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Born of Blood and Ash by Jennifer L Armentrout Cover and Blurb Reveal

The cover to Jennifer L Armentrout's final Flesh and Fire book released yesterday!

This is my favorite cover to date. Look at the draken eye!!

In case you missed it, the release date for this book has been pushed to August 13th, 2024, due to just how big it is. It's Jennifer's longest book to date.

As per usual, different companies have different covers. Some have the option for signed editions. Links to preorder below.

As per usual, I will be ordering the regular hardcover because

a) what the hell indigo? Are Canadian's not good enough to get the hardcover? We are the only ones who don't get the indigo exclusive in hardcover.

b) I have the first two books in this series in the Apollycon editions, and I just ordered the special edition set from Bookish Box.

c) I have other Jennifer L Armentrout books signed by her.

Time for the Blurb reveal!

The line between love and obsession has never been wider.

While Sera is finally free of Kolis and back with those she loves, not everything is calm. Memories of all she’s endured still haunt her, but Sera finally has hope for a future with the other half of her heart and soul. Nyktos desires, loves, and accepts every part of her—even the monstrous bits she still battles.

More than ever, Sera and Ash have everything under the realms to fight for, and Nyktos has no doubt Sera is fit to be the Queen of the Gods. But she must find that faith within herself if they hope to convince the other Courts to support them against Kolis and make Iliseeum and the mortal realm better, safer places for all.

But as Sera begins to piece together the importance of her bloodline and the true meaning behind the foreboding prophecy, it becomes clear that everything that has happened and is yet to come is much bigger than Kolis and his dark obsessions.

They cannot help but wonder exactly how much influence the Fates have had and what their ultimate goal is. What Sera does know for sure is that they can trust very few—including her.

A battle between the gods is brewing, and heartbreaking losses are imminent with the true Primal of Death strengthening. With a family of the heart willing to battle by their side, can Sera and Nyktos stop Kolis before he destroys the realms, or will it all disappear in a fiery inferno of blood and ash?

And the line between justice and vengeance has never been so thin.

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