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Fire in the Darkness by Stacey Marie Brown

Fire in the Darkness

by Stacey Marie Brown

Published by Twisted Fairy Publishing

Book 2 in the Darkness series

It's been four weeks since Ember Brycin witnessed what her powers are capable of.

The Electrical Current Storm has turned Seattle, Washington into a natural disaster zone. The death toll is in the thousands with countless others homeless and hungry.

And Ember is the one who caused it. Something she will have to live with every day.

Those people who were unable to escape either turned quickly into gangs or live in shelters. Ember, on the other hand, can’t do either. With a price on her head and a Dark Dweller on her ass, she is constantly on the move. Both Light and Dark are hunting her for their own purpose to use her as a weapon or a pawn in the war between the Unseelie King of the Dark and the Seelie Queen of the Light.

Em needs help but doesn’t know who to trust: Lars, the mystery man Torin told her to find? Torin, the Seelie Queen’s personal knight, who has sworn to keep Em safe? Or Eli, who wants to turn her over to the Unseelie King, but whom she has an undeniable, intense connection with?

No matter what she chooses she will probably lose—her life or everything and everyone she loves.


Urban Fantasy



Fire in the Darkness is the second book in Stacey Marie Brown's Darkness series. It centers around Ember, who now knows what she is, and what she is capable of. After being forced to destroy Seattle with her power, Ember is on the run. But with both Light and Dark Fae after her, and not knowing who she can trust, can Ember make it out of this alive?

I couldn't do it. All the problems from the first book - the chaotic writing, the messy plot, and weird romance - it was too much. What sucks, is that I think this story has good, unique ideas behind it. But there is too much going on. It's like Stacey couldn't decide what tropes she wanted to go with and decided to throw them all in there. It's hard to get into, and its hard to like it.

I'm not sure if I will try Savage Lands now. Maybe I can get over reading the other series' in this world, but does Stacey's writing improve? Let me know!

He didn’t have to fake seducing me so he could learn about me.

Ember: "Was sticking your tongue down my throat the only way you could figure it out? Funny, I don’t remember having any powers in my tonsils.”



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