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Right Guy, Wrong Word by Jewel E. Ann

Right Guy, Wrong Word

by Jewel E. Ann


Do books have souls?

Anna Black has the perfect novel choice for her book club. She also has a sexy new neighbor who jumps at the opportunity to join fellow bookworms in discussing her pick for their summer read.

It’s lust at first sight and the marriage of two literary souls.

The charismatic owner of a new T-shirt store in Des Moines’s East Village, Eric Steinmann, has a confident air and an irresistible “mating dance.” He’s almost perfect … until he says the wrong word.

Will Anna and Eric write their own story? Or will their chemistry die when fiction turns into reality?

**Right Guy, Wrong Word was originally written as a short story, The Last Person. It’s been revised with significant changes to the original content and extended into a full-length novel.



Before I begin, I would like to thank Valentine PR, and Jewel E. Ann, for sending me an arc of Right Guy, Wrong Word, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

There is one word that can describe Right Guy, Wrong Word. Cute.

It's a cute story.

A story that weirdly emulates Eric. Fucking. Steinmann. In regards to being almost perfect, that is.

I will fully admit that the first half of this book, I was frustrated.

Not with the story.

With a character.

This is resolved when you find out the why behind their reactions, but it went on a little too long. I mean, I should have probably put two and two together, because looking back, of course it makes sense. But if like me you don't figure out why this character reacts the way they do, it means that until you find out, you are left frustrated with a main character, and it's hard to be into a story when you are that annoyed with the character you are supposed to be rooting for.

The last half is where this story really picks up for me. Despite the steamy scenes being tame in comparison to some of Jewel E. Ann's other books I have read, the chemistry is there between the characters, and the banter is enjoyable to read. The story is very lighthearted compared to Jewel E. Ann's other books I've read; Before Us, and If This is Love, which are both emotional rollercoasters.

I definitely appreciate the uniqueness of the storyline. I have read other romances that involve bibliophiles, writers, editors, publishers, etc ... and I haven't come across one that's written this way. Despite the lightness of the story, it does give a reader a small insight into what it is like for a person to put a piece of themselves out in the world, knowing that it may not be well received. I know I personally love to write. I have hundreds of plotlines saved on my computer and my phone. In notebooks. Post it notes on my desk. Everywhere. One of my fears is putting a story out there in the world and it not being liked.

I know what you are thinking. "You you review books! You critique them!"

You are right.

I do.

However, I believe that reviews are not for the authors. They are for the readers.

I just know I wouldn't have the self-control to not read every review.

I also understand what courage it takes for a person to put a bit of their soul out there.

When I first started doing this, it was just a way for me to keep track of the books I've read, and write down my thoughts and favorite quotes. Admittedly, I could be harsh.

Until I started really thinking about living out the dream I've had since I was a kid to be an author (stemming from a children's book I wrote and illustrated that was highly complimented my teacher, classmates, and was chosen to be read to other classes), that I started to rethink how I approached reviews. Now, even if I don't like them, I will find something to compliment the author on. I remind my readers that just because a book wasn't for me, doesn't mean it isn't someone else's favorite. Just like art, novels will hit each reader differently. And if I ever get brave enough to release a story, I hope that other reviewers will be just as respectful.

Right Guy, Wrong Word isn't going to be a favorite of mine. I definitely seem to enjoy Jewel E. Ann's more emotional, slightly darker romances. The story overall is just like I said above - cute. If you need a cute, fluffy romance in between reads - I often need a palate cleanser - Right Guy, Wrong Word is a good choice.

Right Guy, Wrong Word releases August 3rd, 2023.

And if you are wondering, my first book was all about a Guinea Pig that went to space, and I still remember the drawings, if not the story. After all, I think I was 9 when I did that project.

Coming soon shortly after publication!



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