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Leader:               Captain Rolfe

Loyalty:               Queen Aelin of Terrasen

                            Captain Rolfe

                            Unnamed Pirates

Language:          Common Tongue

Key Locations:    Skull's Bay

Key Characters:  Captain Rolfe

Dead Islands Politics

    Most of the Dead Island's, as well as Skull's Bay, is ruled by Captain Rolfe.  Before Rolfe got the magic map on his hands that helped him take down enemy pirates, there were unnamed pirates that ruled.

Dead Islands Facts

  • The Dead Islands are mostly mountains.  Skull's Bay is the main port of the Dead Island's, and it's located on a horseshoe shaped bay.

  • Skulls Bay is it's main port

Skull's Bay

    Skull's Bay is the main port in the Dead Islands, and is ruled by Captain Rolfe.  The bay is shaped like a horseshoe, which has made defending it easy with their famous "Ship-Breaker".

    Aside from the pirates, Skull's Bay's defenses include two watchtowers on either side of the bay that hold a giant chain called "Ship-Breaker".  The only way to enter or exit the bay is with permission from Rolfe, and that is done my lowering the chain.  If any ship were to run into it, it would break the mast off the ship.  If somehow a ship were to make it through, each watchtower has massive catapults that will destroy  escaping ships with boulders.

    The architecture of Skull's Bay is very simple and rough looking.  The buildings are made mostly from wood.  There are a few taverns and merchants scattered throughout the city.  

    The people of Skull's Bay consists of primarily pirates, orphans, and prostitutes.

Aelin's Connection

  •  Aelin (as Celaena) is sent to Skull's Bay, along with another assassin, Sam Cortland.  When they decide to free 200 slaves, they leave Skull's Bay, the ships anchored there, and their defenses in ruins.  Rolfe tells Celaena that if she ever enters his territory again, he will kill her.

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