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Worth Any Cost by Brenna Aubrey

Worth Any Cost

by Brenna Aubrey

Published by Silver Griffon Associates

Book #6 in the Gaming the System Series

You are cordially invited to the wedding of the decade.

Adam Drake and Emilia Kimberly Strong have chosen a date to solidify their love in the bonds of matrimony.

Join them on their exotic destination wedding. Visit with their friends and loved ones. But hold the champagne toast. Fate has a few last tests for our couple on their way to the altar.

Natural 20 or natural disaster?


Steamy Romance Lighthearted


Worth Any Cost is the sixth book in Brenna Aubrey's Gaming the System series, and once again centers around the couple who started out this series, Mia and Adam. A little over a year has passed since the end of the third book, and a lot has happened. They live together. Adam is working hard as CEO of his now multi-billion dollar company, Draco, and Mia is starting her second year of medical school. Adam's best friend Jordan has done what no one thought - settled down with one woman - and April and Mia have become good friends. Adam's cousin William had all his dreams come true when Jenna, stayed to be with him. Everyone is happy. What better way to celebrate love and happiness, than a wedding? But of course, this is Adam and Mia, and fate has a few more hurdles to throw their way before they say I do!

While I do enjoy Adam and Mia, I don't really think this book was needed. It was hardly original. It was cute, but we know that Adam and Mia are happy (if you have read Jordan's and William's books, of course). I'm not saying it was bad. It was enjoyable. I won't pretend that I didn't miss all the Star Wars references, and their playfulness. And of course, the sex between those two characters is always written scorching hot, which is always fun to read. It just doesn't push the series further along; unless you want to count the last chapter, from Kat's POV of course, nor does it add growth to these characters. I will, however, admit that going into this book, I was sure we were going to see that intern who was obsessed with Adam for 3 whole books come back. Color me shocked when that didn't happen.

Worth Any Cost is a cute addition to the Gaming the System Series, but it lacks depth. But if you are looking for a lighthearted, short read with a happy ending, and want to have a little more Adam and Mia in your life, you will enjoy this book.

  1. Adam finding his shirt in bed after being gone for a couple weeks, and teasing Mia about it

  2. Adam getting Mia all wet after his shower

  3. Mia taking care of Adam when he is sick

  4. Mia's half-brother making an effort to meet her, giving her all the health information she needed, and giving her access to her trust fund.

  5. The speedo revenge haha

  6. Adam and Mia having blindfolding sex, so they couldn't see each other before their wedding.

  7. The garter landing on Jordan's head

Jordan: "We were discussing the merits of prenuptial agreements."

Adam: "You two draw straws for this?"

Jordan: "Rock, paper, scissors."

Adam; "Ah. You always did have the shittiest luck."

Adam: "I threw that in my laundry hamper two weeks ago. How did it get here?"

Mia: "Maybe I liked cuddling with the shirt because it smells like you while not being annoying, like it's owner."

Mia: "Darth Adam. I knew you'd show your face sooner or later. I always had suspicions that you might be a secret Sith lord. It explains so much."

Adam: "You will give me a kiss."

Mia: "I will give you a ... kick."

She jerked her leg toward me and laughed when I reacted.

Adam: "Those Jedi mind tricks used to word so much better before Obi Wan chopped my legs off and left me for dead beside the volcano."

Her eyes widened in mock horror

Mia: "You've done the unforgiveable! You have invoked the dreaded prequels."

I sighed

Adam: "So I have. That must mean I forfeit, then."


Mia: You and your secrety secrets. You're sadistic.

Adam: I definitely could be. I'm a billionaire with a troubled past. Isn't that the perfect recipe for sadistic?


Adam: How about I call you Goddess?

Mia: Getting warmer.

Adam: What will you call me? I suggest Iron Man. I would answer to Iron Man.

Mia: Hmmm ...

Adam: Or RoboCock.

Mia: "Well, I guess you could fire him. You fired Jordan, after all ..."

Adam: "Did not. He quit when I refused to fire him."

Mia: "Meh. Jordan's a pain. Shoulda tried harder."

Adam: "I'm your boss. I'm your boss's boss."

Lucas: "I think if you -"

Adam: "I'm your boss's boss's boss."

Kat: "Adam, you're going over the top."

I turned my glare on her.

Adam: "I'm your boss, too."

Kat: But I'm best friends with your boss - a.k.a. the future wife - so I pwn you."

Mia: "Is your neck stiff?"

Adam: "No, but I'm achy. It's a flu."

Mia: "I'm the med student here, not you. Any pain in your stomach or abdomen?"

Adam: "Well, you're starting to become a bit of a pain."

Adam: "If I wasn't feeling like I'd been dropped off a five-story building, your Dom-doctor routine would be making me so hot right now."

Dr. Sharma: "From the look of your spleen, you have a great deal of inflammation inside. This can cause permanent damage to your organs and tissues if you are not very careful with your recovery."

Adam: "Fuck."

Dr. Sharma: "Also, no heavy exercise for at least six weeks, and no sexual activity."

Adam: "You sure know how to hit a man when he's down."

I burst out laughing

Adam: "Studies show that couples who were friends before they became lovers have a better chance of making marriage work. And we were friends - good friends. For over a year."

I grinned at him.

He narrowed his eyes, and I grinned wider.

Adam: "What's the smile for?"

Mia: "You've been reading studies. About marriage. You're such a nerd."

Mia: "It's like a murder scene. You don't want to go there."

I grimaced

Adam: "Murder scene? Ugh. Don't make me nauseated again."

Mia: "Nauseated? Oh my God. You are green around the gills. Stop being such a boy."

Adam: "I am a boy. We don't come with that equipment."

Mia: "Well, you live with a girl. You're about to marry a girl. And girls get periods. It's a natural part of our lives. So get used to it."

I looked away with a resigned sight.

Mia: "Wait ... You're not ... afraid of my vagina, are you?"

I laughed, shaking my head.

Adam: "No, I'm not."

Mia: "You are! You're afraid of my vagina."

I held out my hand like a traffic cop to halt her advance

Adam: "It's the murder scene thing. I am not CSO Newport Beach. I don't need to know about the murder scene. I am not afraid of your vagina."

Mia: "What do you have to say for yourself?"

Adam: "I like your vagina. I give it five plus stars on Yelp. One of my very favorite places to hang out."

Mia: "If I could make any wish at all right now, I'd wish for a way to mend your broken heart."

Heath: "Time will do the magic you seek. It always does."

Kat: "Okay, girls, line up and give the bride your advice and best wishes."

April stumbled up on her heels, and took both my hands in hers, looking into my eyes solemnly.

April: "My advice is ... always use lube if he wants to go in the back door."

Mia: "If I'm the slave girl, then that makes you Jabba the Hutt."

He did his Jabba laugh

Adam: "Mmm. Fresh meat."

He squeezed my thigh.

Jabba: "Jabba hungry."


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