Netflixs Shadow & Bone Episodes 3 & 4 Review

Just a reminder:

Star system for book to film adaptions:

1st star - The Story - Does it stay true to the books?

2nd star - Acting - Casting and Chemistry between actors

3rd star - Cinematography - Was it shot well? Do any shots add more to the story?

4th star - CGI/Costuming/Props - Did they bring the book to life? Is it how you imagined?

5th star - Binge-Worthy?



The Making at the Heart of the World

  • ohhhh, Daisy Head does a good Genya.

  • Nina and Matthias. NINA AND MATTHIAS!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Love the flashbacks between Mal and Alina.

  • The costuming is GORGEOUS! I was never overwhelmed with the way their clothing is described in the books. Very underwhelming. The costuming department made the keftas beautiful.

  • Apparatus is just as creepy as in the book.

  • Baghra is just as mean

  • "The goat is for you". I'm dead. Fucking dead.

  • Alina's notes to Mal are beautiful.

Felt Alina's loneliness despite being surrounded by those like her. And is it wrong that I got tingles when Nina was being chained up by Matthias? Yeah, I know ... I'm seriously messed up. I wasn't sure if Danielle Galligan was going to be the right choice for Nina going in, but after seeing Nina brought to life on screen, they casted her brilliantly.




  • Still not a fan of the opening

  • Love hearing Mal's letter's to Alina.

  • I loved the change the show made, with both of them having matching scars, and them being caused by the same reasoning (wanting to be together)

  • We never find out in the books what happens with the tracking party, only that Mal's friends died. It's interesting to see it happen, and sad.

  • Aleksander <3 I love their talk when they go riding

  • "A bit slow on the draw there." "Or just in time." Oh, I'm loving the Kaz and Inej vibes here

  • Um, how is there so much sexual tension and chemistry between Nina and Matthias already? My god, give me a fan.

  • Inej performing in the silks