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Angel Unseen by J. Bree

Angel Unseen

by J. Bree

Self Published

Book 1 in the Unseen MC series


Lovestruck or c*ntstruck?

Neither, I’m never letting a woman that close to me. I’ve seen what the Callaghan Curse has done to my uncles and I know for sure that my mom was one in a million. I’ll stick to going on runs and fucking biker bitches. Now there’s rats in my club and a web of lies being woven around me, I can’t afford to lose my head over a piece of ass.

There’s no way I’m being ‘struck.

No way I’m losing everything to a stripper.


With a fake ID in one hand and the keys to my dead daddy’s Chevy in the other, I roll up into Coldstone with a plan. Get a job, finish college, and never rely on anyone for anything.

Problem is the only thing I can sell is my body.

The stage of the strip club becomes a safe haven. No one can touch me there and the MC is brutal in how they protect their girls.

I was never expecting to find a biker of my own, especially one who’s made a name for himself amongst the other strippers by fucking them all.

Well, seems like he’s shit out of luck.

He can’t have me.


Dark Romance


Angel Unseen is the first book in J. Bree's Unseen MC series, and centers around Angel, a woman who has escaped horrific past, and Tomy, a high ranking member of the Unseen MC, and owner of the strip club that Angel ends up working at. With no money to her name, and homeless, Angel decides to use her dance experience to get her a job at a strip club - and not just any strip club. Unseen's club has the bonus of protection, and a stage that no one can touch her. Just get in, make money, finish college, and finally have the life she wants. She never expects to catch anyone's eye - especially Tomi. And Tomi is angry, because the family curse has struck, and with Angel being a stripper, there is no way he can be in love? Right?

I have heard a lot about J. Bree, and how hot her books are, so I decided to check one of them out. And the first one that popped up was Angel Unseen, so I grabbed it on kindle unlimited. Full disclosure: check the trigger warnings. Take them seriously. Because this book has some dark themes. There were parts that made me cringe, but I couldn't put this book down. Honestly. It sucked me in from page 1, right to the freaking end. It ends on a cliffhanger. A CLIFFHANGER! WHY DID I START A SERIES THAT DOESN"T HAVE A SECOND BOOK YET?!?!?!?

Despite the character trauma, despite the too graphic scenes on Tomi dealing with "rats", it was good. For a dark romance, it was good. Frankly, there was very little romance, no secret soft side. The sex is surprising, considering Angel's past, but if you are into a dominate/submissive relationship (no, there is no BDSM), you will love this. My only real complaint is that the story doesn't truly finish. It's not a standalone, where each book (and therefore, each couple) have their own hurdles to overcome. It's very much the same problems carrying over ... and it ends on a cliffhanger ... with no announcement of the next one. And it's been TWO YEARS! ugh!

Even though there were times I cringed, and even *gasp!* skim read (torture scenes are not my jam, and this book is violent and graphic), I like the story. It was quite the palate cleanser after reading so much fantasy and contemporary romance lately. If you are looking for more sex than romance, you will enjoy this one.

When the song finally stops I walk out the private door and wait there for a minute until Speck turns the corner.

Speck: “Fuck. I don’t think I’ve ever been so fucking pissed off to not be someone’s type.”

I startle.

Angel: “I’m sorry, what?”

He grins and shrugs.

Speck: “You don’t want any of what I’m selling and after that dance, I’m fucking heartbroken about it. A girl who can do that shit with her legs? Fuck me. Seriously. You get an itch you need scratched, you call me.”

I force a smile and shrug.

Angel: “I’ll keep it in mind.” Speck’s eyebrows hit his hairline when he walks into the locker room, turning on his heel and yelling,

Speck: “Fucking hell Poe, you tryna get me fucking killed or something?”

She snorts at him.

Poe: “You practically fucking live here, like my ass is going to even fucking hit your radar.”

I hide a smile when he mumbles,

Speck: “That ain’t the fucking danger.”

Ahh. So Rue maybe notices her a little more than she thinks, that would explain Diamond’s hatred of her. Sure enough, the moment she gets her ratty band tee over her head Rue stalks in and the look on his face tells me everything I need to know. Everything.

Rue: “What the hell do you think you’re doing, flower? Get your ass back in the office, you’re not supposed to be out here and you for-fucking-sure aren’t supposed to be getting your tits out.”

She huffs and shoves the cami over her head, straightening it before she turns around to face him. He rocks on his heels like he’s been shot. Oh yeah. He’s fucking smitten.

Speck: “Is it safe to look or are my balls still in danger of being ripped from my body?”

Speck says as he turns around and Poe scowls at him. I’ve sold my soul to a stripper. I’m not even angry about it anymore. Tomi: “Stay fucking still. When I want you taking care of me, I’ll tell you.” Angel: “I had sex with Tomi last night.”

She makes a little squeaking noise which ends in a gag.

Poe: “Ew! Gross! He’s like my brother, that’s disgusting. Wait, you let him touch you? Thomas freaking Callaghan, the boy who got so fucking wasted at his sixteenth birthday he puked in the fucking pool… that I was swimming in? That Tomi? Christ, I just fucking can’t. I can’t. I thought you guys hated each other? I thought he scared you or something?”

Goddamn my freaking body, I blush like an idiot.

Angel: “Yeah. That one.”

She gags again but at least I’m not feeling awkward about it anymore, just embarrassed.

Poe: “Right. Okay, so you fucked Tomi. Why does that make it a bad night? Oh fuck, please don’t describe anything to me!” Angel: “I’m not trying to sound all fucking sorry for myself but like… what exactly was I expecting? I am a stripper, Poe. That’s exactly what I am.”

She throws her hands up into the air.

Poe: “So fucking what? Hell, I’d totally be one if I could! I’ve seen how much money you make, fuck, I’d suck a dick for that kind of green!”

The door opens and I just about die when Thorn’s frowning face pops into the room.

Thorn: “Take that shit back right now Poe before I lock your ass up for the night.”

Tomi: “Angel, I don’t want to be your fucking friend. I want you naked in my goddamn bed every night. I want you outta this club. I want whoever the fuck is hurting you dead and rotting in a fucking hole somewhere, and I want you to stop jumping at the smallest fucking noises. It’s pretty fucking simple. You want me to prove myself to you or some shit? Fine. Your ass is protected by me and my club. Anyone touches you, they die. You need something? You come to me.” My dad used to say my mom was the other half of his soul and being together was as close as a man came to feeling whole again. Angel: “Thanks. Thanks for being here and for being my friend.”

She grins back at me.

Poe: “Thanks for trying to die for me, that was real sweet of you.” Angel: "Maybe we will need to build another room for them."

I smile and grunt,

Tomi: "Three more rooms. An office, a spare room and a nursery"

Angel freezes and glares up at me.

Angel: "What the fuck would we need one of those for?"

A slow smirk stretches across my lips.

Tomi: "If you don't think the next thing on my list isn't filling this house up with kids then, sweetness, you got me all wrong."

She looks like a deer in fucking headlights for a second then she snaps,

Angel: "I'm kicking you out. Rue! Grab the boxes, he's out."

Rue laughs like I'm joking around with her, I'm not, and I grab a fistful of her hair to tug her head back and expose her throat.

Tomi: "You're not kicking me out. You're staying here with me forever while we build extra rooms on for all the fucking family that's going to be here all the damn time and for all of the kids we're having. I'm getting old, we gotta start soon."

She tries to shake her head at me,

Angel: “I thought you were joking! I thought you were being like ‘oh lets not panic’ not ‘lets have a fucking baby’! Tomi, I’m still in fucking college. Did you forget I’m barely fucking eighteen? Jesus, what will your mom think? Absolutely not.”

Trink fake gags and stalks back out into the kitchen, slamming the bedroom door as she goes. Perfect. I haul Angel up and into my arms before walking her to the bed.

Tomi: “It'll be awkward for you to eat pizza with my cum dripping down your legs but I guess I'll have to show you now how serious I am.” Speck: “Fuck. What have I done now?”

he groans and I point my beer at him.

Tomi: “Open motherfucking heart surgery, dickhead. Stop lifting shit until you’re cleared, I ruined my best shirt keeping you alive, have some respect.”

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