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Pucked by Helena Hunting

Updated: Apr 8, 2022


by Helena Hunting


Book 1 in the Pucked series

With a famous NHL player for a stepbrother, Violet Hall is well acquainted with the playboy reputation of many a hockey star.

So of course she isn't interested in legendary team captain Alex Waters or his pretty, beat-up face and rock-hard six-pack abs. But when Alex inadvertently obliterates Violet's misapprehension regarding the inferior intellect of hockey players, he becomes much more than just a hot body with the face to match. Suffering from a complete lapse in judgment, Violet discovers just how good Alex is with the hockey stick in his pants.

Violet believes her night of orgasmic magic with Alex is just that: one night. But Alex starts to call. And text. And email and send extravagant - and quirky - gifts. Suddenly he's too difficult to ignore and nearly impossible not to like. The problem is, the media portrays Alex as a total player, and Violet doesn't want to be part of the game.


Contemporary Romance


Pucked by Helena Hunting is the first book in her Pucked series, and centers around Violet Hall and Alex Waters. Violet's step-brother is an NHL player, and her step-dad is a recruiter, so she knows about the hockey world - and the antics the players get up to after the game. She has no interest in hooking up with a player, and being one in hundreds. Until she is forced to attend her brothers game, and Alex Waters crashes into the plexiglass. Violet put down her book long enough to stare into his eyes, and there was no doubting the instant attraction. So Violet does something she never has before - she has a one night stand with him. It's mind blowing. Unforgettable. Apparently it was for Alex as well, because he begins to pursue her. Flowers, chocolates, stuffed beavers with team jerseys ... but the media portrays Alex as a playboy, and Violet - despite her fighting her feelings - likes him. What is the truth - what the media reports on his love life, or his actions when he is with her?

After some pretty heavy fantasy, I felt the need to read some fun, light romance, and I stumbled on Pucked while looking through Kindle Unlimited options. And I liked it! There were some things I didn't like. Not with the writing. The writing was good. Solid. My problem was more with the overall conflict. I am an "actions speak louder than words" person So Alex's never-ending calls, and texts, showering Violet with flowers and chocolates and gifts for her (and her boobs) ... it's pretty freaking obvious he has a thing for her. And the end conflict just didn't seem to fit with the Alex we meet in the book. It felt out of character for him, and just something to create distance. And hey, I'm all for a little angst and heartbreak with my romance, but I want it to be organic to the character and storyline. Otherwise, I really enjoyed Pucked. The characters are fun, although Violet's quirks can get tiresome. There is great chemistry between them, and the sex is amazing. And while this series centers around a hockey team, even those who don't like sports will like this book. The actually game is very glazed over unless its important to the storyline.

If you are looking for a fun, light read, with a sweet romance, and a big ol' scoop of steam, you will enjoy Pucked. I always love a romance where the characters have great chemistry - in and out of the bedroom - and as much of an oddball Violet is, her and Alex work. And I'm not exaggerating, Violet is probably the weirdest main character I have ever read. haha. You'll see.

Buck: “You really shouldn’t smoke. It’s bad for your health.”

I’m irritated by the attention he’s drawing to us and my fake bad habit, so I fire off an insult.

Violet: “So are venereal diseases. You don’t hear me lecturing you on your whoriness.” Buck: “What’s going on here?”

Buck asks just as loudly, gesturing wildly with his giant, hairy knuckled hands.

Violet: “I’m sucking his dick,”

I say sarcastically. Sometimes I wish my mouth didn’t have a faulty connection to my brain allowing everything to come out unfiltered. Alex coughs, his fingers twitching on my hip, and Buck’s face turns an unnatural shade of red. This is such an odd situation; the awkwardness causes me to continue to spew idiocy.

Violet: “Fine, you got me. I wasn’t sucking his dick. We were fucking each other’s mouths with our tongues. This is otherwise referred to as kissing, but mouth fucking sounds way dirtier, so I’m gonna go with that.” Violet: “Thanks for the mouth fuck,”

I whisper as I pass his phone back. He winks.

Alex: “Anytime.” Alex: “Are you really masturbating?”

There’s the whooshing sound again.

Violet: “No, I’ve already . . . stroked my beaver.”

I giggle. I’m so immature.

Violet: “Are you masturbating?”

The way he’s breathing into the phone makes it sound possible. I enjoy the visual this incites; I bet he gets really into it.

Alex: “What? No,”

he says quickly. Almost too quickly.

Violet: “Are you sure? I mean, you didn’t even hesitate at all. In fact, you didn’t even wait until I was done asking the question.”

This is totally untrue.

Violet: “Maybe you’re lying and you have your hand down your pants.”

Alex: “What? No. I’m not, I swear. Wait a minute—did you do that?”

His voice drops a couple of octaves. He sounds intense. I try to picture the matching facial expression.

Violet: “Do what?”

Alex: “What you said about your beaver, is it true?”

It sounds so ridiculous; I laugh uncontrollably.

Alex: “Fuck me,”

Alex mutters. I stop laughing. First off because I think it’s an actual request. Secondly, I have this fantastic image of me underneath him.

Violet: “It’s true.”

My voice is all breathy and soft, courtesy of the porno running through my head.

Alex: “Seriously?”

He sounds excited. Like really, really excited.

Violet: “About stroking my beaver? No. Beavers are dangerous. They shouldn’t be stroked.” I get another laugh, and his fingers drift down the side of my neck.

Alex: “He saw her, like the sun, even without looking.”

Oh God. He’s quoting Tolstoy and touching me. I’m done for. Buck: “Vi? Are you okay?”

I don’t care if he’s suspicious. This is the first time I’ve seen Violet since I stopped by her house last week. Butterson fucked it up for me then like Kirk is doing now. I need to talk to her without an audience. There’s never been a Waters Hat Trick. It’s a farce—an unsubstantiated, overblown rumor—much like the majority of what the media says about me. None of what she’s seen and heard is accurate. Not really. If I don’t clear things up, it’s going to blow my chances with her—if it hasn’t already. Violet clears her throat and speaks carefully.

Violet: “I don’t feel well. I may have contracted an airborne venereal disease being this close to Waters.” Violet: “I thought we were meeting at the coffee shop.”

Alex: “I thought we could walk over together.”

Violet: “And you didn’t want me to stand you up?”

His smile is lopsided, one dimple popping out.

Alex: “Something like that.”

Violet: “I could still run.”

Alex: “You could try. I’m pretty fast if I’m chasing after something I want.” Alex: “What would you like, Violet?”

Violet: “A green tea latte, non-fat, lactose free, with extra whipped cream, please.”

Alex: “Lactose free with whipped cream, eh?”

Violet: “It balances the dairy out.”

Alex: “Sure. Alex: “Is it good?”

Alex startles me as he sets my green tea latte on the table. He’s close enough that I can see a tiny nick on his chin from his razor and the flecks of green and gold in his otherwise hazel eyes. He moves his chair closer to mine, so we’re side by side instead of across from each other, and settles into the soft velvet.

Violet: “It’s heaven.”

Alex: “Can I have a taste of heaven?”

I don’t think he means for it to sound suggestive. He bites his lip as I dig my fork into the cake and pass it to him. Instead of taking it from me, he clutches my hand and raises the fork to his mouth. His lips part and close over the tines. Good Lord, I want to fuck his mouth with my tongue again. Alex: “I’m sorry.”

He dips his pinkie into the whipped cream and slips his finger between his full, soft lips . . . and I’m wet. I want to skip the make out session and go straight to naked. I’ll suck the whipped cream off any damn thing he dips in there. Including the monster cock.

Violet: “It’s okay.” Alex: "I don’t care if Butterson knows what happened between us. I’ll gladly take a shit kicking from him if you’ll go out on a date with me.”

Violet: “Oh.”

He touches my cheek with warm fingers. This immediately disconnects my brain from my body. All I want to do is lean forward and feel his lips on mine.

Alex: “Is ‘oh’ code for yes?”

Violet: “Um . . .”

He seems genuine. It was easier to shrug off his advances when I believed he was a player. If he turns out to be a liar, I’ll be devastated.

Alex: “If you’re going to say no, I could ask your boobs. You’ve already said I can take them on a date, and I did get them a Victoria’s Secret gift certificate. They’d probably be happy to go out with me.”

His smile is impish. It’s hard not to return it. His sense of humor is as whacked out and as inappropriate as mine.

Violet: “They probably would.”

My nipples tighten at their mention. Stupid boobs.

Alex: “Please say yes,”

Violet: “My boobs are willing; the rest of me will come along. I’m not one hundred percent sold on you like they seem to be.”

I can’t believe I’m acting like my boobs have a say in the matter.

Alex: “That’s fair.”

Alex’s eyes dip down.

Alex: “I’m glad your boobs are sold on me. I’m a fan.”

I roll my eyes.

Violet: “I guess the feeling’s mutual.” Violet: “In some cases bigger, isn’t better. Like with this.” I pat my SUV.

Violet: “It’s a real gas guzzler. I try to limit my driving to work and the grocery store so I don’t ruin the environment. I’d invest in a hybrid if they weren’t so ugly and expensive.”

Alex is wearing a sexy-as-hell amused smile while he listens to me ramble. One hand is braced on the vehicle, and he’s leaning in. If he moves an inch or two closer, it might feel like he’s planning to kiss me. I want him to kiss me. My brain has stopped working, and I continue with the nonsensical babble.

Violet: “For you”

—I point in the general direction of his groin—

Violet: “bigger is sort of better. I mean, huge is nice, too. You’ve got huge covered well. I like it.”

I bite my lip to stop the words.

Alex: “So what you’re saying is bigger is only sort of better in my case?”

Violet: “What? No, no. It’s fantastic, hard on the . . .”

I gesture to my crotch. Dammit. I’m making it sound bad. I don’t want to offend him.

Violet: “I’m sure I could get used to it after a while . . . with some practice.”

Alex: “I’m good at practice.” Alex: “Please don’t back out on me. I promise I’ll be a perfect gentleman.”

It never crossed my mind, not even for a half second, to flake out on the date.

Violet: “I won’t as long as you drop the perfect gentleman crap. That’s a deal breaker. My boobs won’t tolerate it.”

Alex: “I love your boobs, they’re so fun.”

His smile is panty wetting.

Alex: “I’ll pick them up at seven?”

We’re so weird. I like it.

Violet: “Seven is great.” If I’m going out with him tomorrow, I have work to do. By work, I mean some beaverscaping. It’s been a month since I visited my waxer. I’m currently living up to the furry nickname below the belt. I must return it to its mostly naked status in case Alex should want to pet it, or kiss it, or bury his wood in it. I enlist Charlene to come with me to Victoria’s Secret at lunch. I’m not planning to have sex with Alex again. I simply want to be prepared with a new bra and panties set should all my clothes blow off in a freak wind storm. Alex: “I can’t wait to have my mouth on you again. I’m gonna eat you like I’m on death row and you’re my last goddamned meal.” Alex spins to face him. Since I’m looking at the floor, I see his dick swing in the process. I hold back the inappropriate laughter when I hear it slap against his thigh. I love his penis. I want to give it a sponge bath and dress it up like a super hero. Alex kisses my temple.

Alex: “Don’t worry, baby, it’ll be fine.”

Buck: “Don’t you call her ‘baby’!”

Buck points a hairy-knuckled finger at Alex. I slap it away.

Violet: “I happen to enjoy it when Alex calls me ‘baby.’ ”

I turn my face into Alex’s shoulder and say softly,

Violet: “Particularly in the throes of passion.”

Buck throws his hands up in exasperation.

Buck: “Will you two stop?” Violet: “People are going to think I’m your hockey hooker. Or I’m gangbanging the team. Then you know what will happen?”

Alex opens his mouth, but I cut him off.

Violet: “I’ll tell you what’s going to happen. Some porn producer will try and put me in a movie. It’ll be called Hockey Hooker does the Team. Fred: “So, I, uh, read you and the hockey player aren’t a couple or anything . . .”

He kicks the leg of my chair while he stares at the top of the table. It’s all anyone asks me about these days. I’m sick of it and sick of missing Alex.

Violet: “Nope. Looks like we were just friends even though I’ve had his dick in my mouth.”


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