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A Greene Family Summer Bash by Piper Rayne

A Greene Family Summer Bash

by Piper Rayne


Book 3.5 in The Greene's Series

Catch up with the Greene family during their annual summer party.

There's sure to be surprise announcements and unexpected guests!


Considering A Greene Family Summer Bash is a novella, there isn't too much to say.

It's so fun!

Like the novellas in The Bailey's series, A Green Family Summer Bash is a bridge to the future novels, as well as a small update on already featured couples.

I tend to love these novella's Piper Rayne adds to the series. I've always said that the magic in this series, and The Bailey's, is the family as a whole. The relationships they have with one another, the back and forth ribbing on one another, the obvious love and support. The funniest moments of these books happens when the family is around one another, and I love it!

There is one thing that really bothered me, though.

Something that should have been picked up in editing.

A continuity error.


Honestly, this novella would have been 5 stars if it hadn't been for that.

In case you are wondering, in the epilogue of My Almost Ex (this is when Logan is introduced), it's said that Cade and Presley's wedding was in a month. In this novella, however, it's been over 8 months since then, and they haven't been married yet. Their wedding is planned for the fall.

It took me out of the story, and damn it, it still bothers me!

If you are currently reading this series, and are thinking about skipping the novellas, don't! Honestly, they are part of the story as a whole, and I know are referenced in future books! Plus, they are so entertaining. I would hate for you to miss out.

Clara: “Pres wants to work out before the wedding, shed a few pounds.”

She nods toward me.

Cade: “I can work her out,”

Cade says, sliding onto the couch behind me, his fingers running under the hem of my shirt in the back.

Clara: “She needs more than just stretching and being limber,”

Clara says, then looks back at Xavier.

Clara: “Come on, you know you can work her out good.”

Cade: “Whoa!”

Cade holds up his hand.

Cade: “Phrase that a helluva lot differently.” Nikki: “And now how do you feel?”

Logan: “I’m good. I like to know what we’re in for.”

I tilt my head.

Nikki: “So you liked the fact that my hoo-ha is going to be ripped open and sewn back together?”

Logan stares for a moment. A noise comes out of Xavier as if he’s twelve and just realized how women have babies.

Mom: “That doesn’t happen to everyone.”

Mom pats my leg again. Clara and Presley’s faces are now ghost-white. Cade leans in and whispers something to Presley—probably asking if her perfect pussy will be destroyed while delivering his precious baby. And the answer is a resounding YES! Just the thought of a head poking out that hole makes me nauseated again. Chevelle: “Don’t kill one another. I’m heading to the pool.”

I strip off my shirt, revealing my bikini top. Cam’s mouth hangs open.

Cam: “Not in that you’re not,”

he says as though he’s my father.

Chevelle: “And I’m going to listen to you why?”

I stomp toward the backyard, leaving Posey to tell off Gavin Price now that she’s found her voice.

Cam: “Because there are guys here who aren’t family. Guys who don’t look at you like their little sister.”

I stop before we reach the patio. Turning, I corner Cam against the side of the house where we’re not likely to be seen.

Chevelle: “Tell me, Cam, are you one of those guys?”

He laughs and huffs.

Cam: “Hell no.”

But he glances down, taking in my erect nipples through the thin fabric of my bikini.

Chevelle: “That’s what I thought.”

I push him out of the way and head to the lounge chair where I plan on remaining the rest of the day. Xavier: “She’s no one,”

I say in a low voice.

Cam: “The hot blonde with the huge tits? Looks like someone to me,”

Cam says loudly, and a flip-flop is thrown at his head. When we all turn around, it’s Chevelle who’s giving him the evil stare.

Chevelle: “Have some respect for women. We’re not pieces of meat.”

Cam: “Stop dressing like a fucking surf and turf meal then.”

Cam looks at us.

Cam: “I can’t believe you guys don’t say anything to her. There’s nothing to that bikini.”

Cade: “Who’s here? The only one who would have any interest in her would be Gavin Price.”

Cade sets his eyes on Cam.

Cade: “Right?”

The only time I ever see Cam at a loss for words is when it has to do with Chevelle.

Cam: “Yeah,”

he croaks. Their names are curt off my tongue and my grandma shoots me “the look.” The one that suggests she will spank me right here and now in front of anyone even though I’m grown and the sheriff. Hank: “All I’m saying is I understand how lost you feel, but imagine Emilia. Think about her.”

My dad shoots the ball.

Jed: “Fathers usually have nine months to figure this shit out. I had a couple weeks to prepare to have a kid. Hank, I’m not the ‘number one dad’ T-shirt-wearing kinda guy.”

Hank: “Then be the ‘number one dad’ mug kinda guy,”

Jed blows out a breath, shoots the basketball—missing his shot by five feet—and spots me from the corner of his eye.

Jed: “Am I being ambushed?”

I grab the basketball and dribble around.

Cade: “You’re not being ambushed,”

I say, shooting and scoring. My dad grabs the ball. Jed puts his hands on his hips, his head falling forward in defeat.

Jed: “I’m gonna fuck her up.”

Cade: “You’re not gonna fuck her up,”

He peeks up through his long eyelashes. The ones women go crazy over. The same ones Emilia has.

Jed: “My dad fucked me up. Fucked us all up.”

I throw him the ball and he catches it.

Cade: “Sure, but we straightened your sorry ass out.” Ethel: “I may have found the one for Jed, but this will be tricky. We have to do some recon first, because if we’re going to try to fix him up with her, we have to know for sure we’ll be successful. We won’t get a second chance with him.”

Dori smiles at me.

Dori: “I do love a challenge.”

I always thank the stars above for bringing Dori into my life. We couldn’t be more alike.

Ethel: “Let’s do this, Thelma.”

Dori: “I’m Louise, you’re Thelma,”

Ethel: “No way.”

Then we laugh and agree to disagree. Twenty minutes later, Molly sits across from us in a booth with no idea what she’s in for. I love being a grandma.


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