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Arobynn Hamel

also known as: King of the Assassin's

Male | Human  

Loyal to Assassin's Guild

Lives in Rifthold, Adarlan 
Born in an unknown kingdom that was conquered by Adarlan

39 | Deceased
Died in Queen of Shadows  





Love Interests
Lysandra (Favored Courtesan) 

Sam Cortland's mother (Favored Courtesan)


Arobynn Hamel by Salome Totladze

Physical Appearance:

    Celaena describes Arobynn as not the most handsome man, but one of the most alluring ones she knows.  He has a young face, with elegant, sharp features.  He has reddish-brown hair with strands of silver and silver/gray eyes.  He is tall enough that when he gets down on one knee, his head is level with Celaena's when she is seated.  He has a razor sharp smile.

    Celaena described his movements as graceful due to his many years of training as an assassin.


    Arobynn is a sociopath.  He is able to emulate emotions to lure people in, but ultimately manipulates them into doing his bidding.  He hides the fact that he doesn't have morals, and is willing to do anything to get more power.  His relationship with Celaena is proof of this.  He favored her, showered her with gifts and affection - as long as she did what he told her to do.  If she deviated from his plans, he punished her.  When Celaena started to see the kind of man Arobynn was, and he realized he lost control over her, he punished her in the ultimate way; making sure she was caught, and sending her to Endovier.  

    He is very proud, and won't bow down to anyone, or admit to needing help, because of his pride.



    Arobynn is an incredibly skilled assassin.  He might be the King of Assassin's, and it places him behind a desk much of the time, but he keeps his skills honed.  Celaena says that he knows exactly how to beat a person to cause the most pain, but not permanently scar a person.  Along with his fighting skills, he is a master manipulator, and uses his charm and intelligence to get what he wants.  

    Arobynn is also very intelligent, and enforces his assassin's to be educated in all aspects of daily life.  He is an accomplished dancer, Celaena describing his dancing to be of calculated grace and restrained aggression, but he is very selective with who he dances with.



Before Book Events:

    Not much is known about Arobynn's past, such as his family name, or even the specific kingdom he was born in.  It is a kingdom that was conquered by Adarlan.  It is unknown how he became an Assassin, or came to be considered the King of Assassin's.  

    Eight years before The Assassin's Blade, he was at his property in Terrasen, he was awoken by a woman - Elena Galathynis - and was led to a young girl who was close to death by the Avery River.  This young girl was an eight-year old Aelin Galathynis.  He gave her a choice - stay and die, or come with him, and train to become an assassin.  She chooses to go with him.  He is the only one who knows who Celaena truly is, until she gives Chaol the hints to the truth in Crown of Midnight.  Celaena describes her past with Arobynn as dark, twisted, and full of secrets.

    Six years before the events of The Assassin's Blade, he finds Lysandra, a street orphan, and gets his friend BLANK - the best madam in Rifthold - to take her in.  He invests in Lysandra's training, and she becomes one of Rifthold's most anticipated upcoming courtesan's in the city's history.

    Arobynn gives Celaena many gifts throughout the books.  He gifts her a ruby brooch on her sixteenth birthday (that she gives to Yrene in The Assassin and the Healer to help pay for her travels).  When she gets back from the Red Desert, he gifts her an emerald and gold brooch.

The Assassin's Blade

For Book Walkthrough, Click here.


    Arobynn is one of the most influential side characters in this book.  As the King of Assassin's, and Celaena's master, he has full control over her for most of the book.  Before the events of this book occur, Celaena has a lot of respect for him, and enjoys his attention and favoritism.  Arobynn even let's Celaena pick her own jobs, that line up with her own personal morals and rules, but he does make sure that word gets around when she is responsible for a death.  When he sends Celaena and Sam to Skull's Bay under the pretense of collecting payment for three dead assassin's killed by pirates, Sam tell's Celaena that he thinks Arobynn wanted them out of Rifthold for the month for a reason.  Celaena, at that point, doesn't want to believe the bad things about Arobynn, but this mission has opened her eyes a bit to who Arobynn Hamel truly is, when she learns he wants to start selling slaves.

    After Arobynn finds out what Celaena and Sam did, he beats Celaena so badly that she doesn't wake for a whole day, and is in bed for three.  He then sends her to the Red Desert, to train with the Mute Master and the other assassins, for a month, and to get the Mute Master's approval, before coming back to Rifthold.

    Celaena spends the three months away very angry with Arobynn, and through the things she learns from the Mute Master, and how he treats his assassins, she loses more and more respect for him.  The Mute Master seems displeased with Arobynn's tactics as well, as he tells Celaena to tell Arobynn that in the Red Desert, they don't abuse their acolytes.

    When Celaena returns to Rifthold, Arobynn tries bribing her with gifts and attention, in hopes that she would accept his apology for beating her and sending her away.


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