that Jennifer Armentrout has written to go along with her Dark Elements series that I just finished reviewing. Enjoy!



Roth's POV Scene in White Hot Kiss

Roth's POV of Layla's first time at his apartment, and the make out.


Our gazes collided together. Her eyes were so wide, and everything that she was curious about was blast through those pale gray eyes. A shudder rocked me as I held back. A whole lot of me wanted to eat her up.  

In more ways than one.  

The feel of her skin against mine left me trembling. No one… no one had that kind of powerful over me, but when I kissed her again, when our lips melded, and the kiss heated up and deepened, it was the first time I tasted heaven.  

I smoothed my fingers over her warm cheek.  

Roth: “What I would give…”  

There was no way for me to finish that thought. Not out loud. I didn’t know a lot of crap at that point, but I did know I’d give my life for her.  

And that was freaking epic.  

Demons gave up nothing for someone else.  

 As I waited for my breathing to slow down, I thought about this. This attraction. This need. This something stronger. Oh, it was probably a bad, bad thing. Demons didn’t love. We obsessed. We fixated. I was already beginning to feel that. The need to keep her near, to swallow up all her time, but something about this was different than I imagined. For starters, I didn’t want to suffocate her. I didn’t want to take over her life. Once again, that went against my nature.  


Roth's POV Scene in Stone Cold Touch

This is Roth's POV of when Layla is "under the influence" at the demon bar, and bringing her to his apartment to sleep off the effects. Click here to read it on Jennifer's website!


Roth: “What in the hell?”

I stopped, scanning the surrounding floor.  

Cayman glanced up from behind the bar.

Cayman: “She’s… dancing.” 

My body tensed.

Roth: “What? You were supposed to watch her.”

Cayman: “I watched her. You didn’t say anything about stopping her.” 

Layla sighed like a kitten after a belly rub. It was oddly adorable.  

I walked up and circling an arm around her waist, stopping her before she got up and then started taking off her clothes. Then again…  

I sighed. Bad Roth. 

Layla: “Take me down… to Paradise City where the grass is something… and the boys are pretty…”  

Shaking my head, I leaned against the wall as I waited for the food and just… just watched her. Layla’s version of Paradise City was a hot mess, but Hell, in those moments, I felt… well, I didn’t feel like Prince Asharoth. I wasn’t sure how I felt.  


Zayne POV Scene in Stone Cold Touch

This is Zayne's POV of him ... admiring ... Layla's tattoo of Bambi


Without warning, I thought about the first time I realized what I felt for Layla ran deeper than what my father attended—what the entire clan wanted. It happened on March twenty-third, in the evening while we practiced evasive techniques in the rooms under the compound. She hadn’t been paying attention that whole evening. I knew she hadn’t been, because she had kept focusing on my… well, on my mouth while I was instructing her. For a while, I knew she was looking at me differently, and I had been doing everything to not think about it, acknowledge or deal with it, because I had believed it was wrong. Not because of her being half demon or what she was or was not capable of, but because I had always been in charge of keeping her safe. What her not-so sly lingering looks and the way she’d flush sometimes was not safe.  

But after training, she had down something she’d done a thousand times. She’d threaded her fingers through mine and squeezed, and as our eyes met that night, I don’t even freaking know what happened. Our entire life together played out in my head in a matter of seconds, replaying our entwined history. And as I squeezed her hand back, I wasn’t thinking about anything except how that tiny squeeze felt like a kiss. And that feeling has scared the shit out of me, because I had wanted that then.   

It was almost two years ago.  

And I still wanted that.  

I blinked and my vision cleared again, telling me I was really seeing what I was seeing. It hadn’t been the first time I’d noticed the Bambi liked to rest in a place that demonic familiar had no business being at.  

And it also wasn’t the first time I found myself jealous of said demonic familiar, and how messed up was that? 

Oddly though, as my gaze tracked over the curve of the snake—the curve of her breast—there was no denying the beauty of that damn tattoo.  

God and all the demons in Hell, I knew her mouth had to be the sweetest thing ever.  

Unable to stop myself, I continued down the path of Bambi, over the sweetest swell Layla moved, arching her back as I trailed the length of Bambi, all the way to where her body curled around Layla’s ribcage. Between the way she felt, the breathy sound she made, and how she rose up as she pushed her shoulders into the bed, I was going to loose my freaking mind.  

Who cared? 

I’d already lost my heart and my soul to Layla.  


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