A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair

A Touch of Malice

by Scarett St. Clair


Book 3 in the Hades & Persephone series

Persephone and Hades are engaged.

In retaliation, Demeter summons a snowstorm that cripples New Greece, and refuses to lift the blizzard unless her daughter calls off her engagement.

When the Olympians intervene, Persephone finds her future in the hands of ancient gods, and they are divided. Do they allow Persephone to marry Hades and go to war with Demeter or prohibit their union and take up arms against the God of the Dead?

Nothing is certain but the promise of war.


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A Touch of Malice by Scarlett St. Clair is the third book in her Hades and Persephone series, and is written from the POV of Persephone. After a whirlwind romance, Persephone accepts Hades proposal, and they are finally engaged. Demeter is enraged, and she buries New Greece in a never ending blizzard, and will not end it until her daughter leaves Hades. When the Olympians get involved, and the fate of Persephone and Hades marriage is in their hands, they are divided. Will the Olympians take care of Demeter, and bless Hades and Persephone's union, or will they side with her mother, and tear them apart? One thing is for certain - no matter what is decided, war is coming.

Woah. Where did this come from? I spent the last two books complaining that I felt like I was reading the same plot to many romance books, and a story arc that was chaotic, to this - a nice, clean story line, that was paced well, and felt like it's own book. Whereas the last two books had a lot of new love angst, Hades and Persephone are an established couple now. They are FINALLY understanding the importance of communication, and because of this, understand one another. I didn't feel overwhelmed with too much plot, yet the pacing was good, and I was never bored with the book. In fact, towards the end, I couldn't put it down. Do you hear that? I COULDN'T put it down! And that cliffhanger? What the fuck, Scarlett?

I know, I know. I bitched about the last two books. And it still has it's issues. One instance being that in the last book, it started snowing and it was August, but in this book, it's July. But I am glad I stuck with the series. #booktok recommendations are ... well, iffy for me. And after the last two books, I was wondering why people love these books so much. But after A Touch of Malice ... I get it. This one is good. Now to wait for the next book ...

  1. Persephone giving Hades a time limit for sex so they wouldn't be later to Sybil's party