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Monstrous Urges by Jagger Cole

Monstrous Urges

by Jagger Cole


Book 5 in the Venomous Gods Series

I played games with the wrong stranger.

Tall, powerful, and lethally gorgeous, Drazen Krylov is the ruthless boogeyman the Bratva world fears.

He’s also the masked man from the app whom I unknowingly shared my darkest, most depraved urges with.

Now the fantasy has become a nightmare.

Drazen says I did terrible, unforgivable things.

He says I owe a debt, and I’ll pay the price by pretending to be his dead wife.

I look just like her.

The thing is, I might be her…

My past is an amnesia haze of blank memories.

My future is in his hands.

My name is Taylor Crown.

At least, so I’ve been told.

And I may have married a monster.

Now, I need to remember why.



Primal/CNC play, impact play, and very rough adult acts of a dubious nature.

Amnesia, Kidnapping, Drugging, Violence, Murder, Trauma from loss of family due to violent acts, Torture


Before I begin, I would like to thank Jagger Cole, his team, and Valentine PR for sending me an arc of Monstrous Urges in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Just when I think there is no way that Jagger Cole can "one up" his last book's intensity, he does.

It's not a bad thing.

I'm not reading these books just for the great writing and steamy parts.

I'm reading them because I'm in the mood for something darker.

Jagger Cole manages to write delicious dark romance, that is still palatable to readers who don't share that particular kink.

Monstrous Urges was not what I was expecting.

It's intense.

It has unexpected twists and turns.

It's somehow darker, and even more ... primal than the other books.

I've read quite a few books with CNC (Consensual Non-Consent, otherwise known as rape play), and it's not an easy thing to write. Even readers who are not triggered by it, there are lines the writer cannot cross.

Jagger Cole has this way of toeing the line, yet still making it very much clear that while it's primal, the woman always has the power to stop it.


Despite the roughness, the fear, it's consensual.

Which makes it hot, even when you don't share that particular kink.

All this to say, I'm not sure why I'm always surprised that Jagger Cole's work somehow gets more darker, more primal each book, but it does.

If he didn't though, this series would have gotten stale long ago.

After all, all these people share the same kink.

It would get boring after a while.

But not these books.

Jagger Cole just keep's upping the intensity each book.

Putting side the steamy nature of this book, though, it's still a great book.

Believe it or not, there is romance.

There is a lot of build-up to it, but we get there.

It's action packed - something I like in a mafia romance.

There is even mystery to it, which makes this book even more fun and interesting to read.

Monstrous Urges wasn't anything like I was expecting, but it is everything I needed from a Jagger Cole book. I'm a forever fan, and I can't wait to read more of this series, and more from him.

Monstrous Urges is out July 11th, 2024



Coming soon after release!


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