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Filthy Fiction by Calista Jayne

Filthy Fiction

by Calista Jayne


Book 1 in Their Little Liar Series

What do you get when you cross a steamy romance author with two hot guys who compete for her attention?

A whole f-ton of sexual frustration.

And that’s where I find myself, caught between my father’s best friend and the man he hires to be my bodyguard.

Each man turns me on.

Each man bosses me around.

Each man makes me want to obey.

It’s impossible to choose between them…but what

if I don’t have to choose?



Stalking, Kidnapping (not by MC's)


Filthy Fiction wasn't a book that ended up on my TBR originally.

I came across it fall of last year during one of the those "Stuff Your Kindle Events", and I went a little crazy.

Just recently, I figured I should attempt to read some of those books.

The synopsis intriged me, and the first part of the book, it felt promising.

For the genre, for the purpose of the book, there was promise.

But somewhere along the way, I feel like it derailed off the tracks.

I kept hoping I would like the main character, but as I continued to read, I liked her less than less.

That was pretty much what ruined it for me,

The rest of the book was ... okay.

The guys were ... okay.

The plot was okay until the end. Specifically how it ended.

It was just too rushed and ... ridiculous.

So obviously I won't be finishing the series.

And considering the main character is an erotica writer, and this is a reverse harem ... it's not very spicy.

It wasn't for me, but it might be for you.



If this were a romance novel, we’d be enemies-to-lovers and fucking it out in the airplane restroom.

Terrence: “If you aren’t quiet, he’ll hear us. He’ll know what a slutty little girl you are, coming all over my cock, begging me for it. You better be quiet.”

Samantha: “Lin, I didn’t know you were coming.”

Squid: “She threatened to spray Liquid Fart all over the break room if we didn’t include her,”

I point at Lin.

Samantha: “But…you work at Ironwood, too, and you use the break room.”

She grins.

Lin: “I have no sense of smell. Wouldn’t bother me in the slightest.”

Samantha: “Welcome aboard,”

Samantha: “What, Gideon?”

Gideon: “Get in the car, Samantha.”

Samantha: “Or what, you’ll spank me? You’re not my dad.”

Gideon: “Samantha Marie Joy, get into that car right fucking now.”

She gives me a bitter laugh.

Samantha: “Bringing out the middle name, huh? Like a parent? You don't get that privilege. Fuck you.”

Gideon: “All this time, all this time you’ve been pushing, pushing, pushing…now I’m finally going over the edge. Let’s hope you don’t regret it, precious girl. Make it good. If I’m going to hell, I may as well enjoy it.”

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