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A Soul of Ash and Blood by Jennifer L Armentrout COVER REVEAL

It's SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the poppies, the sword and the sun. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

From Jennifer's facebook page:

I’m so excited to share the covers for A Soul of Ash and Blood, book 5 in the Blood and Ash series, and yes, it IS book 5, meaning it does need to be read in order of the series. You’ll see why soon, cuz I’ve been keeping secrets. Tee hee. But for now, I am absolutely in love with these covers designed by the amazing @byhangle We finally have poppies on a cover! Please note: For the B&N Exclusive Special Edition signed copies, there are limited amounts, so make sure you’re clicking on the one listed as signed. The same goes for BAM. They have limited signed copies. All links to purchase are available on my website. ASOAAB releases on July 18th, 2023


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