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Bound by Blood Anthology by Cora Reilly

Bound by Blood Anthology

by Cora Reilly


Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles Book 7.5

Born in Blood

Sworn in Blood…

…isn’t only the motto the Famiglia lives by.

Bleeding for love is something every couple in this book has experienced. Through hardships their love morphs into something even more beautiful and resilient. A love each of them is willing to fight for.

This anthology contains stories for the following couples:

Aria & Luca

Romero & Liliana

Growl & Cara

Mauro & Stella

Matteo & Gianna

Age Recommendation:



Dark Romance



Bound by Blood is an anthology of short stories in the Born in Blood Mafia Chronicles by Cora Reilly. Because they are short stories, I will write out my thoughts on each story and at the end, rate the whole book.

Aria and Luca's Gym Scene - It's sexy for sure, but there was a position described there that wouldn't be possible unless you were elastigirl.


With an audible ‘plop’ I let his cock slip from my lips and stood.

Aria: “And this should distract you enough for me to land a few good hits,”

I said with a wicked grin.

Luca: “Aria,”

Luca growled.

Luca: “Don’t leave me hanging like that.”

Aria: “From what I see, you’re not hanging at all.”


Amo's Birth - It's sweet. I love Aria and Luca's relationship, I love their relationship with their daughter, and it was just a nice little look into their family, and not a whole lot of mafia. .


Gianna: “How about we paint our toenails? Maybe you and I can even convince Matteo to let us paint

his as well.”

She gave Matteo a cheeky grin.

Marcella: “Yes, please, Matteo. Pleeaase,”

Marcella said, batting those long dark lashes at her uncle. Matteo sent Luca a tortured look.

Matteo: “Hurry up for my sake.”

Aria: “I’ll think of nothing else during labor,”

Before I could say anything, Matteo spoke up.

Matteo: “He looks like a fat little Buddha with black hair.”

He lifted one of Amo’s stubby arms. Aria sent Matteo an incredulous look and I would have

hit him over the head if I hadn’t been carrying Amo. Matteo flashed the girls a grin.

Matteo: “Come on, it’s the truth. It’s not like he’s an ugly baby but he’s a little Michelin man with all

those fat rolls.”

Romero: “If he gets as tall as Luca, he’ll grow quickly, then he needs the additional weight,”

Romero said diplomatically.

Matteo: “Let’s hope so. On the other hand, maybe we can torture our enemies by letting your little

sumo wrestler sit on them.”

Luca: “When you’re older, you need to help me protect your sister and mom. They’re too beautiful for

this world. We’ll have to kill all the boys who think they are worthy of your sister.”


Forbidden Delights - I LOVED this little story, until it ended abruptly. Like, not a natural stopping point either. And there is no information I can find that shows it being finished either. UGH

Gianna and Matteo Novella - I liked it and didn't like it. On one hand, I liked the idea of both of them breaking off from tradition and not having children. On the other, I loved that Gianna gets pregnant, and in true Gianna and Matteo fashion, they don't figure their shit out until late in the game. And how supportive Matteo is of Gianna and her right to choose for her own body. And they still say fuck it to tradition when Matteo gets a vasectomy's so they don't have any more surprises. AND how realistic Gianna's post partum issues are in regards to sex after having a baby. And his promise to do everything he can to make sure Isabelle can have a normal life. LOVE IT!


Matteo: “I’m never going to clean my knife again.”

He nuzzled my neck.

Gianna: “Just don’t cum in your pants next time you stab someone.”

Matteo: “Hmm. That’s going to be hard knowing I’m cutting someone down with your pussy juice on my


I couldn’t help but laugh. Maybe I was as twisted as Matteo. We really were a perfect pair.

Matteo: “What I meant is that I can deal with anything. I’ll be at your side no matter what you decide.”

Gianna: “It’s not only my decision. This is your child too.”

Something flickered in Matteo’s eyes.

Matteo: “It is. But it is your body. You’ll have to carry a child for nine months, you’ll have to go through

labor, and you’ll be the one the baby will need the most in the beginning, so really it should be your


Gianna: “You know, Luca, I like you more than I let on most of the time,”

I said in a shaky voice. Luca held out his hand. I took it and he pulled me to my feet.

Luca: “Same. When you don’t say anything annoying I find you more than tolerable,”

he said dryly. I choked on a laugh.

Gianna: “Why thank you. How often does that happen?”

He shrugged.

Luca: “Once or twice per month.”

Luca: "Maybe you should ask your wife for some yoga mantras. A few oms might help you relax.”

Matteo: “I never get enough of the sight,”

Gianna: “Enjoy the sight before my vagina gets shredded by child birth.”

Matteo burst out laughing.

Matteo: “Fuck Gianna, what kind of dirty talk is that?”

I shrugged.

Gianna: It’s the truth.”

Matteo: “I don’t want that kind of truth while I’m looking at your beautiful pink pussy,”

Gianna: “Tough luck. You should take your time worshiping it then.”

Matteo: “Oh I will,”

Matteo: “We will both love the baby. And we will be good parents. Maybe we won’t ever win a parents

of the year award but we’ll do our best and that’s all that matters.”

Gianna: “We cuss too much and we’re both too temperamental.”

Matteo: “We are. And the kid will know the best cuss words in kindergarten, so who gives a fuck?”

Gianna: “I’m worried Lily expects me to only do mom stuff. I still want to work out, and I want to teach

again eventually. I don’t want to be surrounded only by moms who expect me to do only mom things, and

worst, talk about poo.”

Matteo: “I trust in your sunny personality to drive most of them away quickly.”

Matteo: “How about a little one-on-one gymnastics?”

Gianna shrugged.

Gianna: “All right, but you’ll have to do all the work. I’m feeling like a beached whale today.”

I chuckled.

Matteo: “You know just what to say to make me horny.”

Amo: “It looks heavy,”

Amo added, scanning my belly as if it were a fascinating science experiment.

Gianna: “Have they always been this annoying or is this the newest evolutionary step?”

I asked Aria.

Aria: “I doubt a combination of you and Matteo will be any less mouthy, so you better prepare yourself,”

Amo: “I hope it’s a boy. Girls are trouble.”

Matteo: “I wish I’d learned that lesson at your age,”

Gianna: “I think my water just broke,”

Marcella: “Ewww,”

Marcella said, that gorgeous face scrunching up. Amo put down his fork.

Amo: “You peed your pants? Can I see?”

I clutched Matteo’s hand. I couldn’t believe we were going to get one of these small monsters


Matteo: “What if Gianna and I are bad parents? You know us, we’re bound to mess up.”

Luca: “Oh yes,”

I gave him a look and he squeezed my shoulder.

Luca: “Messing up is part of parenthood. You mess up, you try to do better. You fail, you try again.

Sometimes your kids hate you, sometimes they love you. If they don’t occasionally hate you, you’re

doing something wrong.”

Matteo: “I’m not sure I like that you’ve seen my wife’s pussy,”

I said to distract myself from my worry. Luca’s lips curled.

Luca: “Trust me that sight won’t give me any kind of ideas.”

Aria: “Why don’t you put Isabella on your chest, Matteo. That’ll give Gianna the chance to rest and you

can bond with your daughter. Open your shirt.”

My fucking fingers still hadn’t stopped shaking. Aria pushed my hands away and unbuttoned

my shirt for me.

Matteo: “Luca, your wife is undressing me.”

Luca gave me a condescending look. He knew Aria was his till the bitter end.

Gianna: “Oh Matteo, when do you ever shut up?”

Matteo: “How about I cook something for us?”

My eyebrows shot up. Matteo had many talents but cooking wasn’t one of them.

Gianna: “How about you order us something delicious?”

He touched his heart as if I’d wounded him deeply.

Matteo: “I’m trying to be a good supportive houseman and you shoot me down like that.”

Gianna: “I’m very hungry and would rather not watch your three failed cooking attempts before

you’ll order something. Let’s just skip ahead.”

Matteo: “Is it bad that I’m a bit jealous of her for having your tits all for herself?”

I cringed but then I shrugged.

Gianna: “To be honest, you’ve said worse.”

Luca: “What takes time?”

Luca asked as he walked in.

Gianna: “The healing of a vagina after birth,”

I said. It was still my favorite pastime to annoy him with my directness. Luca grimaced.

Luca: “You and Matteo are the bane of my existence, and I have a feeling your daughter will be

just the same.”

Aria: “Speaking of Isa, I told Gianna we’d watch her tonight so she and Matteo can have their

first date after Isa’s birth.”

Luca looked at me.

Luca: “Under one condition.”

I raised an eyebrow.

Luca: “Do me a favor and give Matteo a fucking blow job or fuck him if your vagina allows it.

The horny bastard’s driving me up the wall and I will put him down like a rabid dog soon.”

I snorted.

Gianna: “Anything for you, Luca. Anything.”

Aria: “Can you believe that we’ll have a small human in seven months.”

Luca kissed her temple.

Luca: "Our two small humans are currently tearing my sanity to shreds.”

Aria shook her head.

Aria: “They aren’t that bad.”

Luca: “They are,”

Gianna: “I really want to hug you right now,”

Luca: “Wait a few seconds, it’ll pass,”

Gianna: “What’s going on here?”

Matteo: “Family council to vote if we’re going to have a second kid or not.”

Gianna snorted and dragged herself over to Aria.

Gianna: “Good luck with that. If necessary, I’ll glue my vajayjay shut.”

Amo: “Dad, what’s—”

Amo began but Luca shook his head.

Luca: “Later.”

Marcella looked mildly disturbed but didn’t say anything. Gianna took Isa and cradled her

in her arms, kissing her gently.

Gianna: “This girl will remain the only one to ruin my birth channel.”

Marcella: “Ew,”

Matteo: “Okay, okay. But I never dreamed about having a wife and a kid. I never thought that it was

meant to be. Until I met you. I wanted you from the first moment I saw you and only wanted you more

with every rude word coming from your mouth. Today, you and Isa are the embodiment of a dream I

never dared to dream.”

I swallowed, stunned by Matteo’s words.

Gianna: “Asshole, why do you have to say something so heartfelt and lovable? Now I feel like the

cold-ass bitch in our relationship.”

Matteo: “It’s your parade role, babe. Embrace it.”

Matteo kissed me briefly until Valerio let out an ewww.

Valerio: “Your mom and dad are being disgusting again,”

he said with a scrunched-up nose.

Isabelle: “I know,”

Isa said as if she had to suffer under our PDA all the time.

Matteo: “You wouldn’t be sitting here if your mom and I didn’t enjoy being disgusting,”

Matteo said. I rammed my elbow into his side. Marcella shook her head in disgust and

Amo let out a laugh.

Liliana and Romero - Just a short and sweet story chronicling Liliana telling Romero she was pregnant, and their first time after their daughter was born. These two are just the sweetest couple, so I adored this little slice of their married life.

Growl and Cara - A little sliver of time in their married life, with two sons, and two new dogs. Won't lie, I teared up knowing they lost their other dogs. But I loved how simple their life seemed.

Do these stories add ANYTHING to the chronicles of importance? No. Still pretty enjoyable if you like these couples and want a peek into their futures. It was a nice read compared to some of the novels, to be honest.


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