For The Holidays by Brenna Aubrey

For the Holidays

by Brenna Aubrey

Published by Silver Griffon Associates

Novella in the Gaming the System Series


Hey you! Adam and I are organizing a holiday retreat this winter for all our friends.

We are sooooo excited to invite you, too. We've rented a place in the mountains. There will be skiing, other snow sports and all kinds of fun. The whole gang will be there--Jordan & April, William & Jenna, Lucas & Katya, Heath and of course, Adam and me.

Please come along with us! It’ll be epic.

Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance

For the Holidays is a novella in the Gaming the System Series, and occurs after the 8th novel in the series. Its a multiple POV between the series' main couples, Adam & Mia, April & Jordan, Jenna & William, Kat & Lucas, and of course, Heath. Adam and Mia decide to celebrate their first anniversary in style, in a huge cabin in Whistler, BC, with their closest friends. Each couple has their own set of worries and problems, but at the end of the day, love conquers all.

For the Holidays is a perfect addition to my countdown to the holidays, and, for now, finishes off the Gaming the System series for me. I'm going to start off by saying the things I liked about this novella. First, I liked that the problems - for the most part - were realistic. Adam and Mia's especially. It's SO normal for couples to wonder if the magic is gone in their marriage, and it's not explored a lot. There was some humorous moments as well. But ... it was a letdown for me. There was a lot of repetitive lines, and overdone storylines. And the conflict between Lucas and Kat? Just ... what?

Adam and Mia - Great conflict, horrible way of building it up. An online quiz? Really? I feel like they are smarter than this. But I have to admit, some of the tasks Adam created to "up their score", led to some funny moments.

Jordan and April - Another realistic problem. It was obvious where it was heading, (Jordan's inner monologue about marriage is hilarious) and I liked the resolution. It works for them.

Jenna and William - A very realistic problem, yet very minor. A look into the different needs of different people, and a nice, romantic resolution. Although, in my opinion, it was obvious how William felt without the words.

Kat and Lucas - One of my favorite couples and such a ridiculous conflict. Ugh.

Heath - My last review I mentioned that I was hoping that we were going to get a Heath book, because I was starting to feel like he was the token gay character. My favorite chapter of this novella is the one chapter we get from Heath's POV, and it seems we just might get that. He is ready.

Anyway, for a short little holiday read, it's ok