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Alpha Wolf by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Alpha Wolf

by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti


Book 2 in the Darkmore Penitentiary Series

I came here with a single goal in mind.

An aim.

A purpose.

I will break out of Darkmore Penitentiary.

But I was a fool to think that it would be so simple.

And now with more and more Fae relying on me to get them out of this slice of hell, I find myself unable to do a damn thing.

Mason Cain stabbed me in the back and left me to rot in the dark. So now I have another goal in mind before I escape this place, because no one messes with the Queen of the Oscura Clan and lives to tell the tale. The moment I get out of here, my sights will be set on him.

Between the four alpha males luring me in, the psychopaths trying to kill me and the monster roaming the halls at night, I have my hands full in here.

But one thing is for sure.

I’m not throwing my life away in this place. So I’ll do whatever it takes to escape.

Age Recommendation:



Urban Fantasy

Reverse Harem


Alpha Wolf is the second book in Caroline Peckham's and Susanne Valenti's Darkmore Penitentiary series , and picks up a couple of months after the end of the first book, when Rosalie's plans for escape go down the drain, and being thrown into "the hole" (isolation) by Cain. After months of living her worse memories over and over, Rosalie refuses to break. She comes out of isolation more determined than ever to get out of Darkmore. But with new security systems in place, and in the process of being implemented, Darkmore politics, and four alpha men drawing her in like a moth to the flame, can she figure out a way to get them all out of Darkmore alive?

Oh my god. What an ending. Talk about a cliffhanger ... Alpha Wolf is definitely an improvement on all fronts from the first book. Of course there are some similarities still to Ruthless Boys, but I'm only reminded of it when reading Sin's inner monologues, because he is the total Leon of this reverse harem. Just crazier. Aside from that, the whole book is darker, -----------spoiler---------> I mean, when Cain saves Rosalie, and they fuck for the first time in a room painted in blood? Dark, unexpected, and weirdly hot. <---------------- full of action, and lots of steam. But again, not too much steam. We still have a very active storyline that keeps plugging along, and never feels like it's being dragged to a stop for the sake of filling up pages of sexy times. It's naturally added to the story, and I am all for it. Speaking of sex, this is the first reverse harem I have read from these authors that has two of the males not just pleasuring Rosalie, but also each other. And yes, its all kinds of hot. Do I think the other two men in the harem will eventually do things like that - no. But that's okay. Going into spoiler territory here, so bare with me -------------------> Roary confessing his love for Rosalie was everything and so sweet, and I need a steamy scene with these two ASAP because Roary needs some loving. And Cain ... well, he is such a harsh, angry character I have a hard time with my feelings on him. But I truly felt terrible for him in the end of this book because despite seeming unfeeling, he obviously does feel for Rosalie. <---------------------------.

After that crazy ending, I can't wait to see how Rosalie digs herself and her team out of this one. Seems like they are once again back to step one. On to the next one!

  1. Ethan and Rosalie "reconnecting" after she got out of the hole

  2. Moon Eyes lol

  3. Sin once again tricking Ethan to put a crystal up his butt to smuggle it to Rosalie

  4. Rosalie's Cinderella story

  5. Sin's date <3

  6. Rosalie beating the shit out of Nixon, and Cain coming to help her

  7. Sparkle's very sexual tattoo of a Pegasus, and Rosalie laughing because it reminded her of Caleb

  8. Rosalie's Little Red Riding Hood story, and Cain and her making out in the room after

  9. Sin attacking Ethan to get them both into medical, and once again convincing Ethan to smuggle something for Rosalie in his butt

  10. Cain saving Rosalie and the sex oh my god

  11. Sin turning into Lionel's dragon form and blowing out bubbles instead of fire

  12. Cain's meeting with Rosalie and Hastings

  13. Ethan, Rosalie and Sin oh my

  14. Ethan telling Rosalie he will go with her when they escape

  15. Roary finally telling Rosalie how he feels

  16. Sin tackling Ethan down when he was in the monster form, then turning back into his fae form and saying "Hi Buddy!"

  17. Ethan and Sin saving Rosalie

Rosalie: “You seriously believe I wanted you to release that fucking thing? You know it nearly ate me, right?"

Sin: "Nearly being the operative word, sugar tits." As I continued to work the kinks out of her muscles, my dick starting to make its own solid case for why I should lean down and brush my lips over her shoulder. She’s all grown up now. She needs to be held, it’s in both of your Orders’ instincts to comfort each other with sex. She’s been into you for a long time, why keep denying her what she wants? You haven’t fucked anyone since she got to prison and you’re risking dick rot. Dick rot is a genuine thing, you don’t need to look it up. She’s sooo fucking pretty. No one will know anyway, it’s just between the two of you. Is it really so wrong? Remember when you kissed her before and you had to jerk off quietly in your cell over it the next day, and the next, and the next? And when you came, you had to pretend you’d fallen out of your bed when she heard you groaning and you even bashed your knee into the wall before she saw you in the morning so you had a bruise to prove it. You don’t wanna be that guy again, right? Cain: "This is not the moment for love's young dream to have a deep and meaningful conversation,"

Cain barked loudly, smacking his baton against the metal railing at the top of the stairs so that a dull noise rang out around the cell block. Rosalie: "Oh please."

I sneered, flicking a dismissive look Roary's way which actually fucking hurt me deep in my soul, but I had to do it. I had to be done with this because needing him and aching for him and pining for him was too fucking painful. He'd made himself clear and it had to stop. I wouldn't keep embarrassing myself.

Rosalie: "He's so old his balls probably knock against his knees when he walks."

Roary: "You're getting my balls and my dick mixed up, pup,"

Roary joked and I rolled my eyes.

Rosalie: "Well it's not like I'd know," He reached out, brushing his hands over the crystal on the wall. He suddenly slammed me against it and his mouth landed on mine as he crushed me in place. I was so in shocked that it took me a couple of seconds to react before I shoved him back and threw a punch into his gut.

Ethan: “What the fuck?!”

I snarled as he smirked and my gaze was drawn to the piece of crystal he’d broken off in his hand, twirling it between his fingers beside his leg out of sight of the camera.

Ethan: “Great. Enjoy getting that out of here.”

Sin: “You need to put it up your butt,”

Ethan: “No,”

I balked, but he just nodded firmly.

Sin: “They’ll strip search me, they always do. It has to be you, kitten,”

He shoved his weight down on me again so my stomach hit the floor and then he did the unthinkable. He started fucking tickling me. And I was one ticklish bastard. I laughed, unable to help it as he tickled me until my sides hurt.

Ethan: “Stop – mother -fucker,”

I hissed, kicking back at him then realizing he was trying to make this look like some fun little hook-up for the cameras. Asshole.

Ethan: “You are not sticking that up my ass!”

Sin: “You always say that until I’m inside you,”

he said loudly, putting on a show for whoever might care to listen.

Gah! He tore my jumpsuit down and his hand went between my ass cheeks, making me clench up like a fist.

Ethan: “Not like this,”

I snarled and he leaned over me, his breath on my ear.

Sin: “It’s the only way, Shadowbrook. Just relax. Lie back and think of the moon,”

he encouraged and I knew, I just fucking knew he was right. If I wanted to do this for Rosalie, this was the only way I was getting that crystal out of here. Especially if they really would strip search Sin when we left. The breath fell from my lungs as I gave in and Sin slapped my ass, making me growl angrily.

Sin: “Come on sexy, show me how much you love your big boy,”

he encouraged.

I’m going to kill him. I gave in and let him roll me over, feigning a groan while fighting my scowl and Sin released a filthy laugh. I’ll risk my reputation, my freedom and a put crystal up my ass for you, love. If that’s not worthy of make-up sex, then I don’t know what is. Roary: "He's a fucking idiot,"

Roary said thickly, grasping my chin and forcing me to look back at him.

I tried to pull away, but he held firm, locking me in his golden gaze and making sure I listened to what he had to say.

Roary: "Any man lucky enough to be blessed by the stars to have you as their mate should be praising their fortune and holding onto you as tightly as they can. You're one in a million, Rosa, you shine brighter than any star and you burn with more heat too. If I was blessed with a mate even half as beautiful and fierce and strong as you then I would wrap my arms around her and never let go. I'd give anything to have a girl like you, little pup." Sin: "I was going to bring you flowers, but you don't seem like the type to go in for clichés, so I got you something better."

Rosalie: "What?"

I asked, a smile tugging at the corner of my lips. Only Sin Wilder could make me smile this easily after having to endure two hours of group therapy under Cain's watchful eye. Luckily the Vampire bastardo's shift had finished so we didn't have to worry about his bat ears listening in on us. Sin dipped his mouth down to my ear, nipping the lobe playfully before he whispered my answer so that only I could hear.

Sin: "I shoved a Sunstone Crystal up a Werewolf's ass for you yesterday, pretty girl."

Laughter burst from my lips and he growled playfully like he liked that, his hands curling around my waist as he tugged me closer. Sin: "I've done enough bad shit, good shit and damn outrageous shit in my lifetime to figure out that there's a difference between what's easy and what's worthwhile. And you, sweetheart, are the most worthwhile Fae I've met during my entire incarceration and maybe even before that too." Sin: "I didn't know any better, I'd have said you were a Siren sent to lure me in, but instead I'm beginning to think you might be something far more dangerous than that."

Rosalie: "Like what?"

Sin: "My own, personal obsession. My drug of choice, the answer to all of my desires rolled up into one little, Faetalian ball of danger. I think you might be my downfall, wild girl. But I think I like the idea of that too." Sin: "You'll like that one even better in a moment, kitten. But if you keep me waiting much longer, I'm not going to be able to stay a gentleman."

Rosalie: "Well that's good to know,"

I replied with a smirk before wrapping my hand around the smooth, inked perfection of his length.

Rosalie: "Because I'm no lady." Cain: "I did a bit of research about you, you know,"

Rosalie: "Oh yeah? If you found the pictures I did for that naked photoshoot you should know that I regret them now. I had a lightning bolt design on my pubic hair and in hindsight I think it might have been a bit tacky." It had been a few days since we’d started working in the library and every time I went in there, I was fucking pumped. Especially when she set me tasks. It legit gave me the shivers right down to my cock. I’d never been much of a submissive, but for her, I’d pull my pants down like a good boy, shove a ball gag in my mouth and hand her the whip to do her worst while bending over a bale of hay – because of course this fantasy took place in a stable where she made comments about me being hung like a horse and I begged her to ride me like a cowgirl. I would have thought fucking her would end my blue ball misery, but apparently my blue balls were starting a dynasty. And they’d be around for a long fucking time while my little wild girl was in sight. Just looking at her made me ache for more. That was all I wanted since we’d fucked. More more more. My balls still throbbed like I’d never had her at all. But I had. Oh I fucking had. She’d felt like starlight wrapping around my cock and I swear it had shone afterwards for a good ten minutes, granting wishes to anyone who looked its way. Roary: “Why are you hard?”

he asked in alarm as I crushed him to the floor and I grinned at him, my teeth still wet with his blood.

Sin: “Violence is a beautiful mistress, Roary. Don’t you like the way she caresses you from the inside?” I punched him in the chest and he snarled, reaching up and latching his hand around my throat. I answered by locking my own hand around his in return, still smiling, having the time of my damn life.

Sin: “The two of us could make a beautiful mess of Rosalie,”

I rasped as he fought to block off my air supply.

Sin: “Think how good she’d look between us, gasping our names.”

Roary: “Are you actually propositioning me right now?”

Roary choked out and I nodded keenly. Nasty, nasty shit that. Eye forks were no laughing matter. Except to me. Because I was laughing my ass off. The baton needed his magical signature to activate which meant it had to connect with his skin while he was casting to read it. Nixon lifted his hand to defend himself with magic so the moment I slammed it against his dick, a thousand volts of electricity burst from the thing in a heartbeat. Nixon was thrown back into a weight rack where his head slammed against one of the weights before Rosalie: "Wait,"

I said, stepping forward and placing my hand on Ethan's arm and the three of them looked my way like they thought I was about to choose between them or something.

Rosalie: "Can the three of you take your shirts off before you start fighting? And if anyone happens to have some baby oil with them…"

I bit my lip at that idea and Sin offered up a dirty laugh before tearing his tank off and tossing it to the ground.

Oh yes, this idea had some serious fucking merit to it. Rosalie: "Look, this might surprise you, stronzo, but I'm not a precious little flower sitting around and crying because my moon chosen mate decided to reject me. You don't want me? Fine. But there are plenty more fish in the sea and I don't owe you shit after the way you've treated me."

Ethan opened his mouth like he wanted to argue against that, but Sin got there first.

Sin: "What did you think would happen? That she would just sit around and pine for you? Grow the fuck up, asshole, it's like the girl said. There's plenty more dick in the sea."

Roary: "She said fish,"

Roary muttered like this whole conversation was pissing him off.

Sin: "She meant dick, though, I can tell - I'm an Incubus." He’d laid his hands on her, forced her to her knees beneath him like she was some common street whore. She was a goddess, a fucking queen. I didn’t know when I’d realized that, but I knew it in the depths of my soul and I wouldn’t let this piece of shit get away with disrespecting her. Rosalie: "Does it make you angry when I lie, boss man?"

I taunted, shifting the Truth Stick in my fingers until I was pressing it to the back of his hand where he was fisting a handful of my jumpsuit in his grip.

Cain: "You know it does,"

Rosalie: "And does it turn you on too?"

Cain: "More than I would ever admit," Cain: "How did you manage to lie like that while you were holding it?"

Rosalie: "Maybe I wasn't lying. Maybe my life just happens to draw parallels to fairy tales a lot of the time. When I pricked my finger on a spinning wheel it actually hurt like a bitch though. And I have to say, there was nothing charming about that prince who kissed me awake - he finger fucked me so hard I could still feel it a week later."

Cain: "Stop,"

Rosalie: "Also, if we're being honest here, I really shouldn't have been afraid of the big bad Wolf when he told me his mouth was all the better to eat me with. I recently let a big bad Wolf eat me and it was so fucking good that I don't even have words for it."

Cain just stared at me like he didn't know whether to lose his shit or laugh and I grinned at him as I waited to find out which he would land on.

Cain: "You're impossible,"

Rosalie: "I think the word you're looking for is insatiable," Ethan: “What the hell are you planning?”

Sin: “Well, I wasn’t planning on taking a field trip to see the moon from the top of Buttcrack Canyon. But the moon is definitely out and looking rather peachy tonight.”

He slapped my ass and I wheeled around, throwing my palms into his chest with a furious snarl. Ethan: “What are you looking for?”

Sin opened a little linen bag and took out a Nevercot Plum, the bright purple skin shimmering a little in the light. He looked up at me with a serious expression on his face.

Sin: “You need to put this up your butt.”

My jaw went slack and anger pulsed through me.

Ethan: “That’s why you brought me here?”

I snarled as he stood up, locked the cupboard and started tossing the plum up and down in his hand. He threw it higher, bouncing it off his elbow and catching it again.

Sin: “Yup. Want a hand, kitten? Turn around.”

Ethan: “No,” Brenda hurried over to the counter, fishing up her key card and glancing between us while we acted nonchalant. When Brenda wasn’t watching, Sin made an O with his finger and thumb then shoved his other index finger into it, giving me a pointed look.

I swallowed a growl, pulling my boxers on under the gown and keeping the plum in my fist.

Sin: “Any chance of another lollipop, Brenda? One for the road?”

He flicked the stick of the one he’d finished into the trash can and she waggled her finger at him.

Brenda: “Naughty boy, you’re as cheeky as a whale on vacation. Just this once.”

She turned to her desk, pulling the drawer open and Sin looked to me, furiously thrusting his finger into that O again like I hadn’t understood him the first time. I glared at him, a growl building in my throat.

I really fucking hate Sin Wilder.

I pushed the plum between my cheeks, bending forward a little and working it up my ass because apparently I would put anything in there for Rosalie. Or maybe it was because I wanted to escape more than anything now. Either way, this had better be the last fucking thing that went up there. Or I was going to fucking lose it. Hastings: “Why are you walking like that?”

he clipped at me and I immediately straightened, sharing a look with Sin.

Sin: “I crushed his balls a minute ago,”

Hastings: “Why?”

Sin: “He likes it,”

Sin answered, smooth as fucking butter and I chewed the inside of my cheek to bite back my irritation.

Hastings: “Why would you like something like that?”

Hastings asked me in alarm.

Ethan: “I just…do,”

I said, feigning enthusiasm.

Ethan: “Nothing like a knee to the balls or a fist squeezing them until I nearly black out.”

Hastings: “By the stars,” Ethan: "Don't dick around with me on this. I was having the joy of a random cavity search because someone tipped the guards off to say I'd been smuggling a shank up my ass when I felt your pain like a punch to the fucking gut. I clenched down on Nichols' fingers so hard that I'm surprised I didn't break them."

Roary: "When I see you, I don't see a little pup, Rosa. I see a Fae worth respecting, fearing, following. I see one of the only good things in here and a piece of home I never dared to believe I’d have again. I don't think you're some stupid pup. I think you're the one thing I needed more than anything in this place. Hope." Cain: "I'm done running from my problems,"

Rosalie: "Is that what I am to you? A problem?"

She squeezed my dick hard enough to hurt and I bared my fangs at her, only growing harder at that.

Cain: "Yeah, sweetheart,"

I slammed her back against the wall hard enough to bruise, pushing my hand between us and shoving hers away as I felt her hot wetness waiting for me, soaking through those ugly prisoner panties.

Cain: "You're my dirty -"

I freed my cock from my pants,

Cain: "-filthy-"

I tore her panties aside

Cain: "-problem."

I lined myself up with her slick entrance and she gasped, locking her ankles behind my back as she tried to pull me forward, telling me she wanted this as much as I did.

Cain: “And I think I’ve finally found a solution.”

Rosalie: "Are we in love, Roar?"

Roary: "Stranger things have happened,"

Rosalie: "The next time you or one of yours comes at me, I will declare war on your gang. And I'm pretty sure that Ethan and Roary will jump right in on my side of it too. How long do you think the Watchers will survive if the Oscuras, Lunar Brotherhood and the Shades all come for them at once? And when every last one of your people is dead at your feet, how tough do you think you'll be then? Will you come at me Fae on Fae? Or will you lay down in the corner like the little bitch you are?" Instead of winking, Sin lunged at me, gripping my face between his hands and kissing me hard in front of the entire group. Ethan let out a furious growl and I jerked back a second before he collided with Sin and the two of them went crashing to the floor.

Ethan landed on top, straddling the Incubus and throwing furious fists with abandon as Sin howled with laughter beneath him.

Sin: "It's okay, kitten, there's plenty of me to go around. I promise to put something in your ass again later,"

Sin said loudly before Ethan locked his hands around his throat and started choking him out.

Rosalie: "For the love of the moon,"

I growled as Sin tried to talk around his crushed windpipe and Ethan looked inclined to actually murder him. Rosalie: "Am I your kind?"

she asked curiously and I frowned, shaking my head.

Sin: "No, sugar, you're better than my kind. Better than most kinds. You're the best type of kind there is actually." She gazed into my eyes and I saw a truth there I had never expected to see from any Fae. She wanted me. As I was. Just the way I was. She was Mr Darcying me right now and I was Bridget Jones in my granny panties, bared for her to see and she liked it. She fucking liked it. Cain: "I was just about to finish running over Twelve's progress. And we need to assign her some areas to improve on."

Rosalie: "I could be more generous,"

I suggested, leaning forward and lifting my foot beneath the table to place it on Cain's knee. He flinched at the contact, but couldn't do anything to stop me as I slid my foot between his thighs and rested it on his chair with my toes caressing his dick.

Hastings: "How so?"

Rosalie: "I don't think I give enough blowjobs. I'm a pretty selfish lay, always just wanting to feel a cock deep inside me instead of messing around on foreplay, you know?" Rosalie: "I knew it,"

I hissed, pointing at him in accusation.

Rosalie: "You like it when people do shit for you. Even though you claim not to want to use your Charisma to earn yourself a bunch of slaves to hand feed you, you like it when I do it!"

Roary: "Maybe that's just because it's you, Rosa," Ethan: "I'll come with you, love. I'll dive right into the depths of the Oscura Clan and trust you to make sure I don't fall flat on my face when we get there. It doesn't even matter if I do though. I've tried to go without you, I've tried to deny my own heart, but I can't anymore. I don't want to. The only thing I want is you, love. So if you want me too then why don't we just run off into the fucking sunset and try to forget this place ever existed?" Roary: "I love you, Rosa. I love you in all the ways I thought I shouldn't and I'm sick of being afraid of that. I'm sick of wanting you and not having you. Of needing you and not owning you. I meant it when I said I wanted to run away to a desert island with you. But I'd stay in Darkmore for the rest of my life if this was the only place where you were too."

Rosalie: "I've been in love with you since I was fourteen years old, Roar," I said, laughing at how fucking stupid that made me sound. "When I was just a dumb kid who annoyed you and you were this irresistible life-force that drew me in with every single thing you did. I used to look at you and tell myself you'd see me one day, that I'd stop being some silly little girl and maybe you'd look my way and see..."

Roary: "Everything,"

he finished for me, leaning in and kissing me again.

Roary: "I see everything, Rosa. I'm just not sure I deserve that much." Rosalie wasn't the only one who lusted after Cain in this place. And I'd had a dirty dream or two about him myself, so taking his form was as easy as taking nuts from a Squirrel Shifter – you just had to slap ‘em a few times and they gave them up. Sin: "Is it weird that I'm naked and underground? I've been naked in pretty much every place that you can think of, but never underground like this. It feels naughty, like I'm a grave robber and you're a pair of dirty zombies come to gobble me up." Rosalie: "What the hell is he doing?"

Ethan: "I'd guess he's drawing it away from you, love. You have a way of making crazy motherfuckers like you."


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