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Santa Baby Maybe by S. Doyle

Santa Baby Maybe

by S. Doyle


Book 2 in the Kane Christmas Trilogy


I’m the head ornament designer at Kane Co.

Which is a job you can actually have, if you’re willing to work with uptight, impossible, Chief Financial Officer W.B. Darling. Who, unfortunately, happens to be incredibly gorgeous. My holiday season with W.B.? Here it goes:

Five blind dates with other women. Because he’s looking for someone entirely different from a free spirit artist.

Four incredibly sweet moments. Because when we’re together things are just so easy between us.

Three jerk face statements. Because the second I think we’re getting closer he pushes me away.

Two incredible kisses. And because sometimes kissing isn’t enough it leads to well… more than kissing.

One baby. Maybe.

haha. sorry. if you read this novella, you would get it.


Contemporary Romance



Santa baby ... The song is stuck in my head now.

I started the Kane Christmas trilogy last Christmas, and didn't finish it. I wasn't a fan of the first book. But when I was looking for holiday reads, and was reminded that each book is written by different authors, I decided to try it again. And, hey! I enjoyed it!

I think the idea of romances centering on a Christmas ornament business is unique. It's always a small town, after Christmas threw up on it, and the cheesy Hallmark tropes. But the Kane Christmas trilogy is set in the city, and takes place where ornaments are made. It's different. It's fun. It means that not every person is Christmas crazy. It's just nice to read a holiday romance where Christmas is the setting - not the main event. The main event are the characters and their romance, which is exactly what I want. And a holiday romance where it features some of my favorite romance tropes? Love it! The characters were entertaining, the dialogue was great. I think my only issue is that it could have had better editing.

Grump and sunshine. Enemies to lovers. Opposites attract. If you want a short, sweet, and steamy holiday romance, Santa Baby Maybe is a great one to read.

I ended up drawing a dick because it seemed to fit my thoughts of Mr. Darling. However, because this was a Christmas ornament company, I also drew a wreath that hung from it. A perfect design for Mr. Darling. I would name it Jingle Balls. Joy: “Cheryl, watch the floor. I’ve got to go murder the CFO,”

Cheryl: “Have fun,” W.B: “Are you okay, Joy?”

She turned to me, her eyes fierce.

Joy: “No, I’m not okay. You made me drop my hot dog! It had fried onions and everything.”

I winced, then remembered.

W.B: “Hey, I thought you were vegan.”

She pouted.

Joy: “It was plant based. I know, I know. Technically, I shouldn’t be supporting any ‘meat substitute’ food items, because it could be seen as actually supporting hot dogs in general. But it’s hot dogs. I can’t live life without hot dogs.” W.B: “Look, I get it. People fall in love. I know that theoretically. But I’ve seen enough marriages in my life to know not all married people are in love. Love is a crapshoot, not a guarantee. And it isn’t enough to hold a marriage together, if the two people are not compatible.”

She shook her head, her long brown hair swaying against her back.

Joy: “I disagree. If the love is strong enough it can withstand anything. Certainly something as simple as two people not agreeing over random issues.”

W.B: “Figures you would say that,”

I snorted. She mimicked my snort.

Joy: “Figures you would be searching for a wife and not someone to love.” W.B: “Can I order you something to drink while we wait?”

Date: “No, thank you. I don’t like to drink on first dates as I feel I should be using this time to make a detailed, intelligent assessment. Alcohol can lower inhibitions and dull the wits.”

Sophie: “Ha.”

Sophie laughed.

Sophie: “If we don’t lower our inhibitions and dull our wits, how are we ever going to find men worth the effort? Am I right, sister?” Joy: “W.B.! I do not need to be carried. Oh my gosh, you’re going to know how heavy I am! Put me down right now!” Back in the kitchen Jake was still growling at me, but stopped when I gave him my best intimidating face. Instead he lifted and licked his back paw.

W.B: “That’s right. You know who daddy is.” W.B: “You keep a cat that bites you?”

I shrugged and reached out to pet him.

Joy: “They’re just love bites. Besides, someone has to love Jake. I found him, so he’s my responsibility. He’s fiercely protective of me and lets me know any time strangers are coming near the house. So an excellent guard cat.”

W.B: “Guard cats are not a thing.”

Joy: “Did he not just protect me from the dangling toe that was hanging over the bed?”

W.B: “I don’t think you were in any danger from my dangling toe,”

Joy: “Yes, but Jake didn’t know that.” W.B: “I don’t want to leave you, Joy.”

I shook my head, trying not to be affected by his closeness and failing.

Joy: “I’ll be fine.”

W.B: “No. Not because of your ankle. Because I don’t want to leave you.” W.B: “I’m an asshole,”

I whispered even as I reached up to cup her cheek.

Joy: “I agree,”

she whispered back.

Joy: “But it turns out I sort of like assholes.” Joy: “I hope the chicken is to your liking as, for obvious reasons, I don’t ever make it. The pie is not done, and the crescent rolls aren’t made yet so this is all you get. I gave you the gelato to split the difference.”

Then I changed my mind.

Joy: “You know what? Fuck you. You don’t get the gelato. I get both it and the pie. So there.”

I pulled the pint out of the bag and then handed the bag back to him. W.B: "If nothing else, I consider you my friend, Joy.”

Joy: “Friend?”

W.B: “Yes!”

I said loudly.

W.B: “No. More than that. You’re Joy. You drive me crazy. You make me laugh. I’ve missed you these past few weeks in ways you can’t imagine. Being with you, being inside you, was the most amazing experience of my life.” Joy: “It’s not very flattering. To be wanted against your better judgment. I suddenly have an appreciation of why Elizabeth Bennet was so pissed off at Darcy all the time.” I had the sudden and amazing image of a baby suckling her on one of those luscious breasts and blinked.

Joy: “Really? Are you staring at my boobs right now?”

W.B: “Yes, but in a good and noble way,”

Joy: “Noble?”

W.B: “Yes, you have incredibly noble breasts, Joy. Which you’re presenting in that very noble dress.” Joy: “You should know. I’m falling in love with you.”

He nodded solemnly.

W.B: “That’s good to know. Considering I’m already desperately in love with you. Have been now for weeks.” Together we looked at Jake.

W.B: “You’re going to be a big brother,”

I told him, my voice nearly cracking from emotion.

W.B: “Don’t be an asshole to the kid.”


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