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Try As I Smite by Abigail Owen Book Review

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Try As I Smite

by Abigail Owen

Published by Entangled

Book 4 in the Brimstone Inc. Series

Bah humbug just got a lot darker.

Alasdair Blakesley is the head of the Covens Syndicate. He shouldn’t need to look beyond the witches and warlocks he governs, or his own abilities, to solve any problem. But a demon infestation means he can’t trust anyone who may be possessed. The last person he wants to ask for help is also the only person who can fix this, so he sucks up his pride and storms into her office.

And she turns him down cold.

As the owner of Brimstone Inc., Delilah’s passion is helping others with their supernatural problems. But Alasdair is the last man Delilah wants to tangle with. The infuriating man sees too much and demands even more. And did she mention the way he sets her body on fire?

Not that it matters—demons are the only things with which she cannot interfere. Too bad a higher power steps in and sends them both on a crash course of each others’ pasts, presents, and futures.

How is a Christmas Carol nightmare supposed to solve his demon problem without breaking the rules she’s bound by?


Steamy Supernatural Fun

Violence Romance


I would like to thank #Entangled for providing me an #ARC of #TryAsISmite by #AbigailOwen via #NetGalley, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Try As I Smite is a short addition to the Brimstone Inc. series, and centers around Delilah, owner of Brimstone Inc (a fixer of supernatural problems), and the woman responsible for the series' love matches, and Alasdair, head of the Coven Syndicate, one of the most powerful warlocks in the world, and despite the intense lust that comes over him when he thinks of Delilah, doesn't really want to go to her for help. That is, until he discovers his coven is being possessed by demons. In need of help, he goes to the only being he knows might be able to help; Delilah. Only to be turned down. You see, there are certain things Delilah can't mess with ... demons being one of them. In an effort to help a little bit, she sends him to someone she trusts ... only for both of them to end up in a visions, reliving important moments from their past, present and future. Will the answers to Alasdair's demon problems lay in these visions? And what does Delilah have to learn?

Everything in this series that I have read I have liked, but I haven't loved. Abigail Owen's writing is technically great. It's not overly repetitive, good word use, etc ... My main issue is the actual story. These books are short, which are great if that is what you are looking for. The problem with short books, is that the only way to establish the happy ending the writer wants, is you have to go the "insta-love" route. I hate insta-love. The main problem in the story was also too easily solved. I just needed a bit more substance. Not to mention, I'm never a fan of recycled story lines, which, in following the whole Christmas Carol theme, is doing just that. Something Try As I Smite does have going for it? The chemistry between Delilah and Alasdair is hot, and steamy scenes between them reflect that.

Try As I Smite is a great, hot, short little read if you are looking for something a little dirtier than the holier-than-thou hallmark movies that plagues the holiday season. Is it the most original? No. But if you love romance, supernatural plot, and sex, you will love this little book.

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