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Crown of Crimson by Karina Halle

Crown of Crimson

by Karina Halle


Book 2 in the Underworld Gods series

All Hanna Heikkinen wants is to be reunited with her father again.

After all, that's why she ventured into the dark and dangerous fantasy world of Tuonela, the Land of the Dead, in order to save his life. But this time her devotion to her father comes at a cost---her growing relationship with Tuoni, the God of Death himself, who held Hanna captive in exchange for her father's life. The last thing she expects is to feel remorse at how she left things with Death, yet the dark and sexy God is all she can think about.

Death has always prided himself on never trusting the living, but Hanna's apparent betrayal has left a scar fathom's deep. Vowing revenge on his future bride, and making sure she upholds her end of the bargain, Death sets out across his realm to steal Hanna back, which only fans the flames between them. But Death and Hanna aren't just fighting each other---malevolent Old Gods are rising to power within the realm, magic is being poisoned, and buried secrets are brought to light, secrets that may cause Hanna to lose everyone she loves dear once again.


Fantasy Romance

Mythology Retelling


Crown of Crimson is the second book in Karina Halle's Underworld Gods series, and centers around Hanna and Tuoni, the God of Death. Hanna desperately wants to be with her father, back in her realm, so she takes the chance, and flees her wedding to Tuoni with Rasmas. Tuoni expects Hanna to fulfill her bargain, and hunts her down. Their feelings for one another are conflicting and strong, but its not just them who are at odds. Some of the other gods in the underworld are planning mutiny, and secrets that have long been kept, will come to light.

I really tried with this series, but I just couldn't get into it. Truthfully, I ended up DNFing this book 25% in, because if a book isn't bringing me joy, than why am I wasting my time with it? And this series stopped giving me joy. The things I liked about the first book were missing, and the 25% I did read, felt uninteresting, predictable, cliché, and boring. Still no chemistry.

I know a lot of people love this series. And honestly, my opinion doesn't really matter. If a book or series means a lot to a reader, if they love it, than that is all that truly matters. It just wasn't for me ... and that is okay too.

And there, hidden underneath all the molten hot torment, is the source of my rage. It’s pain. It’s a dull ache in my ribs, right around my heart. The same kind of ache I would get when I looked at her beautiful face as she came. Oh, I ached for her. Craved her, possessed her, relished her when my cock was deep inside, when I felt she was no longer mortal but instead part of my skin and bones. I ached for my little bird. Now I break for her.

Hanna: “Mushy lady?”

I ask, my voice echoing. The mycelia pulses out a sharp burst of light. I’ve insulted her. Well, serves her right for calling me boring.

Hanna: “Sorry, Sammalta,”

I say, trying not to smile.

Hanna: “Can I call you Sam?”

A pause, the mycelia flickering. Then a deep,

Sammalta: “No.”

Hanna: “Just checking.


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