Scoring Over The Holidays: A Holiday sports Anthology

Scoring over the Holidays: A Holiday Sports Anthology

Short Stories by Alexia Chase, Alexis Anne, Cathryn Fox, Daniela Romero, Kimberly Readnova, Lisa Lang Blakeney, Melissa Ivers, Megan Ryder, Mira Lyn Kelly, Samantha Lind Se Rose, Sierra Hill, Stacey Lynn, Stephanie Kay and Victoria Denault


When center fielder Rhett Ryan and professional cyclist Hope Crawford meet, they both know they’re looking for…something.

What, neither of them is sure of, only that they want a repeat. So Hope tempts Rhett with a promise: meet her in the same place on Christmas Eve and he can have her as a present under the tree.


Age Recommendation:



Contemporary Romance

Short Story

I would like to thank Mira Lyn Kelly and the other authors of this anthology for providing this book for free to their newsletter describers for a short period of time.

Because these are short stories, my reviews of each story will be short and to the point. My rating will be for the anthology as a whole.

Holiday Home Run by Alexis Anne

  • Very steamy

  • Two main characters on equal footing is a plus

  • Doesn't have insta-love, so the relationship feels more natural

  • #secretidentity #athlete #grump

Freak: A Holiday Arrangement by Lisa Lang Blakeney

  • Too many typos and a continuality error that made it hard to focus on the story

  • Flow was weird, and felt like I was getting whiplash with where these characters were heading

  • #athlete

The Mistletoe by Alexia Chase

  • Didn't vibe with the characters. Saylor's insecurity was too much, and Knox was too intense.

  • No natural flow. Felt too rushed. Apparently this does have a full length novel out, but I didn't feel a need to continue.

  • When Saylor tells Know about her parents, the whole moment comes off as INCREDIBLY awkward and cringy

  • #workplace #uglyduckling #athlete #loveatfirstsi