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Grace and Glory by Jennifer L Armentrout

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Grace and Glory

by Jennifer L Armentrout

Published by Inkyard Press

Book 3 in the Harbinger Trilogy

When Angels Fall

Trinity Marrow has lost the battle and her beloved Protector. Even with both demons and Wardens on her side, Trin may not win the war against the Harbinger.

Bringing Lucifer back to the world to fight the Harbinger is probably a really, really bad idea, but they’re out of options—and the world’s ultimate fallen angel is the only being powerful enough to impact the outcome.

As Trin and Zayne form a new and more dangerous bond and Lucifer unleashes Hell on earth, the apocalypse looms and the world teeters on the end of forever. Win or lose, one thing is certain—nothing will ever be the same.


Violence #YoungAdult Exciting

Slightly Steamy #Fantasy


Grace and Glory is the third and final book in Jennifer L Armentrout's Harbinger trilogy, a spin-off from her Dark Elements trilogy. It continues right at the moment where the second book ends, with Zayne coming back to Trinity as an angel. He isn't quite himself after his fall from heaven though. If restoring Zayne to his normal self isn't enough, Trinity still has an archangel to defeat, figure out a way to control Lucifer if Roth and Layla can bring him on board, and her worsening eyesight. Can Zayne and Trinity beat the odds, and save the world, and have a happy ending? Finally, the long awaited conclusion to the Harbinger trilogy is here, and oh was it glorious. Jennifer once again managed to blow me away with her original content, and engaging storytelling. I ended Rage and Ruin BAWLING, I was expecting more crushing storyline, but we get a nice, happy ending to Trinity and Zayne's story, while leaving a nice opening if Jennifer decides she wants to continue with a new spin-off. Jennifer is busy on her Blood and Ash/Flesh and Fire series' at the moment, but you never know! My only issue with Grace and Glory was the continuation errors. I understand that Jennifer has a lot going on. She is a writing machine. It happens all the time that authors forget some of the details throughout the series. But I feel like this is the kind of shit an editor is supposed to pick up. The errors make the book seem a bit rushed, and done just to finish out the series, instead of real care being put into the book. As always, the shining stars of Jennifer's books are the characters and banter. I honestly fell in love with Zayne all over again. He is a true romantic, and I can see the big difference through his words and actions, between his relationships with Layla and Trin. And I forgot how much I loved Trinity's character. She has so much wit and charm, but can settle down (as much as she can, because I swear she has ADHD) and have peaceful, romantic moments with Zayne. As I have in the past two books, I once again appreciated Jennifer putting so much of herself in Trinity's character - including her degenerative eye disease. It makes me appreciate the amount of work Jennifer does, given her vision difficulties. Zayne and Trinity together? Even more amazing than the past two books. For a YA, their chemistry (and yes, sex lives ... relax, they are 19 and 21) are hot. The romance is sweet, and made obvious not just by words, but simple, quiet acts between the two. Without getting spoilery, I want to point out that while it was a TOUCH predictable (I mean, Jennifer ALWAYS gives us a happy ending, so in that regard, I knew where the story was going to go), but I was blown away about the true identity of a certain character ... Blown. Away. Despite some errors, Grace and Glory was a wonderful conclusion to the Harbinger trilogy. While Jennifer has left herself an option to write another spin-off one day, it ends in a way that I'm comfortable with if Jennifer doesn't continue. Either way, I am excited to see what else Jennifer Armentrout graces us with in the future.

When souls who moved on to the great beyond came to check in on loved ones, people often smelled something that reminded them of the person who'd passed on. A perfume. Toothpaste. A cigar. Bon-fire. It could be anything, because Heaven ... Heaven had a certain scent; it smelled like whatever you desired most, and I wanted Zayne to be alive more than I wanted anything. I smelled Heaven right now.

Trinity: "Zayne, please -"

Zayne: "Stop calling me that."

Trinity: "It's your name -"

Zayne: "It is not."

Trinity: "Then what am I supposed to call you? Jackass?"

Throne: "He committed an act of selflessness and sacrifice by coming to your aid. He did so out of the purest love. He was restored to his Former Glory."

Trinity: "Former Glory?"

Throne: "But he chose you. He chose to fall."

Throne: "Do you not have any faith?"

I opened my mouth to respond.

Throne: "I already know this answer."

His wings flared, and all those eyes stared straight into me.

Throne: "It was a rhetorical question, Trueborn. You, a child of one of the most powerful archangels, have always lacked faith. It is a good thing that neither God nor your father have ever lacked faith in you."

The phone slipped out of Gideon's palm and hit the floor with a heavy thud.

Trinity: "You probably want to leave that there since I'm just getting started."

Gideon: "Okay." Danika: "What? You knew? And you didn't tell me?"

Nicolai: "There are a lot of things I haven't told you."

The look on Danika's face drove him to lean back.

Nicolai: "That I can't tell you."

She folded her arms over her chest.

Danika: "Really?"

Nicolai: "Why aren't you mad at him?"

Nicolai pointed at Gideon.

Danika: "Because he's not sleeping in the same bed as me."


Trinity: "Zayne's out there right now, and I have no idea what he's doing. Hopefully he's napping or eating unhealthy food."


Cayman: Are you still alive?

I'd sent back a quick, Yes, and then received a response demanding proof that it was me and not an "asshole archangel" with my phone.

Trinity: You're afraid of me.

Cayman: Yep. It's you. Be safe. Roth would be mad if you got killed on my watch.

Dez: "Do you see anything?"

Trinity: "Godzilla could be hiding among those trees and I wouldn't be able to see him."

Peanut: "What are you going to do? Don't answer that. You already know what you have to do. You have to find him."

Poppy: "I know. But if it doesn't work - if I do it and it kills him -"

Peanut: "If that is what happens, you know, deep down, it will be the right thing. It will hurt like Hell. It will hurt worse than getting electrocuted, and I would know. But Zayne ... he shouldn't be bad. That's not who he is. He's rare. He's a good guy. Like too good for you."

I laughed, because it was true.

Peanut: "But you have to try, Trinnie." Trinity: "You're still in there."

Zayne: "I don't know what you mean."

Trinity: "That's okay. Because he does."

Zayne: "Who?"

Trinity: "Zayne."

Cayman: "Look at you, feeling bad for dead demons. You make a shit Trueborn, you know?"

Trinity: "I'm sorry that he was chasing you. I really do mean that."

Cayman: "I know you do. And I don't take it personal. And it was kind of hot."

My gaze shifted over to him as my brows lifted.

Cayman: "What? Fallen angel Zayne tops the hotness meter. I can't help it. I'm a demon."

Trinity: "I'm sure Zayne would be happy to hear that he hasn't lost you as his number one fan."

Cayman: "Oh, I'm not his number one fan. That's Bambi."

Trinity: "What? Wait. Don't answer that. I don't have the brain space to deal with hearing about that." The last time I'd seen them, they'd been sent by the Harbinger. Which meant if they were here now, Gabriel knew where I was. Not exactly surprising, but scary.

And annoying.

Because I really just wanted to sleep, talk to the Crone and fix my slightly psychotic boyfriend. Was that too much to ask?

Tapping the iron dagger off the glass, I called out

Trinity: "I'm up here waiting. Please hurry. I'm tired and cranky." Flames erupted as a wing cut through the air, slamming into my side, and knocked me sideways. I tripped over a lounge chair that seriously came out of nowhere, landing in ... plush grass.

Oh, hey, I found the green space.

Talons gripped the back of my shirts, and a heartbeat later, I was in the air, high above the roof and rapidly climbing. The way-too-large shirt lifted as the imp flew over the roof. I began to slip out of the shirt. Panic exploded. What undies did I grab? Oh God, it was the pair that had Hump Day plastered across the ass. I was going to fall out of this damn shirt to my death and be found splattered on the sidewalk in undies that said Wednesday and it was Sunday.

Zayne actually dropped me. I was too stunned to even scream as I plummeted. There was a shriek as the dark shape of an imp shot toward me, and wouldn't that be some shit if a damn imp saved my life.

Zayne caught the imp midair - The shock of water seized my lungs as it reached up and swallowed me, dragging me down. Chlorine burned my eyes and nose.

I found the stupid pool.

Someone was about to lose some pretty feathers.

An imp erupted in flames as Zayne whirled toward me. His mouth opened as if he were about to say something. He snapped his jaw closed, his chin lowering along with his stare.

Trinity: "That was not cool."

Zayne: "You stank of demon blood. You're very wet, little Nephilim."

Noting that his gaze was hung up on two very private areas that were clearly visible through the soaked shirt, I realized that I would have no problem stabbing him through the heart at the moment. Not at all.

Trinity: "I'm also very pissed."

I joined my hands together on the hilt as I swung the sword forward. Grace spit and crackled, charging the air.

Zayne: "I can tell. And I'm kind of turned on." Zayne: "You're going to wear yourself out. And then what, little Nephilim? No grace. No daggers. It'll just be me and you."

Trinity: "It's always been just you and me, Zayne."

Trinity: "God. Tonight is the worst."

Zayne: "Why did you kiss me earlier?"

Trinity: "Because I ... I wanted to reach you."

Zayne: "Did you?"

Trinity: "You're here."

There was no sign of my undies ... or my critical-decision-making skills as I climbed out of the pool.

I gave her a rather jaunty wave.

Trinity: "Did you call the Ghostbusters? If so, we're here."

Dez: "Captain Washington, this is Trinity. She's, uh, consulting with us."

Captain: "Really?"

The police captain's tone was overflowing with doubt.

Dez: "She's an expert in these kinds of things."

Trinity: "I see dead people."

The captain opened her mouth and it took a moment for her to say

Captain: "You know, that's just cool with me."

I grinned. Dez: "Do I want to know what you're looking at?"

Trinity: "A whole room of nope."

Trinity: "What happened to the trumpets and earthquakes? Couldn't perform? I hear they make a pill for that."

Gabriel: "Give in to your anger and join me. I will be the father you never had, and with us together, you will have your ruin."

A laugh burst out of me - a loud, obnoxious and cackling laugh I couldn't hold back as I stared at him. Gabriel started to frown.

Trinity: "I'm sorry. I know you're trying to be all scary and threatening. But all you need to add to that is 'Luke, I am your father,' and it would be just perfect." Trinity: "This is awkward."

Dez: "No shit."

Trinity: "And I would like to pull a T. Swift, and remove myself from this narrative."

Dez: "This is your narrative, Trinity." Cayman: "Call me if the spell somehow doesn't contain him and you need to run for your life. I'll run with you." Zayne: "I dropped you in a pool."

Trinity: "I'll probably punch you for that when you least expect it, but it was you in that pool with me."

Trinity: "I still can't believe you Fell for me."

Zayne: "The Glory was nothing compared to your love."

Zayne: "Each and every bruise is a badge of your strength." Zayne: "I wish we'd had the foresight to record this."

I smirked

Cayman: "Oh, man. Should I be running for my life right now?"

Trinity: "Instead of dancing for your life?"

Cayman: "This is not the time for jokes."

Trinity: "But I've got jokes for days."

Trinity: "Do you want to scream like a small child again?"

Cayman: "Maybe later. I'll let you know."

Cayman: "You guys are too cute. I think I'm getting a toothache from all the sweetness."

Trinity: "Shut up."

Zayne: "You're more than welcome to leave."

Cayman: "Hell, no. This is better than watching old episodes of The Bachelor."

Zayne: "What mission?"

My eyes widened.

Trinity: "Uh..."

Cayman: "He doesn't know yet?"

Zayne: "Know what?"

Trinity: "I haven't had a chance to tell him. We've all been a little busy."

Cayman: "I don't think I've ever been more happy in my life to be the bearer of news." Zayne: "Lucifer. Really?"

Trinity: "It was Roth's idea."

Zayne: "Shocker."

Zayne: "Control Lucifer? That should be easy. He seems like the kind of guy who'd be easily manageable."

I grinned.

Trinity: "Maybe he just has a bad rap?"

Zayne: "Or he's learned to be a calmer, nicer ruler of Hell through yoga and meditation?"

Trinity: "Hey, stranger things have happened."

He snorted.

Zayne: "I have a feeling he's going to be like Roth but worse."

Trinity: "I always thought losing my vision was the scariest thing that could happen to me, but then I ... I lost my mother, and that was worse. I dealt with it, but then I lost Misha, and I thought everything he'd done was the worst thing I could possible experience. I was wrong. Each of those things has been terrible or hard or life-changing in its own way, but losing you felt like every breath I needed to take was stolen away before I could inhale."

Trinity: "But I knew that if I survived Gabriel, I don't think ... I don't think I would've survived losing you. A part of me would be forever gone - the part that belongs to you." Zayne: "You know I'm always going to be here. Remember? I'll always be here to make sure you can see the stars. I'm just your Guide ... Fallen Angel."

Zayne: "I don't want you to feel like a burden. That's what you were going to say, but, Trin, nothing about you will ever be a burden. Everything about you is a goddamn privilege."

Trinity: "You're going to stay perpetually young and buff, and I'm going to get old and my hips are going to break. Then I'll have to become this better person who discovers if you love someone you set them free. And I'll have to tell you to go and live your life, find someone young -"

Zayne: "Stop."

Zayne did laugh then, catching my arms and lifting me off his shoulder.

Zayne: "That's not what's going to happen."

Trinity: "You're right. I am not going to be that person. I think 'if you love someone, set them free' is one of the stupidest sayings out there. I'm way too jealous and selfish. I don't care if I'm ninety, I will still cut a -" Zayne: "I don't want you to be a better person. I like you being jealous and selfish. There won't be another person for me. Not now. Not even when you're ninety."

Trinity: "I'm going to punch you. Later, when we're not in front of people, so they don't think I have an anger problem."

Zayne: "Looking forward to it. Later, when we're alone, so no one thinks I'm perverse when I get turned on by you attempting to kick my ass."

Nicolai: "Just FYI. You're not alone right now, so ..."

Trinity: "Yes, the Lucifer."

Danika: "You can't be serious."

Dez stopped moving.

Dez: "You're totally serious."

Zayne: "She is."

Trinity: "In my defense, Roth came up with this idea during the Zayne is dead phase of my life. Now whether or not that had anything to do with me agreeing with this potentially very bad idea is totally up for debate. And look, there is no way that Zayne and I can't defeat an archangel -"

Zayne: "Well, we don't know that for sure. Since there's never been a Fallen and a Trueborn teamed up against an archangel. But YOLO, right?"

My lips thinned. Zayne: "I'm surprised you're not already yelling at me for not backing you up on your poorly thought through plan."

Trinity: "I wasn't going to yell at you, but now I'm rethinking that."

Zayne: "It's too much of a risk, Trin. Even if there was no chance of you being pregnant."

Trinity: "And like I said before, everything we do is a risk. Using myself as bait is the quickest way to get to Gabriel."

Zayne: "And the stupidest -"

Trinity: "Do you want me to yell at you? Because I'm getting pretty close to that happening."

Trinity: "You're right, and that annoys me greatly."

Zayne: "I know it does."

Trinity: "Do you want some time alone? You know, in case you want to make out with your car in private." Crone: "You have always been undervalued and underrated, but that has changed. You're magnificent." Zayne: "I really like her. Should've come here sooner."

Crone: "I like you."

Trinity: "As much as you like him?"

Crone: "I like both of you. Together. You're two halves meant to be one. Always have been. Always will be." Crone: "Trueborn? He may not be your Protector, but he is still a source of your strength. Remember that when the snow falls."

Trinity: "You're doing it again."

Zayne: "Doing what?"

Trinity: "Being perfect." Zayne: "'Highway to Hell?' Please tell me he doesn't have his own entrance song?"

Lucifer: "So, I'm told I'm needed to save the world."

Trinity: "Yeah."

Lucifer smiled, and I'd never seen anything so beautiful and so equally frightening before. Goose bumps broke out over my flesh.

Lucifer: "Then let's raise some Hell."

Lucifer: "Cocky. I kind of like it."

Roth: "That's not really a good thing. He likes to collect things he likes."

Lucifer: "And put them in cages." Lucifer: "And don't you and I have things in common? But I still have my Glory, Fallen. Step to me, and I'll have you in chains fashioned from your own bones, and your Nephilim at my side and in my bed."

Trinity: "If you touch a hair on his head, I'll cut off what you think you're going to use in that bed and force-feed it to you."

Lucifer's brows shot up as his smile grew.

Lucifer: "Now, you shouldn't flirt with me so obviously in front of your boy. That may hurt his feelings."

Roth: "Can we not do this? You both have big wings and all three of you have a whole lot of grace. Zayne isn't going to step to you. Lucifer isn't going to hurt Zayne, and, Trinity, you're not cutting off any unmentionable pieces. And can I also not be the voice of reason? I don't like it. At all."

Zayne: "I wasn't a part of this decision that brought you here. I'm sure we're all going to regret it."

Lucifer: "Probably."

Zayne: "But Roth seems to think you can help us defeat Gabriel. If you're here to do that, I don't have a problem with you, but you come at her -"

Lucifer: "You're going to hurt me? Real bad? Make me go ouchie?"

Zayne: "She's going to hurt you real bad. And I'm going to stand by and laugh as she does."

Lucifer: "I learned of what Gabriel planned before my latest and greatest disappointment showed up."

Roth: "Wow."

Trinity: "We sort of lost Lucifer."

Nicolai: "What?"

Trinity: "Don't freak out -"

Nicolai: "Don't freak out? Are you kidding me? You lost Lucifer, and you're telling me not to freak out? How in the world do you even lose Lucifer?"

Trinity: "Well, it's easier than you'd think. He did that really annoying demon thing and popped out of existence."

Roth: "Don't be a hater."

Nicolai: "Are you legitimately telling me that Lucifer - the Lucifer - is out there, roaming around because you all lost him?"

Trinity: "I wouldn't say we lost him -"

Nicolai: "You just said you lost him!"

Trinity: "Okay. Bad word choice. We just misplaced him, but we're going to find him."

I hope we found him.

Trinity: "And he seemed pretty calm for, you know, being Lucifer, and all, so I don't think he's going to cause much trouble."

Nicolai: "You seriously think Lucifer, who hasn't walked Earth in how many years, isn't going to cause trouble? Are you high? Am I high?"

Grim: "I'm like Santa, but with more death."

Trinity: "Wow. That comparison just ruined Christmas for me."

Trinity: "And by the way, why do you sound like you have a British accent?"

Grim eyes me.

Grim: "Why would you even ask that?"

Trinity: "I'm just curious."

Grim: "You shouldn't question what you cannot possibly understand."

I rolled my eyes

Trinity: "That makes no sense."

Grim: "Well, at least I don't sound like an American. 'Y'all comin' down to the crick to catch some catfish for a fish-and-fry,' That's how you sound."

Trinity: "We do not sound like that."

Roth: "Yeah, you kind of do."

Layla: "What? Even me?"

Roth shrugged.

Roth: "Yeah, not as bad as Trinity, though. I blame West Virginia for that." Grim: "You should be nicer to me."

Trinity: "Probably. But it's been a rough couple of days, and I ran out of being nice to scary dude cards roughly around the time Lucifer showed up and opened his mouth."

Grim: "He often has that effect on people."

Grim: "No, you are not pregnant."

Roth: "What?"

My gaze swung to him and I saw both him and Layla standing there. Both their mouths appeared to be hanging open. Zayne shifted his stance so that he partially blocked me from their view.

Zayne: "Can we get a little privacy here?"

I saw what I thought was Roth's arm rise as he said

Roth: "You know, I actually don't want to be a part of this conversation, anyway."

Layla: "But why would that even be a conversation?"

Roth: "Come with me, shortie, and I'll explain to you what can happen when two people have sex - better yet, I can show you -"

Layla: "I know what happens."

Grim: "Death and life are two sides of the same coin. I can sense when the youngest life has taken root and known when the process of death has begun long before the body begins to rot."

Trinity: "I bet you're amazing at dinner parties."

Zayne: "But it's good to know that it is possible. You know? If down the road we decide we want to."

Trinity: "What? Ruin a child?"

He laughed.

Zayne: "Yeah, that."

Trinity: "Where's your nope rope?"

Roth: "Nope rope?"

Roth chuckled

Roth: "My danger noodle is on my arm."

Roth: "I know you can kick my ass up and down the city now. You're a Fallen with grace. I'm demon enough to recognize when I'm outgunned, but if you go toe to toe with Lucifer, you will lose."

Zayne: "And knowing you wouldn't win against me, that wouldn't stop you from coming at me if you thought Layla was threatened, right?"

Roth: "Not for one damn second."

Zayne: "Then you understand why knowing I'm likely to die won't stop me. But it warms my heart to know that you care."

Roth smirked.

Roth; "Whatever, Stony."

Zayne: "You missed me."

Trinity: " Want a fry?" Zayne: "No." Trinity: "Come on. It's just a thinly sliced carb stick."

Zayne: "No, thank you."

I offered the fry, anyway, squinting as I aimed for his mouth.

Trinity: "It's tasty, salty goodness. It wants to be eaten by you."

Zayne: "I doubt that fry is the only thing that wants to be eaten by me."

Trinity: "What a naughty thing to suggest."

Zayne: "Uh huh."

Roth: "You said that if you killed Gabriel, we would create a whole new problem. Can you tell us what that is?"

Lucifer: "If you let me watch one more episode in peace and quiet, I will."

Trinity: "You said that at the end of the last episode."

Lucifer: "But Lucifer is about to start the apocalypse -"

Trinity: "He doesn't succeed! He ends up in the cage with Michael, who has possessed the one Winchester brother everyone has forgotten! It will be, like, seven more seasons until he comes back."

Lucifer stared at me.

I stared back at him.

Lucifer: "You just spoiled the plot."

Trinity: "It came out over ten years ago! There is a time limit. Sorry. You can no longer cry spoiler."

Roth: "What is the likelihood of God stepping in?"

Lucifer: "About as likely as me no longer singing 'Barbie Girl' while I make my rounds through the Circles of Hell."

Roth: "Aw, Hell."

Trinity: "Maybe it's a good thing he's hanging out with other ghosts. When he saw Sam, he about had a meltdown."

Zayne: "Why do I find it so funny that your ghost is in need of socialization?"

Layla gagged as she clamped her hands over her mouth.

Cayman: "Don't! Don't make that sound. I'm a -"

His shoulder heaved as she gagged again.

Cayman: "I'm a sympathetic puker."

Layla: "Oh my God. The smell -"

Cayman: "Stop!"

Layla pivoted, rushing from the room.

Trinity: "I know they're not picky. Neither am I, so if you can think of a good place, I'm sure it will be okay."

Zayne: 'What if I picked a place that only made egg whites and spinach?"

Trinity: "I'd stop talking to you."

Zayne: "But you'd keep loving me."

Trinity: "Reluctantly."

Trinity: "Kittens? And a baby dragon? Seriously? You brought kittens and a baby dragon as backup? Are they a snack for Bambi?"

Roth: "The imps. Eat the yummy imps, Thumper."

Trinity: "That was hot. Thanks."

Zayne: "Thank me later."

I smiled.

Trinity: "Planning on it."

Roth: "Gross, guys."

Lucifer: "Someone is in trouble. And it's not meee."

Lucifer: "Aw, dammit."

Trinity: "What?"

He stood with his hands on his hips.

Lucifer: "It's not contaminated."

Zayne: "Why do you sound like that's a bad thing?"

Lucifer: "It's full of goodness. It's pure, and it's getting all over me. I'm going to need to shower this crap off. I bet you're up there laughing, aren't you? Dusting me with the equivalent of a heavenly glitter bomb? Really? After all I've done for you, this is how You repay me? I'm going to have to take five showers and I know I won't be able to get the stench of humanity and goodness off me.""

Michael: "He is, well, a figment of me. A manifestation of projection of me, when I was a ... younger, vastly more annoying angel prone to all manner of things."

Trinity: "Like creeping into the bathroom when Zayne showered?"

Michael: "When you say it that way, you make it sound perverted."

Trinity: "Because it is perverted."

Michael: "A thank-you is not necessary. This is not a reward for fulfilling your duty. This was simply the only way I knew how to show you that you are not just a weapon. You are Trinity Marrow. A warrior both mentally and physically, with questionable tastes in food, but spot-on when it comes to television. Except for Supernatural. I do not like how they portray me. But you are many things, including my daughter."

Zayne: "I would love you broken hips and all. I would love you as much as I do now when you were eighty. There was no way I was going to let any of that g et in the way of the times I had with you, but there was going to be nothing easy about watching you slowly leave me, day by day, year by year. And when that day came, I would've followed. Nothing would have stopped me."

Trinity: "We need to let the others know I'm okay."

Zayne: "We will. But not right now. I have different priorities that involve you and me, and I do not care how selfish it makes me."

Trinity: "I think I like it when you're selfish."

Zayne: "You're going to love it by the time I'm through with you."

Zayne: "Did I ever tell you what Heaven smelled liked to me?"

Trinity: "No, you didn't."

Zayne: "Jasmine. Heaven smelled like jasmine."

Trinity: "My body wash is jasmine."

Zayne: "I know. Heaven smelled like you."

There were no stars I could see, but that was okay. I had the Constellation of Zayne to look upon every night. I would always remember how beautiful the sea of dazzling, twinkling lights was. That memory would never fade. It would always be there when I looked up at the sky. I would always see the stars no matter what, because of him.


My father.

Thank you, Dad. I mouthed the words, giving them no sound, but I think he heard them, anyway.

Thank you.


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