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I Thought of You by Jewel E. Ann

I Thought of You

by Jewel E. Ann


I wanted to conquer the world. 

She wanted to gaze at the stars. 

It’s been twelve years since I last saw Scottie Rucker. A grim prognosis has upended my life, and no amount of my hard-earned money can fix it. So, after leaving a note on the nightstand, I search for my first love—I search for life. 

When I find her in Austin, working at a quaint general store and living in an RV behind it, those twelve years vanish. She’s exactly how I remember her.

Scottie thinks our reunion is a small-world coincidence, and I’m not ready to tell her the truth. After we rekindle our friendship, she convinces me to work part-time at the store while she pursues her budding relationship with Koen, a welder and the grandson of a customer.

Scottie’s ability to live in the moment is exactly what I need. But how do I convince her new boyfriend that I’m not his competition? And what happens if my heart changes its mind?



Terminal cancer, Miscarriage/ectopic pregnancy


Before I begin, I would like to thank Jewel E. Ann, her team, and Valentine PR for sending me an arc for I Thought of You, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

"I love you this much."

No joke, I had to take a few days after finishing this book, because of the emotional rollercoaster I went on while reading this.

I spent a good portion of this book smiling - and crying.

Hours after finishing I Thought of You, a random thought about the book would pop into my head and I would burst into tears.

My husband was both amused, and concerned about why I would read something that triggered such intense emotions.

He isn't a reader - he doesn't get it.

The books that make you feel so intensely, are usually the best ones.

Jewel E. Ann is a phenomenal writer.

Not only can she write such beautiful, heart wrenching stories that can transport you into the characters shoes, but she can also write stories that wove unique romances and different types of love that are both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

I thought I was prepared for I Thought of You.

Afterall, I read Jewel's book Before Us, and figured if I could put my heart and mind through that journey, I can for this one.

I did, but I wasn't prepared for the torrent of emotions I went through those two days it took to read it.

Intense. Beautiful. Utterly refreshing and unique. You will not regret reading Jewel E. Ann's newest novel. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next.



Coming soon after release on May 2nd, 2024!

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