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Netflixs Shadow & Bone Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Just a reminder:

Star system for book to film adaptions:

1st star - The Story - Does it stay true to the books?

2nd star - Acting - Casting and Chemistry between actors

3rd star - Cinematography - Was it shot well? Do any shots add more to the story?

4th star - CGI/Costuming/Props - Did they bring the book to life? Is it how you imagined?

5th star - Binge-Worthy?


The Making at the Heart of the World

  • ohhhh, Daisy Head does a good Genya.

  • Nina and Matthias. NINA AND MATTHIAS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the flashbacks between Mal and Alina.

  • The costuming is GORGEOUS! I was never overwhelmed with the way their clothing is described in the books. Very underwhelming. The costuming department made the keftas beautiful.

  • Apparatus is just as creepy as in the book.

  • Baghra is just as mean

  • "The goat is for you". I'm dead. Fucking dead.

  • Alina's notes to Mal are beautiful.

Felt Alina's loneliness despite being surrounded by those like her. And is it wrong that I got tingles when Nina was being chained up by Matthias? Yeah, I know ... I'm seriously messed up. I wasn't sure if Danielle Galligan was going to be the right choice for Nina going in, but after seeing Nina brought to life on screen, they casted her brilliantly.



  • Still not a fan of the opening

  • Love hearing Mal's letter's to Alina.

  • I loved the change the show made, with both of them having matching scars, and them being caused by the same reasoning (wanting to be together)

  • We never find out in the books what happens with the tracking party, only that Mal's friends died. It's interesting to see it happen, and sad.

  • Aleksander <3 I love their talk when they go riding

  • "A bit slow on the draw there." "Or just in time." Oh, I'm loving the Kaz and Inej vibes here

  • Um, how is there so much sexual tension and chemistry between Nina and Matthias already? My god, give me a fan.

  • Inej performing in the silks

  • WHY ALINA, WHY GET RID OF THE SCAR!?!?! I don't like that. :(

  • The Stag!

Getting deeper in the story, and getting to see the many layers of each character. Alina is starting to gain some independence. Mal has figured out his feelings towards Alina. The Darkling, I believe, truly does care for the Grisha (and knowing the books, he just goes about it the wrong way). Kaz, Inej, and Jesper have figured out how to get into the Little Palace, ANNNNNNDDDD it's looking like the storm is going to take apart the ship, and Matthias gets his first feelings of doubt when he is told to slaughter the captured Grisha, instead of leaving it to chance for them to drown. All in all, good episode, but I didn't feel a whole lot happening.

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