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Restless Slumber by K.J. Sutton

Restless Slumber

by K.J. Sutton

Published by Once Upon a Time Books

Book 2 in the Fortuna Sworn series

"Before I met you, I thought Nightmares were creatures of pain and darkness. Why, then, are you constantly seeking freedom and light?"

Fortuna's entire life has changed.

She has no idea how to balance her new responsibilities and who she used to be. There are hundreds of faeries in her head, her brother seems to have lost touch with reality, and a werewolf won’t leave her side. Maybe the utter lack of control is why her abilities seem to be changing, as well.

Then there’s Collith. Enigmatic, beautiful, and infuriating. Not only a king of the faeries she despises so much, but also her mate. His gentle pursuit causes confusion in her normally unwavering relationship with Oliver.

As a result of it all, Fortuna now finds herself surrounded by new enemies and ones from the past. The question isn’t whether she is strong enough to make change in such a corrupt court.

It’s whether she will survive long enough to do it.


Urban Fantasy



Restless Slumber is the second book in K.J. Sutton's Fortuna Sworn series, and continues to center on Fortuna Sworn, who is now Queen of the Unseelie fae after completing the trials. Fortuna feels pulled between her new position amongst the fae, and herself, and with all of the unseelie fae's voices in her head, she can't her responsibilities. Add on top of that her depressed and angry brother, a werewolf that won't leave her side, and her growing feelings for Collith despite her relationship with Oliver, Fortuna has her hands full. She wants to make some serious changes in the fae court, but Fortuna finds herself in danger once again. Will she live to make the changes she needs to make?

That was a terrible synopsis. Sorry. But to be honest, I have no idea what this book is about. I admit, I DNF'd it 22% in. I had hopes that my frustrations from the first book would go away with the second book, but frankly, 20% in, and I was more frustrated than ever. After forcing myself to read books in the past, and ending up in the dreaded reading slumps, I am a big believer in reading for joy - and if a book doesn't bring you joy, don't waste your time on it. Fortuna wasn't bringing me joy. I get being confusing, and not knowing what you want, or how to get what you want. But Fortuna is just so frustrating. Girl! Get your head on straight! Second book. She is a queen. And she is still childish. No amount of curiosity could save the series for me, which is a bummer. The story was interesting, and those covers are GORGOUS, but I just can't.

I know many people love this series, and honestly, just because it didn't work out for me, doesn't mean you won't like it. Give it a try. Or if you have already read the series, and love it, tell me - does it get better?

Collith: “Before I met you, I thought Nightmares were creatures of pain and darkness. Why, then, are you constantly seeking freedom and light?” I was the fire to his ice. The shout to his whisper. The run to his walk. Laurie: “I was curious, I suppose. Then I began to like you against my better judgment.”

Fortuna: “The horror,”

I drawled. Amusement cracked his cold facade.

Laurie: “You know, they say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.”

Fortuna: “Well, I try to cater to my audience,” Laurie: “What a lucky female you are. Truly, I envy you.”

Whatever facade of nonchalance I’d managed melted away like a sheet of ice.

Fortuna: “What did he say?”

I asked, hoping Laurie couldn’t hear my wild heartbeat. His pale gaze met mine.

Laurie: “I, Collith Sylvyre, do take Fortuna Sworn to be my lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part… unless she gains far too much weight, asks for too many favors, or reveals herself to be an unbearable harpy. In which case, these vows are forfeit, and I reserve the right to dump her miserable ass and mess around with far hotter females in my Court.

Pain radiated through my jaw from clenching it too hard.

Fortuna: “You’re an asshole,”

I growled. Any feelings of warmth I’d started to feel toward him froze over. The faerie just smirked again. His form began to lighten.

Laurie: “Well, you know what they say. Never be nice to an asshole; all you get is shit in return.” Fortuna: “Ian,”

I said by way of greeting, my voice flat. He winked.

Ian: “That’s Deputy O’Connell, to you.”

Ian O’Connell had been obsessed since the day we met… and he’d been making my life hell since then, too. At first, when I was eighteen and still naïve, I’d blamed myself. I thought that whatever face Ian saw drove him to say things he normally wouldn’t. Words that were crude, then demanding, then cruel. Some humans, though, were dark at their core. Some of them liked to cause pain simply for amusement. And when you were the sheriff’s son, you got away with it.

Fortuna: “It is really ‘deputy’, though? I heard a rumor that you failed your exams and Daddy had to make a phone call.” Gretchen: “Breathe through the urges, honey,”

Fortuna: “Why is genocide never the answer?”

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