S. C. Stevens

    Thoughtless Series


    Furious Rush Series

        Furious Rush
        Dangerous Rush
        Undeniable Rush

Samantha Young

    On Dublin Street Series

        On Dublin Street
        An On Dublin Street Christmas
        An on Dublin Street Halloween
        Until Fountain Bridge
        Down London Road
        Before Jamaica Lane
        Castle Hill
        Fall from India Place
        Echoes of Scotland Street
        Moonlight on Nightingale Way
        One King's Way
        Stars Over Castle Hill
        On Hart's Boardwalk

    Fire Spirits Series

        Smokeless Fire
        Scorched Skies
        Borrowed Ember
        Darkness, Kindled

    The Tale of Lunarmorte Series

        Moon Spell
        River Cast
        Blood Soltice

Sara Wolf

    Lovely Vicious Series

        Love Me Never
        Savage Delight
        Brutal Precious

Sarah J. Maas

    A Court of Thorns and Roses Series


    Crescent City Series

        Untitled 2*

        Untitled 3*

Sarah Castille
    Redemption series 
        Against the Ropes
        In Your Corner
        Full Contact
        Fighting Attraction
        Strong Hold

Simone Elkeles

    Leaving Paradise Series

        Leaving Paradise
        Return to Paradise

Sparrow Beckett

    Masters Unleashed Series

        Finding Master Right
        Playing Hard to Master
        To Have and to Master
        Master in Shining Armour

Stacy Marie Brown
    Darkness Series  
        Darkness of Light
        Fire in the Darkness
        Beast in the Darkness
        Dwellers of Darkness
        Blood Beyond Darkness
    Collector Series
        City in Embers
        The Barrier Between
        Across the Divide
        From Burning Ashes
    Lightness Saga
        The Crown of Light
        Lightness Falling
        The Fall of the King
        Rise from the Embers

Susan Ee

    Penryn and the End of Days Series

        World After
        End Of Days

Sylvia Day

Tahereh Mafi

    Shatter Me Series

        Shatter Me

        Destroy Me

        Unravel Me

        Fracture Me

        Ignite Me

        Restore Me

        Shadow Me

        Defy Me

        Reveal Me

        Imagine Me

Tessa Bailey

    Hot & Hammered Series

        Fix Her Up
        Love Her or Lose Her
        Tools of Engagement

    Broke & Beautiful Series

         Chase Me

         Need Me

         Make Me

Tracy Wolff
    Crave Series 
    Ethan Frost Series
    Extreme Risk Series

Victoria Davis

    Fated Match Series

        Love at Stake

        Dying to Date

        The Alpha's Temporary Mate

Virginia Nelson

    Billionaire Dynasty Series

        Penthouse Prince

         The Firstborn Prince

         The Irish Prince

Wendy Higgins

    Sweet Series

        Sweet Evil
        Sweet Peril
        Sweet Reckoning
        Sweet Temptation

Winston Graham

    Poldark Series

        Ross Poldark
        Jeremy Poldark
        The Black Moon
        The Four Swans
        The Angry Tide
        The Stranger from the Sea
        The Miller's Dance
        The Loving Cup
        The Twisted Sword
        Bella Poldark


The Princess Bride - William Goldman

The Awkward Path to Getting Lucky - Summer Heacock
The Boy I Hate - Taylor Sullivan

I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

Photos of You - Tammy Robinson

Bossman - Vi Keeland

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle
Inappropriate by Vi Keeland
The Hating Game by Sally Thorne
From What I Remember by Stacy Kramer, Valerie Thomas
Play Me:  The Complete Story by Tracy Wolff
Virtually Yours by Sarvenaz Tash
Fame Adjacent by Sarah Skilton