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Tempting the Bodyguard by Jennifer L Armentrout Book Review

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Tempting the Best Man

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Entangled Brazen

Book 3 in the Gamble Brothers Series

He can protect her from everyone except himself.

Alana Gore is in danger. A take-no-prisoners publicist, her way with people has made her more than a few enemies over the years, but a creepy stalker is an entirely different matter. She needs a bodyguard, and the only man she can ask is not only ridiculously hot, but reputed to have taste for women that goes beyond adventurous.

Chandler Gamble has one rule: don't protect anyone you want to screw. But with Alana, he's caught between his job and his increasingly hard libido. On one hand, Alana needs his help. On the other, Chandler wants nothing more than to take the hot volcano of a woman in hand. To make her writhe in pleasure, until she's at his complete mercy.

She needs protection. He needs satisfaction. And the moment the line is crossed, all hell will break loose...


Some Violence


Tempting the Bodyguard by Jennifer Armentrout, is the third and final book in her Gamble Brothers series. It features the oldest brother, security business owner Chandler Gamble, and Alana Gore, Chad's nightmare PR from the last book, who didn't leave the greatest impression on the family. But Alana is in danger from someone in her past, and she needs help. Enter Chandler, who is willing to break all his personal rules to protect her - and make her his.

I really liked this one. It was a bit more original than the past two, and was interesting, which are big points for me. It was predictable, but most romance books are. I really enjoyed the dominant aspect of this book, mostly because it wasn't like your typical dom/sub type books. Nothing overly fancy. No personal playrooms. Just good ol' dom/sub sex. And the fact that Chandler enjoyed that she wasn't submissive in all other aspects is great for me!

Chandler and Alana were likeable ... and I was especially surprised to end up liking Alana, considering her actions in the last book. It wasn't swept under the rug either. She gets that her actions were not great ... but she also points out that Chad and Bridget are only engaged because of her methods. It was nice to see a softer side to Alana. And Chandler was a great character to read. Sometimes dominant men are a turn off, but he was great! One of my favorite aspects, is Jennifer changing things up, so that Chandler, unlike his brothers, doesn't have commitment issues, but Alana did! Very refreshing!

Tempting the Bodyguard was a good conclusion to this series. While all three books are not Jennifer's greatest work to date, they were all enjoyable ... especially by time we get to this book.

Alana: "Do you want to looks at them? Or do you want to continue staring at my breasts like a pig?"

That ghost of a smile spread into a full smirk.

Chandler: "I think I'll keep staring at your breasts like a pig."

Alana: "Well, that's lovely."

Chandler: "They sure are."

Alana: "My age has nothing to do with why I'm here. I don't even know why I'm here."

Chandler: "Why don't you just answer the question?"

Alana: "Why would I? You don't want to work for me. Do you need to make sure I'm of legal age for a good fucking? Because I can tell you two things you can take to the bank. I'm definitely of legal age, and your dick isn't coming within spitting distance of any part of my body."

Chandler: "What an incredible mouth you have on you."

Alana: "Damn it, you're annoying. Pain in my ass."

Chandler: "I would love to be in your -"

Alana: "Don't even finish t hat statement."

There was a good chance she was going to punch him in the face.

Alana: "First off, fuck you."

Chandler: "I like where this is heading."

Correction: she was going to kick him in the balls.

Alana: "Why?"

Chandler: "I figured it was the only way to get you to stop arguing."

Alana: "You kissed me to shut me up?"

Chandler: "Basically."

Alana: "You don't scare me. Make all the animal noises you want. It's not me who comes across as needing a rabies shot."

Chandler: "I beg to differ."

Alana: "Isn't there something else you could be doing with your mouth besides talking?"

Chandler: "Oh, listen to you."

Chandler's lips left her stomach and she opened her eyes in time to see him crawl up her.

Chandler: "I have a thing for that mouth. That I plan to put to use very soon."

Alana: "Nerd."

Chandler: "I'm a badass nerd."

There was no way she could sleep like this. She was an on-her-side kind of gal and if she rolled onto her good side, then she'd be facing Chandler and ... then came marriage and a baby carriage or something like that.

Chandler: "Aw, do the whittle boys miss their big brother?"

Chad: "Maybe."

Chandler: "Sometimes I think you two have fully functioning vaginas."

Chad: "Fuck you."

Chandler: "Run if it makes you feel better and helps you sleep at night. It's not the worst possible thing you could do. So run. I don't mind."

His lips blazed a path over her cheek and his teeth sank into her earlobe, causing her to moan.

Chandler: "I like to chase, Alana."

A bolt of red-hot lust slammed from her pulse and straight to her belly.

Alana: "I don't like to be chased."

Chandler: "You will when it's me."

He slowly lifted her joined hands above her head as he slid his free hand over the curve of her rear, lifting her up until she was on the tips of her toes.

Chandler: "I will chase you. And I will catch you."

Chase: "I've never said I didn't like you. I really don't know you, and what I do know, well -"

Alana: "It's not good. I know that. But I -"

Chase: "Really do look like you want to kick someone in the balls. If you want to kick Chad, I'm not going to stop you."

Chad: "What? What the fuck, man? I'd like my balls to be in good working condition later."

Alana: "I don't want to kick anyone in the balls!"

Chandler: "I was angry and frustrated. I left your place last night, Alana, but I didn't leave you."

Chandler: "Remember? I told you that I like to chase."

She remembered.

Chandler: "And you know what I like better than the chase? The capture. I enjoy the capture the most."

Chandler: "You never have to give away a piece of you to me. But you can have as many pieces of me as you want. You can have all of me, for forever."

Alana: "I trust you with my pieces - all of me. I love you."

Alana: "We're going to hell for this."

Chandler: "But what a fun way to go, right?"

There was a knock on the door and then Chase's voice booming through the walls.

Chase: "Five minutes until the wedding starts, Chandler. Time to put the cock away."

Alana's face flooded with heat.

Alana: "Oh my God ..."

Chandler chuckled

Chandler: "Ignore him."

Alana: "I'm going to die of embarrassment."

Chandler: "No, you're not."


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