To Be Read

Listed below are the books I hope to someday read.

* - means not yet released

Alexis Anne

    The Storm Inside Series

        The Storm Inside
        Reflected in the Rain
        When Lightning Strikes

    Wild Pitch Series

        Summer Heat
        Night Games
        Last Fall


Alice Clayton

    The Redhead Series

        The Unidentified Redhead
        The Redhead Revealed
        The Redhead Plays Her Hand

Alisha Rai

    Forbidden Hearts Series

        Hate to Want You

        Wrong to Need You

        Hurt to Love You

Amanda Hocking

    Tryelle Series

        Ever After

    The Kanin Chronicles

        The King's Games
        Ice Kissed
        Crystal Kingdom

Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff

    The Aurora Cycle Series

        Aurora Rising
        Aurora Burning

    The Illuminae Files Series



Amie Kaufman & Meaghan Spencer

    Unearthed Series



Amie Kaufman & Meaghan Spooner

    Starbound Series

        These Broken Stars
        This Night So Dark
        This Shattered World
        Their Fractured Light


Andrzej Sapkowski

    The Witcher Series

        The Last Wish
        Sword of Destiny
        Blood of Elves
        The Time of Contempt
        Baptism of Fire
        The Tower of the Swallow
        Lady of the Lake
        Season of Storms 

Anna Albo

    The Senators Son Series

        The Senator's Son
        This Much is True


Anne Auguirre

    Sirantha Jax Series


    Razorland Series


Audrey Grey

    Kingdom of Runes Series

        Oath Taker

        Curse Breaker

        King Maker

        Light Singer

        Dark Bringer


Avery Flynn

    The Hartigans Series

        Finn's Story*

    Harbour City Series

        The  Negotiator
        The Charmer
        The Schemer

    The Ice Knights Series

        Parental Guidance
        Loud Mouth


Belinda Williams

    City Love Series

        The Boyfriend

        The Pitch
        Modern Heart
        Wish List

    Hollywood Hearts Series


    Freshwater Series

        Read Between the Lines

        Self Made

        Daddy's Girl

Brynn Ford

    Black Ties Duet

Cecy Robson

    The Weird Girls Series

        Touch of Danger*

    Death Seeker Series


Chelsea Fine

    Finding Fate Series

        Best Kind of                                Broken
        Perfect Kind of Trouble
        Right Kind of Wrong

Cherrie Lynn

    Ross Siblings Series

        Barely Leashed 
        Rock Me
        Breathe Me In
        Leave Me Breathless
        Light Me Up
       Take Me On
       Watch Me Fall

Christie Anderson

    The Water Keepers Series

        Deep Blue Secret
        Rogue Wave
        Ambrosia Shore
        Flood Rising 

Christina Lauren

    In A Holidaze

    The UnHoneymooners

    Love and Other Words


Christine Bell

    Dare Me Series

        Down for the Count
        Down and Dirty
        Down the Aisle
        Down on her Knees

Christine Zolendz

    Mad World Series

        Fall From Gace
        Saving Grace
        Scares and Songs

Cindy Williams Chima            Seven Realms Series

        The  Demon King
        The Exiled Queen
        The Gray Wolf Throne
        The Crimson Crown

    Shattered Realms Series


Claire Contreas

    Secret Series

        Half Truths
        Twisted Circles

Codi Gary

    Rock Canyon, Idaho Series

        The Trouble with Sex
        Things Good Girls Don't Do
        Good Girls Don't Marry Rock Stars
        Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines
        Return of the Bad Girl
        Bad for Me
        The Trouble with Attraction
        Good Girls Don't Kiss and Tell
        Good at Being Bad

Collaborative Series

    Wedding Dare Series

        Dare to Resist

                       - Laura Kaye
        Falling For the Groomsman                          - Diance Alberts
        Baiting the Maid of Honor

                       - Tessa Bailey
        Seducing the Bridesmaid                             - Katee Robert
        Best Man With Benefits

                        - Samantha Beck

Colleen Hoover

    Slammed Series

        Point of Retreat
        This Girl

    Never, Never Series

        Never, Never
        Never, Never: Part II
        Never, Never: Part III

    Hopeless Series

        Losing Hope
        Finding Cinderella

    Maybe Series

        Maybe Someday
        Maybe Not
        Maybe Now

    Regretting You

Danielle L Jenson

    Bridge Kingdom Series




Denise Grover Swank

    Off the Subject Series

        After Math


        Business As Usual

    The Chosen Series





    The Curse Keepers Series

        The Curse Keepers
        This Place is Death
        The Curse Breakers
        This Changes Everything
        The Curse Defiers
        This is Your Destiny

    The Piper Lancaster Series

        Of Ash and Spirit
        Of Fire and Storm
        Of Blood and Monsters
        Of Death and Ruin

    The Rose Gardner Mystery Series

        Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes
        Twenty-Nine and a Half Reasons
        Thirty and a Half Excuses
        Falling to Pieces
        Thirty-One and a Half Regrets
        Thirty-Two and a Half Complications
        Picking Up the Pieces
        Thirty-Three and a Half Shenanigans
        Rose and Helena Save Christmas
        Ripple of Secrets
        Thirty-Four and a Half Predicaments
        Thirty-Five and a Half Conspiracies
        Thirty-Six and a Half Motives
        Sins of the Father

    The Rose Gardner Investigations Series

        Family Jewels
        For the Birds
        Hell in a Handbasket
        Up Shute Creek
        Come Rain or Shine

    The Neely Kate Mystery Series

        Trailer Trash
        In High Cotton
        Dirty Money

    The Wedding Pact Series

        The Substitute
        The Player
        The Gambler
        The Valentine

Elise Kova

    Married to Magic Series

        *A Dance With A Fae Prince

Ella Fields

    Royals Series

        A King So Cold

        The Stray Prince

Elle Kennedy

    Off-Campus Series

        The Legacy*

    After Hours Series

        One Night of Sin

        One Night of Scandal

        One Night of Trouble

    Bad Apple

    Say Yes

    Going For It

    Welcome to Paradise Series

        Welcome to Paradise

        Take Me Home Tonight

        Born to be Wild

        Since You've Been Gone

    Dance of Seduction

    Hidden Desires

Emma Chase

    The Legal Briefs Series


    Tangled Series

        Holy Frigging Matrimony
        Short Extras

Erin Watt

    The Royals Series

        Paper Princess
        Broken Prince
        Twisted Palace
        Fallen Heir
        Cracked Kingdom

Standalone Books


The Friend Zone - Abby Jimenez

The Stranger Beside Me - Ann Rule
The Breakdown by B.A. Paris

Maid For Hire - Cathy Octo

Ghosts of the Shadow Market - Cassandra Claire

Girl Underwater - Claire Kells
We'll Never be Apart - Emiko Jean

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern
Radiant by Belinda Williams
100 Days of Happiness by Fausto Brizzi
The Happy Ever After Playlist by Abby Jimenez
Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J Christopher

Boyfriend Material - Alexis Hall