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Into the Woods by Hannah McBride

Into the Woods

by Hannah McBride


Book 4 in the Mad World Series

I became Bex

After being abandoned in my darkest hour by the boy I thought I loved, I tried to rebuild my life. When that didn’t work, I did what any other sane girl would do—moved to the other side of the world.

I’ll always be his Becca

When Court Woods shows up in Paris, all bets are off. The danger I tried to shake by leaving is burning brighter than ever, and he might be the only person who can keep me safe. He says he’s changed, but people can’t change who they are like a name. But maybe that’s the problem. Bex. Becca. The name doesn’t matter because...

I’ve always been his.



Violence, sex trafficking (not by MC's), domestic abuse (not by MC's)


Before I begin, I would like to thank Hannah McBride and her team for sending me an arc of Into The Woods, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

If you have read a lot of my reviews, you know I love Hannah McBride.

Literally, I have never read a book from her that I don't like or love.

Her Blackwater Pack series is one of my favorites, but I also have a lot of love for her Mad World series.

It's dark.

It's twisted.

It's emotional, and hot, and interesting.

While I was sad when Maddie and Ryan's story "ended", I knew there was more story to tell, and I am SO happy Hannah McBride decided to write Court and Bex's story next. The tension between these characters was intense in Mad World, Mad as Hell, and Mad Love, and I needed these two to get together.

It was exactly what I wanted.

Intense, emotional connection, shared trauma, and lots of steam.

Because, of course! These two have been building up the last 3 books, and much longer than that behind the scenes, so Hannah makes sure its explosive between these two.

It wasn't just the romance that was great in this book.

It also continued the overall goal of Phoenix, which we are introduced to in Mad as Hell.

Taking out their seriously evil fathers, and putting a dent in the criminal underworld - especially in regards to sex trafficking. And while Ryan and Maddie's father's getting what they deserved in their stories was delicious to read, the different direction that happened in Into the Woods was just as satisfying.

That is all I will say on that.

Into the Woods was a great book, that brought two of my favorite characters together. It sets up some other future stories, not just in Hannah's Mad World series, but one with another author, Bella Matthews. She wrote The Risks We Take Duet, that has the same side characters as Hannah - mainly Court's half brother's. They are working on a book together, and are keeping mum on it, but if I were to focus on the hints left in this book, I'm thinking it's Rook, Court's brother, and Emerson, the widow of his best friend.

I loved Bella Matthews duet, and when I tell you I felt the connection between Rook and Emerson, I am not kidding. I want that book desperately.

There is also a bit of a drop of a new series Hannah is working on - By the Edge - which will center around a famous rock band. We meet them in The Risks We Take Duet.

And while nothing was confirmed, I felt like there could be a story or two featuring Bex's cousin, and the ballet world. That would be interesting.

Needless to say, I can't wait for the next book. Whatever Hannah McBride writes, I will read.

Coming soon! While Into the Woods just released, I want to give some time for people to read before posting possibly spoiler-y quotes.


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